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    Re: Birth Control and Brain Tumors

    I am with you Islander…
    Hot flashes that came from drinking too much alcohol thenight before and coffee that morning.
    I had heard years before menopause that through diet andexercise you could...
  2. Re: Was the Introduction of the Measles Vaccine Responsible for Wiping Out Measles?

    This whole thing with the news media about the measles is scaring me... I would not be surprised to see a "law" come out that you and your child will have to be vaccinated or you will be fined. The...
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    Re: Methyl Iodine and Strawberries

    Thanks, will have to send this to my daughter in law. My granddaughter loves strawberries. Is there anything safe?
  4. Re: Calcification and Its Treatment with Magnesium and Sodium Thiosulfate

    I am taking magnesium right now because I have read and also told that having too much calcium in my system could have called my kidney stones. The doc told me to watch my calcium intake. He never...
  5. Re: Baking Soda is Proving to be an Effective Treatment For Cancer

    I had always thought Arm & Hammer had aluminum. That is why I went to Bob's Red Mill. I love their rolled oats also.

    Have to use up my Bob's Red Mill first. I do use Arm & Hammer to brush my...
  6. Re: AMA Opens Flood Gates For New Vaccines and Drugs By Declaring Obesity A Disease

    Well put Maurya! Most people still won't get it.
  7. Re: Baking Soda is Proving to be an Effective Treatment For Cancer

    Yes, Bob's Red Mill has the baking soda and baking powder aluminum free. It is not easy to find but it is out there.
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    Re: Fox News Kills Monsanto Milk Story

    I see more and more children get cancer. I see more and more adults my age get cancer. They have TV commercials about how everyone is living longer.
    I do believe this is a total lie. This video...
  9. Re: Why Tattoos Are A Health Risk (And How To Rectify The Damage)

    Highlander, If I was to get a tattoo it would be a Kokopelli. Never had the nerve to get one.
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    Re: Aging or Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

    Thanks... my neighbor has B12 deficiency... We were going on a trip together and she decided not to go because her B12 was much lower than normal.
    Her doctor said it would take about 6 months to...
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    Re: Got Gingivitis? Before You Floss, Read This!

    Thanks, I needed to hear that! Especially after firing 3 dentists in the past.
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    Re: Got Gingivitis? Before You Floss, Read This!

    I just went to the dentist this past week and she gave me one of those "deep cleanings" and after that she used an application of "oxygen/ozone". It was placed into the infected gum pockets because...
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    Re: Research Confirms The Power of a Handshake

    Thanks Islander, but you need to put your glasses on. I do not consider myself attractive... but thanks anyway. The only attraction would be my personality.

    I was just telling Maurya that my...
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    Re: Research Confirms The Power of a Handshake

    Thanks Maurya, Never looked at it that way. It just seem odd that he would not let go when I had been done shaking his hand. When I saw the article on handshaking I figured "what the heck", maybe...
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    Re: Research Confirms The Power of a Handshake

    Mr. Wizard or anyone,
    My husband and I were playing golf with another "gentleman" two weeks ago and after we finished playing this "gentleman" shook my hand to say, nice playing with you, and would...
  16. Re: The Only Reason To Celebrate Halloween: Pumpkin Seeds

    I agree with Maurya!

    Unlike Maurya it is not my favorite but I enjoy watching the kids having fun!
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    Re: Can You Pass This Quiz On Aspirin?

    My aunt took low dose aspirin every morning and still had a stroke. My step mom takes it also and still had a mini stroke.

    I only take it when I have a sore throat, stuffy nose or headache,...
  18. Re: Overtreatment is taking a toll on the nation’s patients

    That is o.k. Islander...

    Hopefully I will be able to post other articles. Since my life is less active I can get on HH more.

    Mellow... I hear you loud and clear. My friend who had 0 stage...
  19. Overtreatment is taking a toll on the nation’s patients

    Tara Parker-Pope
    August 27, 2012

    When it comes to medical care many patients and doctors believe more is better.

    But an epidemic of overtreatment — too many scans, too many blood tests, too...
  20. Re: For Some Men, Propecia's Sexual Side Effects May Be Long-lasting

    When I was taking my friend to the Cancer Center for treatment I spoke to several cancer patients in the waiting room. I asked a few of them what kind of cancer they had. After telling me most of...
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    Re: The Cyclic Effects of Being Dumbed Down

    I am with Highlander. There is not one commercial that moves me to go out and purchase something. My husband does not watch any reality shows. I watch "Amazing Race" only because of the travel. ...
  22. Re: Study Shows How Organic Tomatoes Exceed Conventional In Antioxidant Value

    You are right Mellow.... they do taste different. I can not describe to you what they even taste like. It's not a tomato either!!
    A big tomato worm ate two of my tomatoes just the other day.
  23. Re: Don't Be Afraid To Reflect or Daydream -- It's Critical For Health and Well-Being

    We have a fair amount of money but we worked 25 years or more and didn't waste money. Maybe sometimes we did.
    Had one kid because we couldn't afford anymore and I would have had to quit work if we...
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    Re: 101 clever tips

    Thanks.... added them to my favorites!
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    Re: The War on Health: The FDA's Cult of Tyranny

    Islander, I saw this on FB earlier this morning.
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