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08-11-11, 12:26 PM
I'm not sure exactly where to put this. I've done a cursory search to see if this has been posted before and i don't see it. It seems like i've seen this before, so if it has already been posted, please forgive me.

Duane and i are getting ready to do a few days of travel at the end of the month. I was reading over at that other site (JM's VV) on the situation with him misusing someone else's work. I read thru the comments (which now make no sense) and came across this website:

Organic Travel (http://www.organictravel.com/server/world/uscan/states/us.shtml)

I doubt if it is complete, but someone has done a lot of work documenting good places to stay, shop, or eat when traveling in the US. Oh! I just noticed, it has "world wide" settings too. Thought this might be a good info site for anyone traveling, or even checking out overlooked resources in your own area.

08-11-11, 12:39 PM
Thanks Katee! I didn't know something like this existed!
Found some others:

08-11-11, 04:49 PM
Thank you Katee and Reesacat. There are some very useful links there.

08-11-11, 07:58 PM
Wow, very helpful. Thanks!

ETA: Ha! Precious little in Maine other than farmers markets. Portland has 4 eateries...that's about it!

08-11-11, 08:12 PM
Thanks Katee and Reesacat.

08-18-11, 07:47 PM
Thanks Katee and Reesacat... For someone who does a lot of traveling..... being me..... this will help me out alot.