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  1. Re: BLM Protests Did Not Cause An Uptick In Covid-19 Cases

    I really dislike the word 'uptick'. What happened to 'rise"?
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    Mozart Reduces Epilepsy Seizures

    Bryan Hubbard
    June 22 2020

    Mozart's music was supposed to make our kids smarter—and now new research suggests it could reduce the number of epilepsy seizures.
    Although ...
  3. Re: Coronavirus In Spain Sewage Brings Virus Origin A Step Closer

    Wouldn't this blow apart the conspiracy theories doing the rounds? I think if I posted this on Mercola's site it would be deleted! When I posted a list of the many effects on the body of this...
  4. Re: Staring At a Deep Red Light Can Significantly Improve Declining Eyesight

    Would a LED torch with red cellophane over it do the same thing? Or is the light different? I don't understand the technology, so if anyone can answer, please keep it simple!
  5. Time To Demonise Low Fat Instead Of Sat Fat?

    ANH International
    June 26 2020

    A study just published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology confirms that there is inadequate scientific evidence to main the thirty plus years of...
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    Can Oregano Oil Treat A Cold?

    Zawn Villines
    June 29 2020

    Research suggests that some of the chemicals in oregano have antiviral properties. Scientists have, therefore, speculated that oregano oil might be an effective...
  7. BLM Protests Did Not Cause An Uptick In Covid-19 Cases

    The Economist
    June 30 2020

    DEMONSTRATING CAN be a dangerous activity, even in the best of circumstances. During a pandemic, it can be lethal. When mass protests against police brutality broke...
  8. Gut Microbiota: Certain Probiotics Could Enhance Immune System To Fight Covid-19

    Thailand Medical News
    June 20 2020

    Full Title: Gut Microbiota: Hong Kong Researchers Say That Certain Probiotics Could Enhance The Immune System To Fight Against COVID-19

    Gut Microbiota and...
  9. Staring At a Deep Red Light Can Significantly Improve Declining Eyesight

    James Ives
    June 29 2020

    Staring at a deep red light for three minutes a day can significantly improve declining eyesight, finds a new UCL-led study, the first of its kind in humans.
  10. How The Coronavirus Shortcircuits The Immune System

    Gina Kolata
    June 26 2020

    At the beginning of the pandemic, the coronavirus looked to be another respiratory illness. But the virus has turned out to affect not just the lungs, but the kidneys,...
  11. Coronavirus In Spain Sewage Brings Virus Origin A Step Closer

    Liu Caiyu
    June 27 2020

    The presence of COVID-19 in Spain's sewage offers a clue on the virus' existence, either in people or animals, before China reported its first COVID-19 patient in...
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    Re: Showering daily — is it necessary?

    During WW2 in Britain, cod liver oil and concentrated orange juice were only available to children up to the age of five. But I remember having to take it occasionally, so it was probably eked out...
  13. Potentially Deadly Heart Rhythm Disturbance - Chloroquine, Covid-19

    Full Title: First Known Case Of A Potentionally Deadly Heart Rhythm Disturbance Induced By Chloroquine Therapy Reported

    June 18 2020

    A patient who met many of the published safety...
  14. Multi Ethnic Study Suggests That Vitamin K May Offer Health Benefits In Older Age

    Tufts University, Science Campus
    June 15 2020

    A new, multi-ethnic study found older adults with low vitamin K levels were more likely to die within 13 years compared to those whose vitamin K ...
  15. Which Is Better: Coconut Oil Or Olive Oil For Heart Health? Evoo Wins

    Lucy Danziger
    June 22, 2020

    Who wore it better? Olive oil or coconut oil? In one of the most hotly contested debates of the plant-based world, the benefits of olive oil versus coconut oil are...
  16. UK Public Health Bodies Reviewing Vitamin D's Effects On Covid Virus

    Mattha Busby
    June 18 2020

    Exclusive: emerging evidence studied to see if ‘sunshine nutrient’ could lower Covid-19 risk

    Public health officials are urgently reviewing the potential ability of...
  17. Gut Reaction: How The Gut Microbiome May Influence The Severity Of Covid-19

    Shirin Moossavi & Marie-Claire Arrieta
    June 17 2020

    The risk of severe COVID-19 infection is more common in those with high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, conditions that are all...
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    5 Supplements To Lower Blood Pressure

    Amanda Barrell
    June 17

    When people take them as part of a healthful lifestyle, certain dietary supplements may sometimes help lower blood pressure.

    Doctors refer to high blood pressure as...
  19. For A Growing Number Of Covid-19 Patients Symptoms Last Longer Than A Month

    Aria Bendix
    May 2 2020

    Four young coronavirus patients with "mild" cases told Business Insider they are still experiencing symptoms after more than a month.
    Many of them feel guilty for...
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    Does Exercise Change Your Microbiome?

    Rachael Rigby & Karen Wright
    June 16 2020

    The diverse, non-human life forms that live in our guts – known as our microbiome – are crucial to our health. A disrupted balance of these contribute...
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    Be Careful What And Where You Search

    Rob Verkerk
    June 17 2020

    Alessandro had multiple myeloma. He had to decide whether or not to proceed with a second bone marrow transplant. He looked up the research in PubMed and found 4...
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    Re: Unmasking Mask Science

    That's not good news Maurya, most of our infections came from cruise ships. I see from the news that Americans are very insistent on their 'rights', but less interested in other people's rights.
  23. Re: The Pandemic Claims New Victims: Prestigious Medical Journals

    That's a very useful link. Thanks Mr Wiz.
  24. The Pandemic Claims New Victims: Prestigious Medical Journals

    Roni Caryn Rabin
    June 14, 2020

    Two major study retractions in one month have left researchers wondering if the peer review process is broken.

    One study promised that popular blood-pressure...
  25. Could The Cure For IBD Be Inside Your Mouth?

    University of Michigan
    June 16 2020

    While many people put off their regular trips to the dentist, recent research has shown that the consequences of doing so may go beyond cavities and root...
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