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  1. Coconut Oil Improves Alzheimer's Disease Symptoms

    Sayer Ji, Founder
    November 7th 2019 m

    A new study in Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients using dietary supplementation with a unique saturated fat has confirmed earlier research that a non-drug...
  2. Prostate Cancer: Home Urine Test Could 'Revolutionize Diagnosis

    Tim Newman
    December 5 2019

    A new pilot study concludes that at-home urine tests could make prostate cancer diagnoses shorter, simpler, and possibly even more accurate.

    Prostate cancer is...
  3. Eating More Ketones May Fight Against Alzheimer's Disease

    Society for Neuroscience
    December 9, 2019

    Dietary intervention restores protective protein and decreases death rate in mice

    A ketone-supplemented diet may protect neurons from death during...
  4. Re: The World's First Human Composting Facility Will Let Us Recycle Ourselves

    I don't want a funeral. I have talked to my son, and I want nothing to do with the lucrative industry, which is being looked at closely (in Oz) for exorbitant costs. I guess I'll be cremated, no...
  5. New Research On Coconut Oil... Replacing Antibiotics To Combat Antibiotic Resistance

    Brian Shilhavy
    December 13 2019

    Coconut oil is nature’s richest source of lauric acid, long known to be a powerful antimicrobial. As a saturated fat, coconut oil is almost 50% lauric acid.
  6. Monsanto Loses Millions as Indian Cotton Farmers Switch To Indigenous Seeds

    Annie Kin
    December 13 2019

    Monsanto is making the news these days for losing. They have lost three court cases in which Roundup has been linked to cancer. In India, they are losing,...
  7. Re: The World's First Human Composting Facility Will Let Us Recycle Ourselves

    I've been pondering this issue for years. Cremation takes enormous amounts of energy, and cemeteries are already crowded. What to do? My preferred option is to donate my body to a university, but...
  8. Re: Why Doesn't The USA Use The Metric System? Pirates Are The Answer, Apparently

    We had the Imperial system in Oz till 1966, when we switched from pounds, shillings and pence to dollars and cents. Soon after, we changed from pints and quarts to grams and kilos. So all those sums...
  9. The World's First Human Composting Facility Will Let Us Recycle Ourselves

    Lilly Smith
    November 25 2019

    In life, we strive to reduce and reuse. The human composting center Recompose aims to offer a more sustainable death.

    What happens to us when we die? It’s one of...
  10. New Diet That Matches Biological Clock May Be Better For Diabetes

    Maria Cohut
    December 7 2019

    Typically, doctors advise people with type 2 diabetes to eat about six times a day. But this approach can lead to a vicious cycle in which individuals require more...
  11. Why Doesn't The USA Use The Metric System? Pirates Are The Answer, Apparently

    Larry Getlen
    December 9, 2019

    Have you ever wondered why the logical metric system isn’t used in the US? Well, there’s a bizarre story behind it and it involves pirates.

    When the United...
  12. Five Weight Loss Supplements That Are A Waste Of Money

    DECEMBER 8 2019

    When you google "weight loss" the challenge to sort fact from fiction begins.
    These five supplements claim to speed up weight loss,...
  13. Re: Superior Fresh obtains non-GMO certification for farmed salmon

    Wow! Thank you Mr Wiz. I have done some editing in the past, and know the value of cutting out unnecessary words and phrases. But I have never found your posts too long, as they go into detail that...
  14. Re: Superior Fresh obtains non-GMO certification for farmed salmon

    I was going to reply to this article re the environmental problems farmed salmon cause, but I'll leave it to you Mr Wiz - your research is more thorough than mine. Over to you!
  15. New York Proposed Mandatory Gardasil Vaccine To Target Home Schoolers

    Brian Shilhavy
    December 3 2019

    Given recent legislative actions in New York, as well as proposed new ones, to remove any exemptions to vaccines and mandate that all children must be vaccinated,...
  16. Parkinson's: Ultrasound Technology May Relieve Symptoms

    Monica Beyer
    December 1 2019

    A new study shows that pulses of minimally invasive ultrasound waves improve the quality of life for people living with Parkinson's disease by immediately and...
  17. Valerian: Everything You Knew And Everything You Didn't

    Linda Woolven and Ted Snyder
    November 6 2019

    Valerian is the herbal superstar for insomnia. Several studies prove that valerian safely helps you fall asleep faster and enjoy a better sleep....
  18. Study Links Some Antibiotics To Raised Risk Of Parkinson's Disease

    Catharine Paddock
    November 26 2019

    Scientists have found a link between the use of oral antibiotics and the risk of Parkinson's disease. They suggest that the connection could be due to the...
  19. How Fruit And Vegetable Compounds Help Prevent Colorectal Cancer

    Catharine Paddock
    November 29 2019

    Flavonoids are compounds that are naturally present in fruit and vegetables. Scientists have known for 20 years that they can help prevent colorectal cancer...
  20. Osteoporosis: Could Selenium Reduce Risk?

    Tim Newman
    November 27 2019

    A recent study from China finds an association between dietary intake of selenium and osteoporosis risk. Although the authors cannot determine whether the link is...
  21. Some' Brain-Boosting' Supplements Contain High Level Of Unapproved Drug

    Nicoletta Lanese
    November 24 2019

    Researchers uncovered unapproved drugs in several "nootropics."

    Some supplements marketed to improve memory and boost brain power contain extremely high...
  22. For Brain Health One Food Makes All The Difference

    Health Impact News
    April 22nd, 2019

    Botanically, it’s closer to an animal than a plant. Some types glow in the dark, others are hallucinogenic, many are poisonous.
    Fortunately, the safe, edible...
  23. Cargill's New GMO Stevia To Be Used As A Sweetener In Soft Drinks

    Stacy Malkan
    November 26 2019

    The international food conglomerate Cargill is ramping up commercial-scale production of its genetically engineered sweetener, EverSweet, in a new $50 million...
  24. Re: Antidepressants And Other Drugs In Water Environment Change Fish Behaviour

    Unused or expired drugs can be taken to a pharmacy (here in Oz) where they are incinerated. I guess the gov pays for this - I didn't ask.
  25. Replies

    Remedy Is Front Of Mind

    Sorry, it won't allow me to copy, but the link takes you to the article. Basically, a combination of three Chinese herbs to benefit dementia.

    Read more: ...
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