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  1. Short Sleep May Harm Bone Health In Older Women

    Catharine Paddock
    November 20, 2019

    Can insufficient sleep be harmful to bone health? New research in postmenopausal women has found that those who slept for no longer than 5 hours per night...
  2. Vaxxed v Unvaxxed - What Does The Science Say?

    Robert F kennedy
    November 21 2019

    Part six in our series of studies comparing health outcomes among vaccinated vs unvaccinated populations. Once again, chronic illness plagues the vaccinated...
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    Using Soup To Fight Off Malaria

    Ana Sandoiu
    November 19, 2019

    A new paper suggests that certain traditional soup broths may contain active ingredients that could help fight off malaria.

    The research appears in the BMJ...
  4. Re: Gene-Edited 'Supercells' Make Progress In Fight Against Sickle Cell Disease

    This is what genetic engineering should be about - treating conditions that so far have no cure. I have no objections to that.
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    Re: Is It Possible To Eat Too Much Fruit?

    But those ancient, wild fruits had not been bred to be as sweet as modern varieties. A fruitarian today would be getting a lot of sugar in their diet.
  6. Copper Hospital Beds Kill Bacteria, Save Lives

    American Society For Biology
    November 8 2019

    A new study has found that copper hospital beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) harbored an average of 95 percent fewer bacteria than conventional...
  7. The Activity That's Bad For Your Heart

    Bryan Hubbard
    November 11 2019

    When it comes to maintaining a healthy heart, all exercise isn't equal. Lifting heavy loads at work seems to be bad for our arteries and heart, while intense ...
  8. Re: Partnering for a path to digital identity

    Anyone know what the image on the wall is in Islander's second link? I have no idea.
  9. Re: Doctors Explain How Hiking Actually Changes Our Brains

    Walking has been accepted as helpful to depression for some years. Hiking in nature would be a bonus.
  10. CDC: Stop Falsely Claiming Not To Accept Corporate Money

    Gary Ruskin
    November 7 2019

    SHINGTON, D.C. – Public health, government watchdog and public interest groups today petitioned the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to cease making ...
  11. Re: China Approves World's First New Alzheimer's Drug

    Thanks Mr wiz, glad to hear that. Mine are from Icelandic kelp.
  12. Re: Fish Oil Supplements Have No Effect On Anxiety And Depression

    Don't know what's going on, but I Googled 'Science Daily fish oil' and it came up straight away, so maybe try that. Or Pattypans idea!
  13. Re: China Approves World's First New Alzheimer's Drug

    I have been taking kelp tablets for iodine for some time. Is it likely to have the same effect as eating seaweed?
  14. 5G Technology: Why We Should Expect A Shift fom Brain Cancers To Skin Cancers

    GMI Reporter
    November 5 2019

    A new study discusses the possible health hazards of 5G that are largely going underreported in the mainstream media
    A report published in the New York Times "The 5G...
  15. Fish Oil Supplements Have No Effect On Anxiety And Depression

    University of East Anglia
    November 4 2019

    Increased consumption of omega-3 fats is widely promoted globally because of a common belief that it will protect against, or even reverse, conditions...
  16. Dr Brownstein: ' Measles Amnesia' Is False Science - Natural Immunity Superior

    David Brownstein MD
    November 6 2019

    Measles has become the cause célèbre for conventional medicine and mainstream media in order to convince us that we need the measles vaccine....
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    Nursing Home Calendar
  18. China Approves World's First New Alzheimer's Drug

    Stephen Chen
    November 3 2019

    Clinical trial shows effectiveness in treating mild to moderate forms of the disease, and it may even improve cognitive function
    Researchers noticed elderly...
  19. Will The FDA Make Human Feces An Expensive Probiotic Drug?

    Alliance for Natural Health
    November 5 2019

    The FDA is holding a public hearing on the use of fecal microbiota transfer (FMT) to treat a bacterial infection. Are they paving the way to hand FMT...
  20. Simple Blood Test For Early Detection Of Breast Cancer

    National Cancer Research Institute
    November 2019

    Breast cancer could be detected up to five years before there are any clinical signs of it, using a blood test that identifies the body's immune...
  21. One Avocado A Day Helps Lower 'Bad' Cholesterol For Heart Healthy Benefits

    Penn state
    October 28 2019

    Move over, apples -- new research from Penn State suggests that eating one avocado a day may help keep "bad cholesterol" at bay.
    According to the...
  22. Re: Patient photographer captures matching images of art and viewers

    grullq, did you highlight the post first by clicking on the box on the top far right - the blue bar at the top of the post. Took me a while to work it out myself, I don't think there are any ...
  23. Lauric Acid From Coconut Oil A Promising Weapon Against Infection

    Full Title: Study: Lauric Acid from Coconut Oil Proves a Promising Weapon in the Fight Against Antibiotic Resistant Infection with Severe Burns

    Crystal Lauer
    November 3 2019

    Lauric acid,...
  24. Top US Toxicologist Was Banned From Saying PFAS Caused Disease

    Sharon Lerner
    October 25 2019

    The widespread environmental contaminants known as PFAS cause multiple health problems in people, according to Linda Birnbaum, who retired as director of the...
  25. Re: US Government Opposes Thailand’s Ban on Glyphosate and other Toxic Pesticides

    I must be getting numb, I'm no longer shocked or surprised at this sort of response from the US government.
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