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  1. MIND And Mediterranian Diets Associated With Later Onset Of Parkinson's Disease

    University of British Columbia
    January 13 2021

    A new study from UBC researchers suggests a strong correlation between following the MIND and Mediterranean diets and later onset of Parkinson's...
  2. Thread: Hi

    by Julieanne

    Re: Hi

    Welcome to HH James. I hope you find information that will help you here. Are you on medication, or trying to deal with diabetes naturally?
  3. Post Surgical Patch Releases Non-Opiod Pian Killer Directly To The Wound

    Duke University
    January 11 2021

    New polymer promises localized pain control for critical first four days A Duke-led team of scientists has developed a bio-compatible surgical patch that...
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    Common Cold Treatments

    Scroll down for home treatments if homeopathy doesn't interest you

    Homeopathy Plus
    January 12 2021

    Everyone hates a cold. Even the mild ones are unpleasant while more severe colds cause us to...
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    Could Ginger Ease Lupus Symptoms?

    Tony Matthews
    January 11 2021

    A recent study in rodents suggests that ginger might help treat people with lupus and those vulnerable to forming dangerous blood clots.

    Ginger is a popular food...
  6. Thread: Surgery

    by Julieanne


    Surgeon: "Okay, just relax, Michael. It's only a small surgery."

    Patient: "My name is not Michael."

    Surgeon: "I know, my name is Michael."
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    Superbugs: A New Way Around Them

    Fernando Gordillo-Altamirano Jeremy J. Barr
    January 12 2021

    Researchers have not discovered any new antibiotics in decades. But our new research, published today in...
  8. Research Points To Long Term Neurological Effects

    Erika Wats
    January 8 2021

    A recent paper examining existing evidence argues that SARS-CoV-2 infection might increase the risk of long-term neurological problems, including cognitive decline and...
  9. Meet The Bacteria That Might Help Diabetes

    M Vince
    January 7 2021

    The authors of a recent study believe that the medical application of specific gut bacteria might, in the future, help treat type 2 diabetes.

    More than 90% of the 34...
  10. Op Ed: We Need More Than Pandemic Preparedness

    Vinay Prasad, MD
    January 7 2021
    Next time, we need scientific preparedness

    In recent weeks, some have thought about the future: how can we do better if a new pandemic virus emerges? I agree,...
  11. Re: Lutein and zeaxanthin: Eye and vision benefits

    I used to take these supplements, can't remember why I stopped. I do take axtaxanthin daily for the same reasons. I see this is not mentioned in the greenmedinfo article, which I will read fully...
  12. New research Finds Ginger Counters Certain Autoimmune Responses In Mice

    Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan
    January 6 2021

    Naturopathic medicine, or herbal medicine, is all the rage, especially among young people. But how much of this is supported by...
  13. Re: What Are The Benefits Of Keratin-Rich Foods?

    I wonder if fragile nails may be genetic, like being born with curly or straight hair. My nails have always been soft and broken easily, ever since I can remember. The only time I was able to fix...
  14. What Are The Benefits Of Keratin-Rich Foods?

    Beth Sissons
    October 23 2020

    Keratin is a protein that helps maintain the structure of hair, nails, skin, and the lining of the internal organs. Certain nutrients support keratin production.
  15. Aerosol Microdroplets Inefficient Carriers Of Covid 19

    American Institute of Physics
    October 27 2020

    Aerosol microdroplets, the tiny particles that linger in the air longest after we talk, cough, or sneeze, do not appear to be...
  16. Re: Is The Sugar Substitute Stevia Bad For Our Health?

    May you live long enough to use it all!
  17. Resveratrol Human Trial Results Published

    Steve Hill
    November 30 2020

    This popular supplement has been found in a clinical trial to be beneficial for heart health.

    A human study on the popular supplement resveratrol on heart failure...
  18. Study: Vitamin D Reduces Risk For Metastatic Cancer, Death By 17%

    Brian P Dunleavy
    November 18 2020

    (UPI) -- Taking a vitamin D3 supplement reduces a person's risk for metastatic cancer and death by 17%, according to a study published Wednesday by JAMA...
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    Soy Facts: Is Soy Healthy Or Harmful?

    Ocean Robbins
    October 9 2020

    Starting in the mid-1930s, the Ford Motor Company used a bushel of soybeans in every car it made. No, they weren’t using soy sauce as wiper fluid. Henry Ford had...
  20. Better Heart Health Health In Midlife May Lower Dementia Risk

    Hilary Guite
    December 22 2020

    A new study has found that people with better cardiovascular health metrics scores in midlife had a significantly lower risk of late life dementia.

    Dementia is...
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    5 Foods To Avoid For Arthritis

    Louisa Richards
    December 22 2020

    Some people find that making changes to their diet improves their arthritis symptoms. This may involve avoiding inflammatory foods, such as saturated fat and...
  22. Covering Faces Around Kids Won't Mask Emotions

    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    December 23 2020

    The proliferation of face coverings to keep COVID-19 in check isn't keeping kids from understanding facial expressions, according to a new study...
  23. Re: Why are there Fewer Nutrients in Our Food?

    She probably does, but I know that so many focus on pesticides and know little about how plants are fed. I'm referring to those who buy all their food and don't grow any.
  24. Which Are The Best Bedtime Snacks For Diabetes?

    Jenna Fletcher
    December 22 2020

    A high-protein, low-fat snack before bed may help people with diabetes stabilize their blood sugar levels overnight.

    Everyone’s blood sugar levels change...
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    Korean Superfood May Reduce Body Fat

    Greenmedinfo Research Group
    December 17 2020

    Fermented foods such as kimchi may be one key to preventing obesity. A June 2020 study evaluated whether the Lactobacillus sakei bacteria derived...
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