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    'Good' Cholesterol May Protect Liver

    Washington University School of Medicine
    July 22 2021

    Study in mice, human blood samples, suggests HDL from the intestine may prevent liver inflammation

    The body's so-called good cholesterol...
  2. Reading, Writing And Playing Games Delay Alzheimer's By 5 Years

    Annie Lennon
    July 19 2021

    study has investigated the link between cognitively stimulating activity and the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.
    The results suggest that participating in...
  3. No Link Between Coffee Consumption And Cardiac

    University of California - San Fransisco
    July 20 2021

    In the largest study of its kind, an investigation by UC San Francisco has found no evidence that moderate coffee consumption leads to a...
  4. 11 Demonized Foods That Are Actually Good For You

    Stassi Myer
    March 30 2020

    You may have heard that you should avoid certain foods at all costs.
    However, this type of advice sometimes stems from outdated research or studies that are too small...
  5. Scientists Develop Pain-Free Blood Sugar Test For Diabetics

    July 13 2021

    Australian researchers hope low-cost saliva test will replace current needle-based test for diabetes sufferers.

    Australian scientists say they have developed pain-free...
  6. Consuming A Diet With More Fish Fats Can Reduce Migraine Headaches

    NIH/National Institute on Aging
    July 1 2021

    A diet higher in fatty fish helped frequent migraine sufferers reduce their monthly number of headaches and intensity of pain compared to...
  7. 9 Natural Sleep Aids That May Help You Get Some Shut Eye

    Alina Petre
    July 8 2021

    Getting a good amount of sleep is incredibly important for your health.
    Sleep helps your body and brain function properly. A good night’s sleep can help improve your...
  8. Re: Can Viral Shedding After Covid Vaccine Infect Others? That's A Big No

    This is a topic that Dr Mercola and posters to that site bring up constantly. I'm sure if if I posted this it would be deleted!
  9. How To Get Rid Of (And Prevent) Mould And Mildew In Your Bathroom

    No author cited
    June 15 2021

    Once mould gets its grip in grout, or mildew makes its mark on walls, they can both be very difficult to remove.

    These toxic types of fungi thrive in dark,...
  10. Can Viral Shedding After Covid Vaccine Infect Others? That's A Big No

    Peter Wark
    July 16 2021

    Fears of “viral shedding” and other concerns after the COVID vaccine has led some businesses to ban vaccinated customers from the premises, believing vaccination poses a...
  11. Alzheimer's: The Science Of Prevention

    Free Access to anyone who signs up

    Read more:
  12. Nutrition And Heart Health: The Latest Review

    Kevin Lloyd
    July 12 2021

    A new literature review suggests refined dietary guidelines for the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD).
    The paper emphasizes pleasure, education, and...
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    Serious Condition

    A distraught senior citizen phoned her doctor’s office.

    "Is it true," she wanted to know, "that the medication you prescribed has to be taken for the rest of my life?"

    "Yes, I’m afraid so,"...
  14. Why Most People Who Now Die With Covid In England Have Been Vaccinated

    David Spieghalter & Anthony Masters
    June 27 2021

    Don’t think of this as a bad sign, it’s exactly what’s expected from an effective but imperfect jab

    A MailOnline headline on 13June read: ...
  15. Eat This To Save The World! The Most Sustainable Foods From Seaweed To Venison

    Claire Finney
    June 29 2021

    What should we be scoffing if we want to help fight the climate crisis from our kitchens? The question has never been more important or confusing – here is a guide...
  16. Re: Oxford University explores anti-parasitic drug ivermectin as COVID-19 treatment

    At last!
  17. Re: 5 Minute Breathing Workout Lowers Blood Pressure As Much As Exercise, Drugs

    Type in IMST device and several will come up. Thinking of trying one myself to improve my breathing - no problems with blood pressure. But it seems to have vascular benefits too.
  18. Re: 5 Minute Breathing Workout Lowers Blood Pressure As Much As Exercise, Drugs

    I have seen these advertised online at various prices. Hard to know how well the cheaper ones might work.
  19. Supplements For Weight Loss: Do They Work?

    Yasemin Nicola Sakay
    June 25 2021

    Most herbal and dietary supplements don’t lead to weight loss, a review of existing studies has found.
    Researchers looked into data for green tea extract,...
  20. 10 Of The Healthiest Herbs And Spices - Health Benefits

    Lindsey Todd
    June 29 2021

    There are several herbs and spices with multiple potential health benefits, such as those with anti-inflammatory properties, cognitive boosters, and some that may even...
  21. High Intake Of Chocolate In The Morning Could Help Burn Body Fat

    Natali Anderson
    June 25 2021

    A new study, led by Brigham and Women’s Hospital scientists, suggests that having chocolate in the morning or in the evening/night results in differential effects...
  22. 5 Impressive Herbs That Help Balance Your Hormones

    Cecelia Snyder
    June 23 2021

    Herbs are a group of plants whose leaves, flowers, roots, and seeds are used for various purposes.
    If you love to cook, you may be most familiar with using herbs as...
  23. 5 Minute Breathing Workout Lowers Blood Pressure As Much As Exercise, Drugs

    University of Colorado at Boulder
    June 30 2021

    Working out just five minutes daily via a practice described as "strength training for your breathing muscles" lowers blood pressure and improves...
  24. Re: Pills Used For Sleep Now The Focus Of New Trial To Boost Memory And Thinking

    I have been taking a fairly high dose for a while, as I read it helped to strengthen bones. Haven't noticed any improvement in my memory - I still forget words.
  25. Re: The Right Way To Use Old Coffee In Your Garden

    I add mine to the compost bin.
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