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  1. Re: There Has Been An Increase In Other Causes Of Deaths, Not Just Coronavirus

    There could be a secondary cause. With hospitals filled and emergency rooms crowded, and with PCPs overwhelmed with treating those suspected of carrying the coronavirus, people who are sick with more...
  2. Re: There's Only One Way To Contract Covid-19 When Grocery Shopping

    I have a dear friend who is 85; his wife is roughly 15 years younger; both are disabled to one degree or another. He is terrified of the groceries. Friends shop for them and deliver the bags to an...
  3. Re: So far COVID-19 measures haven't sequestered any perceptible CO2 from the atmosph

    Well, I studied with a climate change expert (lectures, courses, seminars, lots of reading) for 3 years, even housed him for a month at one point, so I've learned a lot... But probably forgotten a...
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    Re: 6 Incredible Teas That Lower Inflammation

    Now that's interesting! Do you remember that I got my A1c down to 4.6 this spring. Now this was before that week of megadosing, but I wonder whether my 4g/day of C played a role in lowering my A1c to...
  5. Re: So far COVID-19 measures haven't sequestered any perceptible CO2 from the atmosph

    Keep in mind that the residence time of CO2 is 800 years. On that scale, the reduction in emissions probably appears miniscule, although measurable.
    Compare the effect of methane: its impact is over...
  6. Thread: Corona Virus

    by Islander

    Re: Corona Virus

    Haha. But hey... most of our airline engines are also made in China.
  7. Re: David Attenborough to Publish 'Witness Statement' On Climate Crisis

    He is certainly well-known, even to me. A long career, highly respected. I look forward to reading his book… Although some things cannot be reversed. Extinction is forever.
    Mr. Wizard, you surprise...
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    Re: 6 Incredible Teas That Lower Inflammation

    I may/may not have posted here that I was trying a megadose of vitamin C, a gram an hour. I continued for six days, never reached bowel tolerance, finally tapered off on days seven and eight since I...
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    Timed-release vitamin C

    Does anyone know whether timed release/slow release vitamin C has any benefits? Are there any downside?
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    Re: 6 Incredible Teas That Lower Inflammation

    I looked at both pages, not much there that was helpful, and further, we are invited to leave questions, but no one answers. If excess C is excreted in the urine, then how does one reach bowel...
  11. Re: Doctors Gagged as Feds Launch Censorship Campaign

    Signed from my inbox earlier!
  12. Re: Sweden's Covid-19 Death Toll Becomes Highest In The World

    I'm unimpressed with the first article of the two sources. What kind of publication withholds the journalist's last name? "Emma R.," seriously? Maybe it's because she's reluctant to be affiliated...
  13. Re: Are Thermal Cameras A Magic Bullet for Fever Detection? There's Not Enough Eviden

    I'm not sure I understand what these are. Entering a doctor's office or an audiologist's office, I've had my temperature taken with a handheld instrument aimed at my forehead. When I googled "thermal...
  14. Re: McDonalds Fans Drive 400km For Fastfood Feast After 8 Weeks In Lockdown

    If I did the math right, that was 6 1/2 hours plus the petrol in order to throw away $40 to feed two people greasy GMO junk. I could have fed a family of six a wholesome organic meal for $10 total......
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    Re: Aloe Vera For Sunburn: Does It Work?

    That's impressive!
  16. Re: Teaching Ants to Spell Out Words on the Driveway

    Grulla, it's about your acronyms. Some, like MIL, PVC and PITA, are pretty common, and even if they are not translatable, no meaning is lost. However, others (MH, SM, DI) are not readily...
  17. Re: France Bans Malaria Drug For Coronavirus Treatments

    Given the side effects/aftereffects of hydroxychloroquine, it's no surprise that it should be withdrawn from use. Our president claims to have been on a two week course prescribed by his personal...
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    Re: Aloe Vera For Sunburn: Does It Work?

    Completely agree. I've seen the same nearly miraculous results from the application of fresh aloe vera.
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    Re: 6 Incredible Teas That Lower Inflammation

    TBH, I can't remember when I last had a cold, although thinking back to any sick days I might have taken in my last job before retirement, it has to be at least 20 years. Consequently I don't know...
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    6 Incredible Teas That Lower Inflammation

    Natalia Jones, Editor
    27 May 2020

    Like food, certain drinks can be considered harmful, whereas...
  21. Wuhan & US scientists used undetectable methods of genetic engineering on bat coronav

    Jonathan Matthews and Claire Robinson
    20 May 2020

    Evidence has emerged that researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China, working in collaboration with...
  22. US Government Weakens Regulations on GMOs Despite Public Distrust

    Sustainable Pulse
    May 20 2020

    On Monday the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) released final regulations overhauling the nation’s decrepit regulatory system for genetically...
  23. WHO Halts Hydroxychloroquine Trial Over Safety Concerns

    Jason Beaubien
    May 25, 2020

    The World Health Organization says it is temporarily halting its clinical trials that use hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients ...
  24. Re: Vitamin D Determines Severity Of Covid-19 - Government Advice Needs To Change

    A daily dose of 400 IUs is laughable. I shudder to think what the current recommendation is in Ireland. I know the USDA recommendation is not much higher than 400, but research has shown...
  25. Re: Durable, Washable Textile Coating Can Repel Viruses

    That's certainly encouraging. I wonder how much it would cost to add that coating to all PPE fabrics.
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