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  1. Re: Scientists declare nearly 400 medical practices 'ineffective'

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Interesting to see that most of the medical reversal were based on studies done on participants from high-income countries. This reminded me that far too many...
  2. Re: Forget 10,000 Steps, Just 4,400 A Day Will Help You Live Longer

    I'm just trying to keep up with ALL the brilliant minds here at HH. Actually, it was you, Julieanne, who made me even more inquisitive about these studies when you raised the question a few months...
  3. Re: Indigestion Pills Killing 4% Of Users

    I don't know a single PPI user who abides by the 2 weeks recommendation. One of my relatives brought the issue up with her doctor after I made her aware of the 2 week warning. She later told me her...
  4. Re: Forget 10,000 Steps, Just 4,400 A Day Will Help You Live Longer

    I'm very suspicious of this study. As we all know here at HH, mortality is influenced by numerous factors, including exercise (walking). I researched further and found that this study piggybacked...
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    Re: Red Ink, Black Ink

    Funny! Always have a backup plan?
  6. Re: Pediatric Occupational Therapy for children

    Estheranil: Welcome to HH. I am happy your daughter is now speaking. Some research involving children all over the world show that learning two or three languages at the same time does not delay a...
  7. Re: Birth rate in U.S. falls to lowest level in 32 years, CDC says

    Thanks for sharing, grulla. The one constant thought I have about population growth is "where will all these people live?" At the same time the population is expanding, the ice sheets in both...
  8. Re: Mailchimp Shuts Down Greenmedinfo's Newsletter For "Anti-Vaccine" Content

    It seems Mailchimp, as part of the CDC Partner Foundation, has a huge conflict of interest. More worrisome to me are the growing number of restrictions being placed on the freedoms of speech &...
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    Re: Trouble accessing the site?

    Access is not a problem, but the format seems off. So, now when I click on a thread, I have to request the "printable version." Once I click printable version, then the normal formatting comes up. ...
  10. Re: Microplastics Have Invaded The Deep Ocean — And The Food Chain

    I've read that fabric bags harbor bacteria, like E.coli, and that cross-contamination is more likely when meats are placed in the same bags as produce. This has deterred me from reusable cloth bags....
  11. Re: Enjoy raw clams at your favorite seafood cafe

    Well, one thing's for sure....they're fresh. Lol.
  12. Re: Pesticides Causing High Blood Pressure Problems In Children

    Guilty. I love to sniff a floral display. Oh well, another habit surrendered.
  13. Re: Vaccine Exemption Removal Bills ARE the War on Women

    grulla, thanks for sharing. I was not aware of the new law. Simply another example of uninformed legislators promulgating unnecessary and onerous laws. The one positive note is the Assembly only...
  14. Re: Vaccine Exemption Removal Bills ARE the War on Women

    When taken in context, a $4.1 Billion payout for vaccine injuries is astounding. Here's the context I'm referring to: 1. most people are not aware of the Vaccine Injury Compensation...
  15. Re: Vaccine Exemption Removal Bills ARE the War on Women

    I think that's a great idea. Here's the link to the most up-to-date report, as of June 2019. It shows in 2019 so far, an addt'l $100 million has paid, bringing the total to more than $4.1 Billion....
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    Re: 12 Reasons To Eat More Seaweed

    Given the increasing pollution levels of our water, we need to be careful with seaweed. Most seaweed, like other sea vegetables, contain some level of heavy metals. A few years ago, Britain, Canada...
  17. Re: Microplastics Have Invaded The Deep Ocean — And The Food Chain

    Informative read. I always thought the large surface plastic garbage piles were the problem. Never considered deep ocean plastic. This article has taught me to view the plastic problem from a...
  18. Re: Vaccine Exemption Removal Bills ARE the War on Women

    I don't get upset often, but after reading what some docs said to women after refusing to vaccinate their children, I'm steaming mad. If I could be granted one wish, it would be that every woman...
  19. Re: DHHS: N.H. Child Didn't Have Measles, Just Vaccine Reaction

    I know I sound like a broken record here, but these officials don't really know what this child was reacting to. The measles vaccine is given as a "combination" vaccine, including measles, mumps, &...
  20. Re: No, An Egg A Day Doesn't Increase Stroke Risk

    Julieanne, thanks for posting this. We all need to be reminded that a "whole" egg is the perfect food, containing dozens of vitamins and minerals. Egg yolks, undeservedly, have been demonized...
  21. Thread: Time

    by Mr. Wizard

    Re: Time

    Too funny!! Those joggers are a quirky bunch....jogging at 4:00 & 5:00 am.
  22. Re: Why Tuna Isn't The Fish You Should Be Eating

    grulla, thanks for the link. It shows the different levels of mercury by fish type. My research shows that if a fish contains more selenium than mercury, then the danger of mercury toxicity is...
  23. Re: American Civil War Plant Medicines Inhibit Growth, Biofilm Formation

    You're welcome. I was surprised to see how many commercial products were sourced from Manuka honey. Analyses show Manuka has the highest concentration of antibacterial agents than any other type...
  24. Re: Very-low-carb diet shows promise in type 1 diabetes

    So, the participants were essentially on the ketogenic diet, averaging 36 grams of carbohydrates per day. This seems exceedingly strict for kids, as one medium banana is 27 carbo grams. So, type 1...
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    Re: Obesity and Brain Shrinkage

    I like this article because it was very careful to point out the limitations of the study, placing significant caveats around its findings. Here's an excerpt: "The research was not designed to...
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