View Full Version : What's Big Ag Keeping From You? Shedding light on GM foods

10-03-11, 11:27 PM
By Megan Bedard
October 3, 2011

More than 365 million acres of genetically engineered (GE) crops were cultivated in 29 countries in 2010, Food & Water Watch (FWW) reported late last week. Where does the U.S. stand in that figure? At the front of the line, leading global production with 165 million acres.

For every acre that's planted, a question seems to pop up. What are the environmental risks? Is this a long-term solution? How do genetically modified foods compare to non-genetically modified foods?

FWW sheds light on some of those questions in a new report, "Genetically Engineered Food: An Overview." The answers, reports the nonprofit consumer rights group, are not reassuring. Here are a few that came up.

Are genetically engineered animals next?

There are fewer transgenic animals than crops, FWW reports, but the number of genetically engineered animals that are awaiting government approval has accelerated in recent years.

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