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  1. Re: How Climate Change Is Fueling A Rise In Deadly Diseases

    This is just a sad news :( I wish we could help..
  2. Re: Can Disease-Fighting Foods Replace Medicine?

    I think they can only prevent diseases but cannot fight them when you already have the disease.
  3. Re: Antidepressants Trigger Violence, Suicide

    If you are undergoing an addiction phase there is always a solution for this. There are lots of addiction treatment facilities that can help you overcome this phase. Casa Nuevo Vida is one of the...
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    Re: Why Is Marijuana Illegal?

    Because it can get a person high. and for being high I mean making the person does things that are the result of being high. Some are just extremely outrageous and out of control. If you know a...
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    Re: Dangers of Whey Protein

    wow! thank you for this information!
  6. Re: Do Low-Carb Diets Increase Your Risk For Heart Attacks?

    No, I don't think so because it can be healthy eating a low carb diet type of meal.
  7. Re: Purslane – Just a Weed, or an Unrecognized Health-Boosting Plant?

    wow that's really coool! :D
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    Re: Wars on Drugs

    Oh my.. This is just sad. :(
  9. Re: The Beginning of the End of Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

    If you really want a professional help, go visit Casa Nuevo Vida, Located at Los Angeles, California they have helped thousands of addicts to overcome their addictions and gave them a new life to...
  10. Re: I'm overweight, been exercising but I would like to lose weight faster?

    I guess you are right about doing this for yourself because you owe your body some care. Take good care of your body by eating less greasy products especially fast foods. and give time for exercise...
  11. Re: Parents don't recognize when their kids are obese

    It is advisable for each home to own a device where you can count your Sugar Level because nowadays the it is getting higher..
  12. Re: What are your favorite raw juice recipes?

    Banana and avocado :D
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    Re: The Science On Acai Berries

    I want to try these but they are very expensive to maintain :(
  14. Thread: Sweat

    by jordanwhitman83

    Re: Sweat

    Yes I think cornstarch will do the trick!
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