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01-16-12, 01:47 PM
This is dated but the principles haven't changed.

John Arlidge
guardian.co.uk (http://www.guardian.co.uk/)
Saturday 27 February 1999

Monsanto, the US company at the centre of the storm over genetically modified food, has been condemned for making 'wrong, unproven, misleading and confusing' claims in a £1m advertising campaign. The ruling, by the Advertising Standards Authority, the industry's official watchdog, is a humiliating blow to the company which is struggling to persuade sceptical consumers that food from genetically modified crops is safe.
The Observer has obtained a draft report on the authority's investigation into more than 30 complaints about Monsanto's advertisements. It says the US giant expressed its own opinion 'as accepted fact' and published 'wrong' and 'misleading' scientific claims.
The Green Party and food safety campaigners who are campaigning for a total ban on GM food welcomed the ruling yesterday. Patrick Spring, of the Green Party, said: 'Monsanto has been caught out misleading the public. They should apologise to consumers and print a retraction in full-page newspaper ads.

Read more: http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/1999/feb/28/food.foodanddrink

01-16-12, 07:05 PM
Too bad a large and active Green Party is not yet alive and well in the US of A.

01-17-12, 03:09 PM
...and probably never will be. The right-leaning end of the country has made "environmentalist" a term of opprobrium.

01-17-12, 08:25 PM
a term of opprobrium.

I'm pretty well read, but this is the first i've come across this word. Good word. Thanks

01-17-12, 11:52 PM
Oh golly. I know words I haven't even used yet. :D:cool: