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04-05-12, 11:29 AM
by guest blogger Coach Mark Smallwood, Executive Director of the Rodale Institute.
04/ 3/2012

Buying organic is a powerful change-making action, but it's also a relatively easy one. You put the organic food in your cart, hand over the cash, and head home with a bag full of food you can feel good about. Defending your choice to support organic can sometimes be a little trickier. Early on, the trend was to attack the quality of organically grown food--bug-eaten lettuce and scabby apples. In just 20 years, the criticism has become the polar opposite, that organic food is gourmet and only for the rich.

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04-05-12, 11:32 AM
Coach Smallwood knocks it out of the park with this statement:

" We could double food production in just 10 years using organic practices and other agroecological farming methods, according to a report from the United Nations. Agroecological practices, such as organic farming, attempt to mimic natural processes and rely on the biology of the soil and environment rather than synthetic sprays and other inputs."

Excellent article — thank you, Islander!