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    Lack Of Sleep Affects Fat Metabolism

    American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    September 16 2019

    We're all a little short on sleep during the work week. A new study adds to the mounting evidence about just how...
  2. Iron Rich Foods May Cancel Out Tomatoes' Anti-Cancer Benefits

    Ana Sandoui
    September 19 2019

    New research finds that iron halves the absorption of lycopene. Lycopene is a carotenoid full of antioxidants that is present in tomatoes.
    Tomatoes offer a...
  3. Re: Physical Fitness Linked To Better Brain Function

    Yes! It's about ego and face-saving. How could another country possibly do things better than the USA?
  4. Homeopathy Used In Intensive Care Unit

    Homeopathy Plus
    September 16 2019

    In 2005, research from this hospital showed that the homeopathic remedy, Kali bichromicum (Kali-bi) reduced excessive mucus in seriously ill patients, lessened...
  5. Why Are US Breast Cancer Rates Out Of Control?

    Dr David Brownstein
    September 18 2019

    Too Much Breast Cancer and Not Enough Answers

    In the US, breast cancer rates are out of control. Presently, one in seven US women suffer from breast...
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    Eggs And Meat Reduce Dementia Risk

    Bryan Hubbard
    September 16 2019

    Eating plenty of eggs and meat could reduce your chances of developing dementia, researchers reckon. The two foods are rich in...
  7. Vitamin E Found To Prevent Muscle Damage After Heart Attack

    Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
    September 16 2019

    Heart attack is a leading cause of death worldwide and new treatment strategies are highly sought-after. Unfortunately lasting damage to the...
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    Re: The Water Wars Are Here

    Doesn't fracking use a lot of water?
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    Re: The Water Wars Are Here

    Islander, we already have fairly tough water restrictions here in Australia, and they have been there for a while. (No-one would dare water their driveway!) They apply to domestic water use, don't...
  10. Re: Finnish Citizens Conduct Own Safety Study And Question Health Authorities........

    What is truly shocking is the difficulty to get this information published. I applaud this group of parents for their work, and I hope they can find a way to get this info out there where everyone...
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    Re: Dealing with anxiety..!!

    Dennii, please remove the link from your post. Advertising is not allowed on this site.
  12. Finnish Citizens Conduct Own Safety Study And Question Health Authorities........

    September 15 2019

    Citizens disagree with Finnish health authorities regarding the safety profile of vaccines based on an internet-based questionnaire conducted by a local patient...
  13. Physical Fitness Linked To Better Brain Function

    Tim Newman
    September 15 2019

    The largest and most detailed study of its type concludes that there are links between physical fitness and improved cognitive performance. The researchers also...
  14. Re: Using Young Blood to Battle Alzheimer’s

    I am too old to donate blood in Oz, I think 75 is the limit. Shame, as I am what's known as a universal blood donor - anyone can accept my blood type. It's either RhO or RhA, I've forgotten!
  15. Thread: Save CBD Now

    by Julieanne

    Save CBD Now

    September 12 2019

    Unless the FDA makes an exception, consumers will lose access to affordable CBD oil. Action Alert!
    Over the last couple of years, ANH has been reporting on the many...
  16. Drinking Tea Improves Brain Health, Study Suggests

    National University Of Singapore
    September 12 2019

    A recent study led by researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) revealed that regular tea drinkers have better organised ...
  17. Re: Black Seed May Treat Hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's Disease), Clinical Trial Reveals

    I have hypothyroidism and have been taking a tspn of black seed oil a day for about five years. it has made no difference and my medication has stayed the same. I do have a test from time to time.
  18. New Therapies For Common Cancers Not Being Independently Researched

    Bryan Hubbard
    September 10 2019

    The most common—and the deadliest—cancers are not being researched by independent scientists, which is blocking the introduction of innovative, and non-chemo,...
  19. Re: Life-Saving Drugs May Soon Become Useless, Experts Warn

    Thanks Mr Wiz. That was fast!
  20. Daytime Napping 1-2 Times A Week May Benefit Heart Health

    Ana Sandoiu
    September 11 2019

    Taking a daytime nap once or twice a week may halve the risk of cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure.

    This is the...
  21. Re: Life-Saving Drugs May Soon Become Useless, Experts Warn

    Can I ask what product Mr Wiz? I think it's OK to use brand names here, as you are not advertising. Many years ago a naturopath gave me a recipe for Kickagerm Joy Juice ( anyone remember Lil...
  22. Life-Saving Drugs May Soon Become Useless, Experts Warn

    Henry Bodkin
    September 11 2019

    Nineteen untreatable superbugs have been discovered in the last decade, government experts have revealed, as they warn of an approaching “tipping point” with...
  23. Vitamin D Supplements For Reducing Cancer Mortality

    Michael Greger
    September 10 2019

    It all started with a famous study entitled “Do sunlight and vitamin D reduce the likelihood of colon cancer?” that was published in 1980. Johns Hopkins...
  24. Re: Woolworths Introduces Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

    I was tempted to put this in 'Heart disease and Stroke!:)

    (Woolworths is one of the two major supermarket chains in Australia).
  25. Woolworths Introduces Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

    David Johns
    September 11 2019

    Some things in life need no explanation.
    They appear, often without context, and lead to people trying in vain to remember what life was like before their...
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