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  1. Hair dye, straighteners may increase breast cancer risk, especially for black women

    DEC 05, 2019

    A large study led by government scientists is renewing concern about whether chemicals used to dye and straighten hair raise the risk of cancer.

  2. Re: Electric trucks could be a jolt of bad news for railroad volumes

    And here is some electrifying news from Sweden, UNLOCKED article
  3. Re: Electric trucks could be a jolt of bad news for railroad volumes

    There is no tension between the two, as it's the railroads themselves that have promoted and developed that intermodal modular container, piggyback, trailer-on flatcar (TOFC) concept. If there are...
  4. Re: Electric trucks could be a jolt of bad news for railroad volumes

    Agreed, "Mr.Wizard", but unfortunately local private railroad sidings at various warehouse and factory locations have become less popular over the years due to containerized (intermodal) shipping,...
  5. Re: The 10 Healthiest Beans and Other Legumes

    About 25 some-odd years ago, my late wife and I became interested in finding a perennial bean plant, if in fact such a thing existed, and discovered scarlet (and other) runner beans. We planted them...
  6. Re: Electric trucks could be a jolt of bad news for railroad volumes

    [/FONT]Here is what the Dutch have accomplished in Holland:
  7. Re: Study: Almost half of new cancer patients lose their entire life savings

    You might investigate "Declaration of Homestead" laws that are legislatively enacted in 27 states in various versions, that can help protect ones legal home(stead) against certain liens and suits,...
  8. Re: Electric trucks could be a jolt of bad news for railroad volumes

    There is not only an ongoing threat to coal mining, but diesel emissions as well, all for cleaner air.
  9. Electric trucks could be a jolt of bad news for railroad volumes

    Bill Stephens
    November 26, 2019

    NEW YORK CITY — The most immediate threat to railroads is not autonomous trucking but electric powered trucks, which will arrive much sooner and will be...
  10. Re: The Science Is Clear: Dirty Farm Water Is Making Us Sick

    Actually, if the plants are non-edible ornamental plants, they might have soil/water cleansing capability.
  11. "Extraordinary responders" could hold clues to helping others with pancreatic cancer

    November 26, 2019

    New York — It's estimated that more than 56,000 Americans will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year and nearly 46,000 will die from it. Supreme Court...
  12. Re: This is What Your Overactive Brain Needs to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

    Same here, I usually turn in at around 6PM with an empty stomach, due to my intermittent fasting eating window of only 2 meals in the morning hours by or before noon, another benefit for a good...
  13. Re: For Brain Health One Food Makes All The Difference

    I slice two shrooms each and every day into my veggie (meat on the side) breakfast omelet/skillet. The shrooms are packaged and sold organic at both my food co-op as well as SMs. The co-op also makes...
  14. Re: Antidepressants And Other Drugs In Water Environment Change Fish Behaviour

    And then there's industrial fertilizer runoff contaminating the ocean, lakes, and fish: Sorry Charlie:mad:
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    FDA Homeopathy Petition

    Once again, we have to defend homeopathy from the corrupt FDA, please sign the petition:
  16. Sticky: Re: HPV Vaccine: The Greatest Medical Scandal of Our Time

    Nice to see you linked to Jeffrey Dach MD. He's one of my favorite go-to sources for donating blood, and a Mercola forum member friend of "rrealrose" in her biopage. And he is well acquainted with my...
  17. Re: Breakthrough discovery in plants' DNA may lead to slowing aging process in humans

    Guess I'll have to plant a Sequoia tree in my back yard so as I can harvest the telomeres/telemorase, :):
  18. Ikarian honey: The secret ingredient to long life?

    Mikaela Bufano
    November 17, 2019

    Not far from the picture-perfect tourist hubs of Santorini and Mykonos, where cruise ships unload tourists by the thousands, sits another Greek island, more...
  19. Six Deaths linked to Mold at Seattle Children’s Hospital

    KOMO/CNN, no author cited
    November 19, 2019

    SEATTLE - It’s one of the top hospitals for children in the country, but now Seattle Children’s Hospital admits it failed to protect some of its most...
  20. Re: Amazon protection: Can Brazil's destructive cattle ranches be transformed?

    Agreed, this is for after the initial damage was done. Also:
    "Project implementation: Degraded soil will be restored through repeated plowing and by adding nutrients and planting high-yield...
  21. Amazon protection: Can Brazil's destructive cattle ranches be transformed?

    DW News, no author cited
    November 19, 2019

    With rising deforestation rates in the Amazon and 80% of logging linked to cattle ranching, some in Brazil are trying to boost sustainable livestock...
  22. Re: Two people just got the plague in China — yes, the Black Death plague

    I recall quite a few years ago, a couple from NM while visiting NYC, came down with the plague. The wife faired well, but the husband wound up having to have his feet amputated....
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    Re: Is It Possible To Eat Too Much Fruit?

    Every now 'n then, Mercola repeats this fructose table which converts amount of fruit to grams of fructose. It is always stated that a healthy person should limit their fructose to 25 grams/day,...
  24. CDC: Antibiotic resistance causes 1 death every 15 minutes in US

    Redfield & Babcock
    November 13, 2019

    According to newly updated estimates published by the CDC, more than 2.8 million infections are caused by antibiotic-resistant pathogens annually in the...
  25. Re: Copper Hospital Beds Kill Bacteria, Save Lives

    Yes, they are 8" X 16" X 16" or 20" concrete blocks that look like the same material as modern day so called "cinder" blocks. A lot of builder supplies and concrete fabricators sell them. A few...
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