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  1. Meta-Analysis Raises Questions - Risk Of Atrial Fibrillation with Omega 3 Supplements

    Patrick Campbell
    October 8 2021

    A meta-analysis and systematic review of 7 RCTs suggests consuming more than 1 gram of marine omega-3 fatty acid supplements per day could increase a patient's...
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    Natural Immunity Vs Vaccines

    New York Times
    October 13 2021

    As vaccine mandates roll out, a national debate has been brewing about whether the rules should apply to those who have so-called natural immunity from a previous...
  3. Re: How To Use Sugar To Reduce Weeds In Garden

    I think this is more about large spaces than small gardens. On my 3/4 acre block I have weeds everywhere, between fruit trees, round vegetable beds and between native plants. Next year I might try...
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    Brain Surgery

    A man is lying in the hospital, waiting to be the first person in history to receive a brain transplant.

    A doctor comes in and says "Congratulations! But unfortunately since this is a new...
  5. How To Use Sugar To Reduce Weeds In Garden

    Housnia ShamsOctober 4 2021

    "Battling weeds is a war of attrition and we have to use every weapon in our arsenal."

    That's Alexi Gilchrist's call to arms against every gardener's nightmare —...
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    Two Socialites

    Two socialites are conversing on the porch of a large white-pillared mansion. The first woman said, "When my first child was born, my husband built this beautiful mansion for me."

    The the second...
  7. No, Covid Vaccines Don't Stay In Your Body For Years

    Vasso Apostolopoulous, Jack Feehan & Maja Husaric
    October 8 2021

    As Australia strives to reach its national COVID vaccination targets, there’s unprecedented focus on the biological effects of...
  8. Iron Deficiency In Middle Age Is Linked With Higher Risk Of Developing Heart Disease

    European Society of Cardiology
    October 5 2021

    Approximately 10% of new coronary heart disease cases occurring within a decade of middle age could be avoided by preventing iron...
  9. From Coronavirus To 5G, Uncertainty Breeds Conspiratorial Thinking.

    Ariel Bogle & Suzannah Lyons
    October 5 2021

    When are you being sceptical and when are you being conspiratorial? It's not always easy to tell the difference.

    Conspiracy theories flourish in...
  10. This Supplement Reduces Heart Disease Deaths By 65%

    Mina Dean
    No date

    A combination supplement popular for treating joint pain also reduces deaths from cardiovascular diseases.
    Regular intake of glucosamine with chondroitin is associated with...
  11. Re: Glycerin Is Safe, Effective In Psoriasis Model

    How great that something so cheap and simple can provide relief. Glycerin and rosewater was a popular hand treatment many, many years ago, and I think it's still around.

    As glycerin is a...
  12. Glycerin Is Safe, Effective In Psoriasis Model

    Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
    October 4 2021

    Patients with psoriasis have reported that glycerin, an inexpensive, harmless, slightly sweet liquid high on the list of...
  13. Covid Origins: Closest Viruses To Sars- Cov-2 Found In Laos

    Hannah Flynn
    October 1 2021

    Numerous theories exist around the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, but none has yet been proven.
    Parts of the genome of the SARS-CoV-2...
  14. Re: Microgreens Go From Trendy Vegetables To Functional Food

    Some seeds are quite expensive, broccoli for instance, so I grow my own. I grow a small crop of kale, broccoli, rocket etc (haven't tried lettuce) and let them go to seed. I can grow enough for a...
  15. Microgreens Go From Trendy Vegetables To Functional Food

    Penn State
    September 28 2021

    Study suggests ‘gourmet’ sprouts have potential to help provide global nutrition security

    Starting decades ago as fashionable, high-value gourmet greens,...
  16. Spinach Reduces Colon Cancer Risk: Study Explores How

    Robby Berman
    October 1 2021

    Previous research has identified spinach as having anti-colon cancer properties.
    A study from Texas A&M University (TAMU) in College Station finds that the...
  17. Re: The Best Time Of Day To Take Vitamin D, According To Expert

    I'm not really talking about tanning or vitamin D, it's just too damned hot! Five minutes outside in summer and I'm sweating - I can't handle extreme heat.
  18. Re: The Best Time Of Day To Take Vitamin D, According To Expert

    The hours between 10.00am and 2.00pm are the very ones I avoid! Perhaps in Maine, but not here in our hot,dry state. I would fry to a crisp if I ventured outside. I have to do my gardening...
  19. Re: A Disease of Modern Civilaztion Threatens Life on Planet Earth ....

    The first paragraph is pure conspiracy theory. When I see phrases like 'the global warming crowd' , 'man-made virus that serves their globalist agenda to control the world', 'an imagined climate...
  20. Covid Antiviral Pill Halves Hospitalisations And Deaths Maker Says

    Hannah Devlin
    October 2 2021

    If approved, Merck’s drug would be first simple oral medication shown to be effective against coronavirus

    An antiviral pill was found to cut hospitalisations and...
  21. One Major Side Efect Of Caffeine On Your Vitamin D Levels, New Study Says

    Krissy Gasbarre
    September 23 2021

    If you've been tuned into the recent conversation about the many benefits of Vitamin D, there's an important update. A new study suggests that if you regularly...
  22. Re: Does Vinegar Kill Weeds For Good And How Do I Properly Use It? (It doesn't)

    This is probably more effective. I'll have to wait for a warm dry day to try it.
  23. Research Suggests A Diet Rich In Dairy Fat May Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease

    Donna Lu
    September 22 2021

    Study’s lead author says evidence shows ‘type of dietary fat, or the source of dietary fat, is actually more important than the amount’

    A higher consumption of...
  24. Thread: Golf Injury

    by Julieanne

    Golf Injury

    Two women were playing golf. One teed off and watched with horror as her ball headed directly towards a foursome of men playing the next hole.

    The ball hit one of them and he immediately fell...
  25. Your Gut Microbiome May Be Linked To Dementia, Parkinson's Disease And MS

    Lynn A Barker & Caroline Jordan
    November 10 2020

    Within our body and on our skin, trillions of bacteria and viruses exist as part of complex ecosystems called microbiomes. ...
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