View Full Version : Study Debunks Myths On Organic Farming

10-01-11, 04:04 PM
By Paul Hanley,September 27, 2011

The results are in from a 30-year side-by-side trial of conventional and organic farming methods at Pennsylvania's Rodale Institute. Contrary to conventional wisdom, organic farming outperformed conventional farming in every measure.

There are about 1,500 organic farmers in Saskatchewan, at last count. They eschew the synthetic fertilizers and toxic sprays that are the mainstay of conventional farms. Study after study indicates the conventional thinking on farming - that we have to tolerate toxic chemicals because organic farming can't feed the world - is wrong.

Read more: http://www.thestarphoenix.com/business/Study+debunks+myths+organic+farms/5462520/story.html#ixzz1ZYva7VZ3

10-01-11, 04:22 PM
Excellent article. Thanks, Mellow!

10-01-11, 04:56 PM
Amazing! The article states:
"Numerous independent studies show that small scale, organic farming is the best option for feeding the world now and in the future. In fact, agroecological farming methods, including organic farming, could double global food production in just 10 years, according to one UN report."

10 years to double global food production! GMO-type crops and chemicals aren't able to do that in 50 years!