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  1. Thread: Jar Opener

    by BandsAiud

    Re: Jar Opener

    Haha, most were men on a drinking session who did that. They just pop a bottle of beer with their own teeth. lol
  2. Re: Glyphosate Hacks Hormones of Baby Girls after Exposure in the Womb - Pilot Study

    Those extra hairs of mustache of my sister was probably the result of this herbicide then. I wonder why these pesticides Glyphosate and Paraquat still not banned given we've recently signed a...
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    Re: Poisonous Profits: Exposing A Scandal

    Good thing that chemical is restricted here in the Philippines. Can I still sign up the petition even though I'm not from up there?
  4. Thread: Dad Jokes

    by BandsAiud

    Re: Dad Jokes

    Son: Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?
    Dad: Great food, no atmosphere.

    Son: When does a joke turn into a Dad joke?
    Dad: When it becomes apparent.

  5. Re: Kerala Farmer Shares How To Grow Potatoes, Carrots And More With Dry Leaves

    Oh wow, I think I need that piece of metal in my garden now.
  6. Re: Why You Shouldn't Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach, According To A Nutritionist

    Taking a full glass of water after waking up is my morning regime as well. Not a fan of coffee so I guess I'm safe. :p
  7. Re: Japan to start releasing treated Fukushima water into sea in 2 years

    They really have to released those treated waters somewhere. Given how advance Japan is and how serious their government on public health, I doubt they will compromise their original plans and...
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    Re: I'm really annoyed!

    I feel you, Islander. That's why I always write down things on MS word first before posting it anywhere. It's kind of really annoying if I meet interruptions half-way.
  9. Re: Scientists Discover Nutrient That Helps Prevent Bacterial Infection ts

    Good thing mussels is rich in Taurine. I have weak tolerance with dairy products so I can't have it. Both are rich in Taurine, btw.
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    Re: Adjusting to lifelong medications

    Everyone has different struggles however in my opinion: the hardest thing for me is to work out the insulin ratio which is different from what each person and carb calculating. However, it's thanks...
  11. Re: Earthquake of 7.0 magnitude hits Japan near devastating 2011 disaster epicenter

    I'm always tuned in in every earthquake news in Japan as I have lots of relatives living there, it always worries me whenever I get news of it there even though they live in Iwate prefecture and...
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    Adjusting to lifelong medications

    What were the challenges you faced when your Dr. put you for your lifelong medication? Was the transition easy? Feel free to share it here.
  13. Re: Could Catnip Become The New Insect Repellent?

    Oh, sorry, what I meant was those pesky insects that invades my home. Not including butterflies ( well I kinda hate caterpillars), dragonflies, bettles, ladybugs etc. that lives in my garden. Though...
  14. Re: Biden, companies working to develop ‘vaccine passports.’ It won’t be easy

    I hope that kind of passport won't reach the Philippines. Lots here will have trouble with it, since most of us here are not going to take that China vaccine!
  15. Re: Australian Scientists Achieve Breakthrough With Renewably Powered Carbon Capture

    I get it, it would mostly benefited the cement industry, but I what I don't get is how exactly. (Not a science buff) :aaargh:
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    Re: Spring season travel plans

    Yeah, I will remember all that. My cousins down there are planning for a trip to Cajun, and they are inviting me to come, not sure if I will have time for that though.
  17. Re: Could Catnip Become The New Insect Repellent?

    I want them all killed, all of them, ants, roaches, any bugs that invades my house. No exceptions. sorry.
  18. Re: Could Catnip Become The New Insect Repellent?

    I hate insects, so I'd still use insecticides to kill them all and not just mosquito. Eek!
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    Re: Three One Liners


    1. I tried to change my password to penis but they said it was too short.’

    2. I told him to be himself, that was pretty mean I guess.

    3. Does my wife think I’m a control freak? I...
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    Re: Spring season travel plans

    Btw, I heard Cajun Country NO was the best place to visit this April. Anyone went there before or actually living there/nearby? What's your thoughts about the place?...
  21. Re: Microbes In The Gut Could Be Protective Against Hazardous Radiation Exposure

    We are so lucky to have these inquisitive, knowledgeable people who will find the answers and save lives. The human body is mind blowing. Good luck to all the teams.
  22. Re: What you need to know about Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine

    If I ever take a vaccine, I would still stay wearing mask maybe my whole life, depending on how worse this virus mutation will become in the future.
  23. Re: The Most And Least Pesticide-Contaminated Produce

    I find decoy moths and netting to be very interesting. I'll make many of these for my future cabbages!
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    Re: Spring season travel plans

    I'd love to, Islander! I'll let you know when time comes! Woohoo!
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    Spring season travel plans

    Planning on a week long road trip northwards out of vegas in the middle of April.
    We dont really care where we end up as we will have to fly back to l.a. regardless .
    We love your national parks...
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