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01-18-12, 05:48 PM
by Barb Ickes
January 17, 2012

All Babette Liby wanted to do was "steal a glance" at her son.
She made the 35-minute drive from New Windsor, Ill., to Davenport on Jan. 5 for her son's sentencing hearing on a drug charge. She knew she wouldn't be allowed to talk to him or hug him, but she could at least make eye contact - give him a "loving smile" before he went off to pay his dues.
Liby and her mother joined her son's case manager at the Scott County Courthouse and waited for the case worker's chance to speak in support of her son.
That chance never came.
"We were told to stay in the hallway and not attend the proceedings, because we were all wearing perfume!" Liby said. "It seems that the court reporter inside the courtroom was allergic to perfumes and lotions.
"I am sorry for her condition, but I was robbed of getting a glimpse of my son. Why didn't they let us know ahead of time? Isn't that public domain, being in a courtroom? I feel like my rights have been violated."
The man on the bench in the courtroom that day, District Judge Gary McKenrick, said he's in a tough spot, but he does not agree any rights were violated.
"There are no absolute rights," he said. "You balance rights all the time."

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01-18-12, 06:48 PM
Aww boohoo!!! I do have to agree that it should have been posted or noted somewhere on the form notifying about the proceedings.

01-18-12, 08:18 PM
Well, ideally, eventually all places will become "no scent" spots, just as now most everyone has switched to "no smoking" zones.

I don't smoke, i've never smoked, and i don't like being around anyone who does smoke, but i'll admit i think they've gone over the top on the "no smoking" thing. I've heard of cities that are trying to legislate to have it illegal to smoke in your own yard. Also, Newport Beach Police have a policy of hiring non-smokers. No one hired by the department is allowed to smoke at any time, even off duty. This second example grants mixed emotions from me. Non-smokers have fewer sick days, etc., but what about a person's right to choose?

Anyway, i would like to see ALL public buildings become "no scent, no lotion, (even) no fabric softener" places.

I notice that the link isn't open to comments, only sending the writer an email.

01-18-12, 08:25 PM
I used to feel sick after being exposed to third hand smoke (that is exhaled smoke and smoke clinging to smokers clothing) when I was working. People such as me have a right to a healthy environment and being close to a smoker, even if they have not recently smoked does not provide that.

01-18-12, 08:48 PM
Smokers moan about the latest smoking prohibitions. If they would have shown one iota of consideration through the years these bans would have not been necessary. How many meals have they ruined? How many children have they sickened? How many people have they imposed their poison upon? They have brought it on themselves. It could be worse, they could be treated as cannabis smokers and get to spend time in prison for their choice of an herb. Akita mani yo!