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  1. Ikarian honey: The secret ingredient to long life?

    Mikaela Bufano
    November 17, 2019

    Not far from the picture-perfect tourist hubs of Santorini and Mykonos, where cruise ships unload tourists by the thousands, sits another Greek island, more...
  2. Six Deaths linked to Mold at Seattle Children’s Hospital

    KOMO/CNN no author cited
    November 19, 2019

    SEATTLE - It’s one of the top hospitals for children in the country, but now Seattle Children’s Hospital admits it failed to protect some of its most...
  3. Re: Amazon protection: Can Brazil's destructive cattle ranches be transformed?

    Agreed, this is for after the initial damage was done. Also:
    "Project implementation: Degraded soil will be restored through repeated plowing and by adding nutrients and planting high-yield...
  4. Amazon protection: Can Brazil's destructive cattle ranches be transformed?

    DW News, no author cited
    November 19, 2019

    With rising deforestation rates in the Amazon and 80% of logging linked to cattle ranching, some in Brazil are trying to boost sustainable livestock...
  5. Re: Two people just got the plague in China — yes, the Black Death plague

    I recall quite a few years ago, a couple from NM while visiting NYC, came down with the plague. The wife faired well, but the husband wound up having to have his feet amputated....
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    Re: Is It Possible To Eat Too Much Fruit?

    Every now 'n then, Mercola repeats this fructose table which converts amount of fruit to grams of fructose. It is always stated that a healthy person should limit their fructose to 25 grams/day,...
  7. CDC: Antibiotic resistance causes 1 death every 15 minutes in US

    Redfield & Babcock
    November 13, 2019

    According to newly updated estimates published by the CDC, more than 2.8 million infections are caused by antibiotic-resistant pathogens annually in the...
  8. Re: Copper Hospital Beds Kill Bacteria, Save Lives

    Yes, they are 8" X 16" X 16" or 20" concrete blocks that look like the same material as modern day so called "cinder" blocks. A lot of builder supplies and concrete fabricators sell them. A few...
  9. Teen who received double lung transplant for vaping illness was ‘days’ from death

    Abby Haplage
    November 12, 2019

    In a press conference on Tuesday, doctors at Detroit's Henry Ford Hospital revealed that they have performed the first double lung transplant on a teenage patient...
  10. Re: Copper Hospital Beds Kill Bacteria, Save Lives

    Circa 1980, first I cut a 4' X 4' hole through the concrete cellar floor with a masonry cut-off wheel for the chimney foundation, with a hand held skill saw, and dug down one foot deep, added steel...
  11. Re: Copper Hospital Beds Kill Bacteria, Save Lives

    That's very interesting. I wonder what parts of the beds were made of copper, or perhaps electro-copper plated. If copper, a pricey commodity, is sold in 4' X 8' sheets like most other sheet and...
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    Re: Partnering for a path to digital identity

    "Islander", "It's very difficult to find information on ID2020." Here are two links. It seems there may be browser censoring, I use duckduckgo for my browser....
  13. Re: Fish Oil Supplements Have No Effect On Anxiety And Depression

    Here is more about fish oil supps for anxiety from EcoWatch this morning: ...
  14. Young female athletes with concussions take longer to recover, CHOP study finds

    Rita Giordano
    September 19, 2019

    New research from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia suggests that young female athletes who suffer concussions have longer recovery times than their male...
  15. Re: Patient photographer captures matching images of art and viewers

    I only highlight when editing, I did not think to highlight to delete. I just tabbed the delete button only. I'll try that at the first opportunity, thanks.
  16. Re: Patient photographer captures matching images of art and viewers

    I've edited, then deleted repeatedly, and nothing happens, something's not working right???
  17. Re: Patient photographer captures matching images of art and viewers

    What, no Lady Godiva? I'll even provide a horse.:)
  18. Re: Fertility fraud is not a crime in Colorado, but it could be soon

    Just think of the far reaching implications, especially in this day 'n age with DNA testing. What was that doctor thinking???
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    Re: A Choice Of The Heart

    Good one "Julieanne", lol! That helps explain the following: A lawyer jumped from a sinking cruise ship and swam to shore through shark infested waters. An observer on the beach asked the lawyer,...
  20. Fertility fraud is not a crime in Colorado, but it could be soon

    Mary Smith
    November 1, 2019

    In the wake of a startling lawsuit against a Grand Junction doctor accused of using his own sperm to impregnate his patients, one state lawmaker is pushing for...
  21. Emerging cardio-oncology field fights heart disease in breast cancer patients

    CBS News, no author given
    October 30, 2019

    Four months into her fight against stage 2 breast cancer, Andrea Cianfrani learned she had a new health challenge to conquer. After recovering from a...
  22. Parents decorate son’s grave with skeleton rising from ground; cemetery takes it down

    WBZ via CNN no author given
    Oct 30, 2019

    FRANCESTOWN, N.H. A New Hampshire family's Halloween display did not amuse the people in charge of the cemetery.
    Rob and Christina Wohle lost their...
  23. Re: How A High Salt Diet May Lead To Cognitive Decline

    I buy all my sardines packed in plain water, and as far as I can see, are not adulterated with salt, unless perhaps from the ocean. Also, some of the imported Mexican sardines in tomato sauce are...
  24. California’s Electric Vehicle Dream Is Turning Into A Nightmare

    Julieanne Geiger
    October 24, 2019

    California’s Electric Vehicle Dream Is Turning Into a nightmare. California might be blazing a trail with getting a large number of electric vehicles on the...
  25. Re: Major Journal Warns Calling Breastfeeding Natural Will Discourage Vaccine And For

    I have to wonder how this 67 Y.O. Chinese lady doctor that just gave birth, will deal with breast feeding, which has just now been reported on this morning's news:...
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