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02-21-12, 10:57 AM
by Dr. Peter Braglia (http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blogs/peterjbraglia)
February 20th 2012

A major article review (http://www.greenmedinfo.com/article/corticosteroid-injections-have-no-intermediate-or-long-term-benefits-treating-tendinopathy) published in The Lancet in 2010 revealed what many in the natural health profession have suspected for a long time. The review examined the results of over 41 randomized trials and over 2500 patients with tendon injuries. The reviewers found that cortisone injections did in fact provide fast and significant pain relief compared with doing nothing or partaking in physical therapy. However, cortisone shots did not heal the structural damage underlying the pain. Instead, they actually hindered the structural healing, and in 1 case caused tendon rupture.

To read more go to http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/do-cortisone-shots-make-things-worse-0

02-22-12, 05:31 AM
Several years ago I had a 'frozen shoulder' - acutely painful and very limiting. My doc at the time wanted to give me cortisone, and he was very nice when I refused. But after six weeks of acupuncture failed to relieve it I finally gave in. Again, he was very polite and didn't say 'I told you so'.

One shot cured it and it has never returned. I was told that two or more injections would be damaging though - luckily one worked for me.

02-22-12, 10:18 AM
No, they don't heal and can actually delay healing. However, there are times as Julieanne said, that grinning and bearing it just don't hack it. Generally they limit injections to 3 because more than that can cause structural damage. Finding/fixing the root cause of the pain would be ideal but sometimes you have to do something to remain functional. I used to have what the doctors called traveling tendonitis. Every few months, it would crop up in shoulder, elbow, ankles and especially wrists. I did get a few injections when the pain was unbearable. Interestingly, when I got on adequate thyroid treatment, I quit getting tendonitis. I learned that hypothyroidism can lead to it. So, again, it's one of those things that you just have to weigh risk vs benefit.

02-22-12, 02:31 PM
I have heard similar things said about the common practice to taking NSAIDs for pain. The long-term cost for very temporary pain relief is permanent damage to the tendons and ligaments. Here is another case where fairly large doses of curcurmin, boswellia, ginger, and black pepper extracts might be preferable either to cortisone injections or to NSAIDs.

As Mellowsong said, however, finding the root cause is essential, but sometimes we have to keep our herbal first aid kit on hand to kick into action while we are working on fixing that root cause.

02-23-12, 02:13 PM
I am going back to the Doc tomorrow for a second Cortisone injection to my car accident injured shoulder, as I have been going up the wall with pain the last week or so. When I had the first one about six weeks back, it made the pain so much better for about 2-3 weeks. That said, although I don't go to see the surgeon for another 5 weeks, I don't intend to have a third shot.

02-23-12, 02:17 PM
Good to see you LabDoc. Sorry you are still in so much pain though :(

02-23-12, 02:31 PM
Good to see you touch base LabDoc. I hope things improve for you soon.

02-23-12, 06:25 PM
LabDoc, so glad to see you again and I also am sorry you still are in so much pain. Sending love and prayers across the world for you for healing and restoration of function.

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02-23-12, 10:23 PM
Hi Lab Doc!
It's wonderful to see you again. When do they anticipate that you will be able to work again?
Painkillers don't really work, do they? When I had surgery a few years back, I noticed that the morphene did very little. I cannot imaging what you are going through.
Can I send you some Texas salsa, or some fun stuff from The Loan(shit!) Star State to make your week go by?

02-23-12, 11:12 PM
Gosh, nobody ever offers me "fun stuff" from the Loan [sic] star State! If I got some, would I have to return it soon?

02-24-12, 03:52 AM
Gosh, nobody ever offers me "fun stuff" from the Loan [sic] star State! If I got some, would I have to return it soon?
Did I really put that there???? Honestly, my insomnia is in full force this week; a bit loopy I am. I had fresh coconut each day, and crap! I am WIRED. Actually, loan is a good double entendre, wouldn't you say?

Sure, I can send you fun stuff! I love sending fun packages! Someone needs to send LabDoc some boiled peanuts (pronounced bald peanuts); a southern specialty.

02-26-12, 08:59 PM
Hi Guys, little off theme here, but thank you all for your good wishes. See surgeon on March 26, can't come soon enough! Am restricted to one finger left handed typing at the moment, just too painful using right arm, but as I always say - there is always someone worse off than you are. Will try to contribute a little more, but don't expect any LONG contributions, thanks again and bless you all.

02-26-12, 10:33 PM
AWWWW.....LabDoc we love you and are happy whenever you can check in without hurting yourself. (Mr. Wizard, wr7476, and StephenX are holding up the gentlemen forum members of HH with great panache and will keep your spot open until you get better!)

02-26-12, 11:42 PM
Glad to see you checking in, LabDoc, even for a little bit!

02-27-12, 12:04 AM
Happy to see you any time LabDoc! I am so sorry you are still hurting that bad. Sending prayers for healing.

02-27-12, 09:38 AM
Happy to see your quirky icon here again, LabDoc. Continued good wishes for you to be all fixed & pain-free again!