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  1. Re: Influenza Vaccine And Respiratory Virus Interference

    Two weeks after being warned, on Dec. 31, by the government of Taiwan about the seriousness of the coronavirus, the WHO said it was not transmissable human to human. Why would anybody blindly trust...
  2. Re: Influenza Vaccine And Respiratory Virus Interference

    Just to clarify, I believe the vaccination push here in Rio was decided by local health authorities, not by Bolsonaro.

    Also, FWIW, sentiment here about extreme social distancing seems divided...
  3. Re: Influenza Vaccine And Respiratory Virus Interference

    So true, Mr. Wiz. I read today that here in Rio 80% of the elderly population (which has been targeted in a current push) have been vaccinated for flu, and 50% of health care workers, who were also...
  4. Re: Blood Pressure Drugs Make Covid-19 Virus Lethal

    Islander, I wonder if boron would help bursitis. Did you ever end up trying it? In looking it up just now, I found this article:
  5. Re: Coronavirus: Top medic warns anyone who gets the flu jab should stay at home

    And here in Brazil the government health system is pushing the flu jab for older people right now, even though there are corona virus cases and deaths. It boggles the mind.
  6. Re: New York Hospitals Treating Coronavirus Patients With Vitamin C

    I applaud this doctor for using Vitamin C. It's hard to understand why more hospitals and health care providers don't try it. It's not as though we even needed results from the Chinese experiment to...
  7. Re: Pregnant Women Turn to Home Births to Escape Virus

    My first baby was born in a tiny clinic run and staffed by a lovely woman who was a nurse, a midwife, and a nun. It was in a town near the Mexican border. My second was born at home. I'm so glad I...
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    Re: 6 Supplements For Healthy Joints

    I didn't see anything about boron there. I swear by it! (Sorry if I sound like a broken record.)
  9. Re: Public health or freedom of religion: Amish evicted over plumbing

    Islander, that's a wonderful arrangement you have with the Amish family! I'm so glad.

    How did you keep the deer we've heard about from eating your apples?
  10. Re: 10 Best Vitamin Brands: A Dietician's Pick

    Their recommended bone health supplement contains calcium. (Maybe some of their other choices do, also; I just skimmed.) Dr. Thomas Levy says never to supplement with calcium.

    One very important...
  11. Re: Glucosamine For Arthritiis - New Advice to Stop?

    To give a more informed answer I'd have to re-read the rather long article that led me to borax/boron. But I think it acts on the causes of arthritis, and that's why it relieves the pain. That said,...
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    Re: Milk: Is It As Healthful As We Think?

    I loved milk all my life. My tall, thin sister didn't like it, so she gave short chubby me her milk when my mother wasn't looking, ha! (Instead of switching glasses, she poured it into mine. I don't...
  13. Re: Glucosamine For Arthritiis - New Advice to Stop?

    I tried it once, when I had a severe flare-up of arthritis pain on a trip. I couldn't see that it helped. But, as I've mentioned already here on HH, once I discovered how boron helped me almost...
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    Re: Can You Overdose On Vitamins?

    Mr. Wiz, are men more prone than women to kidney stones?
  15. Re: FTC Charges Prevagen with Deceptive Memory, Cognitive Improvement Claims

    That's awesome, Maurya! Must've been fun. My acting resume is limited to five words off-stage as Annie Sullivan's brother (brother!) in our high school's production of "The Miracle Worker." My lines:...
  16. Re: FTC Charges Prevagen with Deceptive Memory, Cognitive Improvement Claims

    Maurya, I'm dying to know what part you had in what play. Must have been an important one with so much dialogue! Congratulations!
  17. Re: Coconut Oil Improves Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms

    I don't think you misread, Islander. The article mentions both measurements, but it refers to two different things. But before anybody gets too worked up, check this out from the same article:
  18. Re: Why Doesn't The USA Use The Metric System? Pirates Are The Answer, Apparently

    Thanks, Julieanne. That was an interesting, unexpected answer to a question I've wondered about. I always figured they just brought the British imperial system with them and kept it. Poor Dombey!
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    Re: Hot dog, banned again!

    What article occasioned your latest dustup?
  20. Re: This announcement has nothing to do with HH

    Does that mean you were banned 'preventatively'? Yikes!
  21. Re: How A High Salt Diet May Lead To Cognitive Decline

    I use magnesium chloride, which is readily available here.
  22. Re: Partnering for a path to digital identity

    I don't know, Julieanne, but I'd like to. Couldn't find anything on it, though.

    Thanks for that second article, Islander. Very interesting indeed.

    Something I noted on the Gates Foundation...
  23. Re: How A High Salt Diet May Lead To Cognitive Decline

    I think magnesium helps with leg cramps, too, Islander, and also with sleep. I guess bananas have some magnesium, too, but I don't know how much. When we were almost out of melatonin, I quit taking...
  24. Re: Dr Brownstein: ' Measles Amnesia' Is False Science - Natural Immunity Superior

    When I read about 'measles amnesia,' I found it very difficult to believe. It's just not consistent with the way our bodies operate.
  25. Re: Fish Oil Supplements Have No Effect On Anxiety And Depression

    I agree with you, Mr. Wiz.

    The problem with the link is the last two letters. Copy and paste, omit the last two letters, and you'll get the article.
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