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09-03-11, 11:14 AM
By Dr. Edward Group (http://www.healthiertalk.com/users/group) on 08/31/2011

Maybe you’ve heard of stevia already, maybe you haven’t. But if not, then it’s time you did! Stevia is a natural sweetener, derived from the stevia rebaudiana plant that was first discovered centuries ago in Paraguay by the native population. But it wasn’t until the late 19th century that a Swiss botanist working in South America documented the so-called “sweet leaf”, and brought it back with him.

These days you can buy stevia in many forms. The most popular is white extract powder, but you can also buy dried stevia leaves, stevia liquid extract, or as small pellets to sweeten your coffee with. The sweet leaf sweetener is also available in its granular form in small packets.

However, the all-natural stevia sweetener is different from sugar in many ways, and there are several reasons why stevia is a better option than sucrose, whether you’re diabetic or just looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle. So let’s go and have a look at them!
1. Stevia is very, very potent

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09-03-11, 11:22 AM
I didn't know stevia was good for the teeth like xylitol and has been used in South America to treat hypertension. Very Cool!

09-03-11, 11:24 AM
I wasn't aware it was good for teeth either. Interesting!