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09-08-11, 09:43 PM
Note: 2,4-D is a component of Agent Orange.

By Carey Gillam
Mon Aug 22, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS, Aug 22 (Reuters) - Dow AgroSciences, a unit of chemical conglomerate Dow Chemical (DOW.N: Quote (http://af.reuters.com/stocks/quote?symbol=DOW.N)) is launching a genetically altered soybean seed aimed as a direct assault on the dominance of global seed leader Monsanto Co (MON.N: Quote (http://af.reuters.com/stocks/quote?symbol=MON.N)).
Dow submitted a regulatory package on Friday seeking government approval for a glyphosate-tolerant soybean that the company says would be the "first-ever, three-gene," herbicide-tolerant soybean.

The new soybean will be tolerant of a new Dow AgroSciences herbicide that combines glyphosate, glufosinate and 2,4-D so farmers can spray the weedkiller on fields without harming the crop.
"This is our most important project ever," said Dow AgroSciences CEO Antonio Galindez said in an interview with Reuters. "It is big."

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09-09-11, 05:48 AM
2,4-D is still legal? I had thought it was banned.

09-09-11, 12:59 PM
2,4-D is still legal? I had thought it was banned.

It' s one of the most common pesticides in the US and I know it is used in Europe too. I just checked and it is used in Australia too. The biggest problem with it apparently is that the manufacture of it results in large quantities of dioxin...but I guess that's not important because those are just a by product:sarcasm: Just one other thought on how wonderful it is: It constitutes 50% of the structure of Agent Orange.