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  1. 5G Squabbles Mask Serious Safety Risks

    ANH International
    May 22 201

    Could legal arguments over the use of lampposts derail the proposed installation of 5G transmitters in the UK? Mobile network operators jostling for position are...
  2. Full Fat Diet Protects Against Diabetes

    Bryan Hubbard
    May 20 2019

    The health benefits of eating full-fat dairy food have been underlined yet again with...
  3. No More Climate Change At The Guardian

    Daily Kos
    May 20 2019

    This week The Guardian newspaper in England announced that their internal editorial guidelines have been changed regarding the climate.

    Instead of “climate change” the...
  4. Thread: Bathtub test

    by Julieanne

    Bathtub test

    Some have counseled me to go to a long-term care home. I was not sure about this. So I decided to ask my long time doctor.

    So, I awaited my next visit and I asked him, "How do you determine...
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    Re: This sums it up.

    Very funny! Thanks grulla.
  6. Re: Sea Food Without The Sea: Will Lab-grown Fish Hook Consumers?

    I wish I knew. I can't seem to find out why what was one of the cheapest meats is now ridiculously expensive. Years ago I could buy a half side of lamb, which included a roast, for around $2 a kilo...
  7. Re: Sea Food Without The Sea: Will Lab-grown Fish Hook Consumers?

    My son and DIL used to have exchange students and teachers staying from various countries. One teacher from the US, don't remember which state, had never eaten lamb before. She was quite impressed...
  8. Re: Sea Food Without The Sea: Will Lab-grown Fish Hook Consumers?

    Islander, if you lived for another 30 (?) years you may not have much choice! My son sailed around Australia some years ago, and they lived on fish, sprouted seeds and home-made bread. Those seas are...
  9. Sea Food Without The Sea: Will Lab-grown Fish Hook Consumers?

    Clare Leschin-Hoar
    May 5 2019

    High-tech meat alternatives are grabbing a lot of headlines these days. Last month, the Impossible Burger marked a meatless milestone with its debut as a Burger...
  10. Protein Shakes: Muscles Today, Health Problems Tomorrow

    Bryan Hubbard
    May 13 2019

    Muscle-building protein shakes and snack bars could be doing more harm than good in the long run. They'll certainly help bulk you out, but they could cause health...
  11. Antibiotics Raise Risk Of Heart Disease And Stroke

    Bryan Hubbard
    May 14 2019

    Antibiotics aren't only bringing closer the era of the super-bug—they also increase your chances of heart attack and stroke if you take them long enough.
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    Re: Best Workouts for losing weight

    Islander, I understand about walking being too painful. Would it help if you had some support, like a cane/stick? Last year, when I started PT recommended exercises, I could only walk any distance...
  13. Re: Sunscreen Ingredients Are Absorbed Into Your Blood. Here's What That Could Mean

    Excellent point Maurya!
  14. Re: FDA Adds Black Boxed Warning to Insomnia Drugs

    We are constantly told to get more sleep, but for many of us it's not easy. The articles urging us to sleep more often list the effects of not getting enough sleep, which are not very different to...
  15. Arsenic Found In 11 Bottled Water Brands, Consumer Report Says

    Cathy Seigner
    April 22 2019

    Out of 130 bottled water brands tested, Consumer Reports found 11 contained detectable arsenic levels, including six with 3 parts per billion or more. The federal...
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    Colorful Sayings

    1. "It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you place the blame."

    Read more:
  17. Re: The Foreskin: Why Is It Such A Secret In North America?

    I also agonised over this when my son was born. My husband felt quite strongly about it, as he had a male friend who had to be circumcised as an adult, and apparently it was an extremely painful...
  18. Re: Study Shows Fracking Is Depleting US Drinking Water Sources at a Catastrophic Rat

    The fuss has more or less died down now re drinking treated sewage - people forget and move on. But at the time it was announced there were any number of ministers willing to appear on TV to drink a...
  19. Re: Elderberries Could Help Minimise Flu Symptoms

    I asked the question because my son and I were talking about this a few days ago. There is little to no profit to be made from natural remedies that can't be patented, yet there are a number of...
  20. Re: Elderberries Could Help Minimise Flu Symptoms

    It's good to see old-fashioned remedies backed by science, but I'm curious - who pays for these studies?
  21. Resting Heart Rate Above 75? It Could Be An indicator Of Early Death

    Bryan Hubbard
    April 20 2019

    A resting heart rate of anything between 50 to 100 beats a minute (bpm) is usually considered to be healthy—but scientists now reckon that anything above 75 when...
  22. Re: Study Shows Fracking Is Depleting US Drinking Water Sources at a Catastrophic Rat

    You could end up with recycled sewage or desalinated water - both used in Australia.
  23. Elderberries Could Help Minimise Flu Symptoms

    University of Sydney
    April 24 2019

    A group of chemical and biomolecular engineers has determined that elderberries can help the fight against influenza, by reducing symptoms and severity...
  24. Bad Gums Could Be Trigger For Alzheimer's

    Bryan Hubbard
    April 24 2019

    Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis and a form of pneumonia could all begin in the gums. Bacteria from infected gums has been found in the...
  25. Re: Remember the 'kissing bug?' CDC confirms one was found in Delaware

    Can't read it without answering a pointless survey.
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