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    Re: 10 Herbs And Supplements For Menopause

    I have two friends who have had menopause symptoms for 20 years! Another who has had them for about ten years, mainly hot flushes. If you've never experienced them, they don't sound so bad, but they...
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    10 Herbs And Supplements For Menopause

    Ansley Hill
    September 30 2020

    Menopause is the natural decline of female reproductive hormone production and conclusion of a woman’s menstrual cycles. It usually begins during your 40s or 50s...
  3. Ultra Violet LEDS Proposed For Skin-Safe Vitamin D Production

    Ben Coxworth
    October 1 2020

    Even though we're warned about the harmful effects of the ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight, they're essential for the production of vitamin D in the body. Now,...
  4. Re: Early Introduction Of Gluten May Prevent Celiac Disease In Children, Study Finds

    I understand where you're coming from Maurya, and it does seem like a strange thing to do. The way I looked at it, with so many products containing gluten, you have to make an effort to remove it...
  5. Half A Million Sharks That Shouldn't Be Covid Casualties

    October 1 2020

    Why non-shark squalene should be used for Covid vaccines, supplements and cosmetics

    Do you recall being asked if you’re prepared to accept the slaughter of...
  6. Research Gives Green Light For Migraine Relief

    Jams Kingsland
    September 30 2020

    A pilot study suggests that exposure to green light of a particular wavelength and brightness may be as effective as drugs in reducing the frequency and...
  7. 7 Best Omega 3 Foods To Boost Mood, Brighten Skin, Fight Inflammation

    Caitlin Mucerino
    September 28 2020

    Omega-3 or fish oil is the second most common supplement taken on a daily basis after multivitamins among those who take supplements in the US. But if you...
  8. Early Introduction Of Gluten May Prevent Celiac Disease In Children, Study Finds

    Kings College London
    September 28 2020

    Introducing high doses of gluten from four months of age into infants' diets could prevent them from developing coeliac disease, a study has found.
  9. Re: COVID Vaccine Trials Excluding Older Adults

    The article makes some excellent points. If this vaccine were not being pushed to develop so fast, some of them would not be a problem.
  10. Dietary Folate, Magnesium and Dairy Products May Help Stave Off Bowel Cancer

    British Medical Journal
    September 28 2020

    Folate, magnesium, and dairy products may all help stave off bowel cancer, but there's no evidence that garlic or onions, fish, tea or coffee protect...
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    How Do You Know Probiotics Are Working?

    Hannah Kleinfield
    March 2 2020

    Your gut contains billions of good bacteria that support many critical functions in your body, including digestion, nutrient absorption and the immune system....
  12. Multiple Unapproved Drugs Found In 'Brain Boosting' Supplements

    Neuroscience News
    September 27 2020

    Summary: Researchers identified five unapproved drugs in dangerous combinations and doses in over-the-counter cognitive enhancement drugs. Side effects of...
  13. New Super Enzyme Eats Plastic Bottles Six Times Faster

    Damian Carrington
    September 29 2020

    Breakthrough that builds on plastic-eating bugs first discovered by Japan in 2016 promises to enable full recycling A super-enzyme that degrades plastic...
  14. Re: Silk Offers Home-Made Solution For Covid-19 Prevention

    I have several silk scarves I wear in winter. Tucked into the neck of a sweater, they are as warm as wearing a polo neck. I was wondering about using them as masks when I came across this timely...
  15. Silk Offers Home-Made Solution For Covid-19 Prevention

    University of Cincinnato
    September 22 2020

    With personal protective equipment still in short supply, researchers at the University of Cincinnati examined what common household...
  16. Scientific Review Of Keto Diets Falls Short For Accuracy

    Ben Schur MD
    September 22 2020

    A recent review article aims to summarize the evidence-based benefits and potential shortcomings of a keto diet. Conclusions from this review state that keto may...
  17. Black Soldier Fly Maggots Feed On Food waste

    Unlike cockroach farming, this can be done on a small, backyard scale. I did it a few years ago, but with no chickens or fish to feed, I gave a lot away. Perfect for a closed system like aquaponics. ...
  18. Black Soldier Fly Farm Planned For Broome

    Ben Collins
    September 24 2020

    It seems like a tourist town's worst nightmare — a farm of large, swarming black soldier flies reproducing en masse.
    Key points:

    A fly farm will convert food...
  19. Fructose Made In The Brain Could Be Mechanism Driving Alzheimer's Disease

    University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
    September 23 2020

    New research released from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus proposes that Alzheimer's disease may be driven...
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    Inside A Chinese Cockroach Farm

    Bill Birtles
    September 18 2020

    For a final assignment to cap a five-year posting to China, I never would have chosen this.
    But deep inside a cavernous setup of tight corridors and shelves, I'm...
  21. Re: NM Navajo Nation farmers fight back on alleged illegal hemp farms

    Hempcrete, a combination of hemp and concrete, is an up-and-coming building material that builders can't get enough of in Australia. But you need far more acreage to make money from it than growing...
  22. CDC: Covid-19 Wiped Out The 'Flu Around The World This Year

    Molly Walker
    September 17 2020

    Flu numbers in the U.S. were historically low during COVID-19 in the spring, with deep declines also occurring in the recently completed Southern Hemisphere flu...
  23. Thermal Blocks Could Convert Coal-Fired Power Stations To Run Fossil-Fuel Free

    Anthony Scully
    September 8 2020

    It looks like a brick or paver, but a metal alloy developed by Australian scientists could hold the key to efficiently storing renewable power as thermal energy....
  24. New Analysis Links Omega-3 To Cardioprotection And Improved Heart Health

    September 17 2020

    Study indicates that EPA and DHA supplementation reduces multiple types of cardiovascular risk, according to Mayo Clinic Proceedings.
    A new study published in Mayo...
  25. Re: Thousands of ducks released to protect Thai rice fields from pests

    My next door neighbour, and one further away, used to keep flocks of ducks. I was the grateful recipient of duck eggs back then, and neither of them ever got sick. Mr Wiz, do you never eat duck?
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