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08-01-11, 05:42 PM
About The Challenge

Although companies that produce genetically modified organisms say they’re safe to eat, when given a choice, many animals avoid them. Rats turn their noses up at genetically modified foods, but Americans eat them every day. And even though genetically modified crops, foods, and food ingredients are banned by food companies in Europe and elsewhere, the FDA does not require the labeling of GMOs in food ingredient lists in America. The Institute for Responsible Technology is fighting against GMOs in the US. If even a small number of consumers start buying non-GMO food, grocery stores will notice and producers of GMOs will be forced to go natural once again.

Design a food fight-themed tee inspired by the push for healthier non-GMO food, and you can help fight for the health of millions of people throughout the world. Threadless will donate 25% from the sale of each tee to help The Institute for Responsible Technology bring awareness to their campaign. The chosen design will be available for purchase at Threadless.

*The purpose of this challenge is to create a stand-alone design inspired by the theme, not a brand tee. Your design should not have brand names or logos on it.