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10-19-11, 03:58 PM
From About Us at VitaminDWiki (which has hyperlinks) (http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=31) which includes my photo
In Nov 2009 a friend got me interested in Vitamin D.
I was astounded as by how much information there was. Really, too much information to make sense of.
It took months for me to sort out the good solid proofs from the associations, much less the possibilities.
It took me another month to understand that 2000 IU was not the upper limit. (10,000 IU a day is great if take co-factors)
I started taking 2000 IU, went up to 5000 IU daily in December 2009.
My blood test in Feb 2010 = 44 ng/ml
After the blood test I upped my dose to 7000 IU daily after the blood test (taking 10 pills of 5,000 IU each every week)
I occasionally take 40,000 IU on days which I am either extremely tired or to stop a cold.
By the way - I live in the part of the US which has the 15 top most cloudy cities - Western Washington.

Have been feeling great. I used to think that I was healthy, but have gotten many great improvements by taking vitamin D.
Have even eliminated winter blues - augmenting vitamin D supplements with a vitamin D lamp.

VitaminDWiki has been built to be available to everyone around the world via Google translations.

My Dec 2009 concerns about vitamin D have all been satisfied:
1) Which diseases helped for sure - high confidence of about preventing 5, strong association for preventing another 20
2) Possible long term problems - none seen even for countries taking 4,000 IU for more than 10 years
3) Not overdose if more than 2,000 IU - however, probably need co-factors if more than 4,000 IU daily
4) Half life of Vitamin D in body - 2 months at low levels, 2 weeks at high levels
5) Cheese reduces, not increases Calcium in the body
6) Get no Vitamin D in the winter - most likely, unsure still
7) Vitamin D2 is not as good as D3 - before I was unsure if D2 was bad, now see that D2 provides between 70% and 30% of the benefit to the body
8) D3 can prevent high blood pressure/ heart disease - most likely
9) D3 can reduce high blood pressure - yes
10) Blood test is strongly recommended - yes, but it is OK to supplement for up to 6 months with 10,000 IU or less without a blood test - suggest take co-factors
11) Calcium is needed in addition to Vit D - yes, if > about 4,000 IU of vitamin D take less then 750 mg of Calcium
12) D3 reduces Psoriasis (topical/oral) - yes, had been known for a long time and it worked for me!

Update: Unknowns, Areas that lack consensus, Myths - started Feb 2011

As of Jan 2011 I have used a vitamin D bulb to compensate for the lack of sun

This site (VitaminDWiki) is not only non-profit, it is no-income, no-advertising, and has nothing to sell.

First year of VitaminDWiki (Jan 2010 - Jan 2011)
1000 hours (average day I look at 100 vitamin D items, read 10 items, put 3 items on the wiki, save 3 to upload in the 'future')
3,000 items in 70 categories with 18 overviews

For most of my life I have been very interested in health. for many years I have taken many supplements each day.
For decades I have enjoyed helping people by providing them with access to information.
Now I can combine those two portions of my life and can say that if you were to take only a single supplement it should be vitamin D
- - - - Vitamin D will improve your health immediately.
Vitamin D helps health in both the near-term (treatment) and the long-term (prevention)
- - - - - - - - - -
Additional information about me for this forum
I quit my job at Boeing and tried sharing health information by publishing
I was showing how people could extend their lives.
But I ran into problems with companies - which did not want the lives of their retiriees extended
So, that failed, and I re-joined Boeing in 6 months

At the time there was a American Holistic Medical Association
- - - you had to be a doctor to belong.
To my knowledge I was the only exception ( I was an Engineer)

I have been accessing health information for over 40 years now. So much faster now
Research by going thu annual printed issues of Index Medicus was very very slow
Example: 10 hours for a simple topic
I can now do similar research with the internet and my alumni association in less than 10 minutes.

CLICK HERE (http://www.henrylahore.com/) for my non-vitamin D website - health, seniors, RV, laser therapy, brain fitness, etc.

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Welcome :) I've enjoyed reading some of this once I was made aware that Wiki was not just your shorthand for Wikipedia, lol. :o Thank you for your input and sharing your knowledge.

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Welcome hlahore! Thank you for sharing your information — I am a big fan of Vitamin D.
It is in my top 5 supplement list.

10-19-11, 07:35 PM
Welcome, Henry. You're bringing a valuable resource to our site!

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Welcome, Henry! I am from western Washington myself, although I no longer have the privilege of living in that splendid region. My personal intake of D3 consists of 40,000 iu on two days each week. Seems to work better that way.

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Maurya, do you know what your current levels are?

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That's a huge dose, as I'm sure you know. I'm surprised you haven't checked your status.