View Full Version : What's The Difference Between GE and GMO?

10-11-11, 11:12 PM
It turns out, the famous “you like to-may-toes and I like to-mah-toes,” lyric from 1937′s Shall We Dance, is applicable to today’s great genetically engineered (GE) food debate. While the dialect is the same, several acronyms that refer to essentially the same concept are muddying up the dialogue. Whether you use GMO, GE or GM, one thing is clear: there’s something going on in our food that isn’t natural.


10-12-11, 11:55 AM
ERRK!! This is the first time I have heard the term GE...thanks for posting this, Julieanne! Reminds me of the ploy to call HFCS 'corn sugar' to sneak it by consumers.

10-12-11, 01:09 PM
I've been following biotech since the mid-80s and it was originally known as genetic engineering (GE). Maybe because that sounded too scary, or maybe because it could be confused with General Electric, somewhere along the way Engineering got shifted to Modification. Just word play.