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  1. Re: Far-UVC light: A new tool to control the spread of airborne-mediated microbial di

    Most of us are familiar with the chart showing the natural distribution of UVA rays and UVB rays throughout the day, with the natural peak of both occurring at local apparent noon. As yet I have not...
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    Re: My March 16, 2020 A1c

    When I grow up, I want to be just like Islander. I guess I am not grown up yet.
  3. Re: Coronavirus and the Sun: a Lesson from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

    As to the sunshine factor, I have been reading that the UVC rays are the most important in regard to protection from virus invasion. I had not been familiar with UVC, but only with UVA and UVB rays....
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    Re: My March 16, 2020 A1c

    This is a most commendable result, Islander! Congratulations! And of course, you must continue to engage the rigorous dietary regime so that you will live forever. I am depending upon that.
  5. Re: Dr Rowen: Flu Vaccine May Make You More Susceptible To Coronavirus

    So far, the only confirmed cases are people who are quarantined in their homes.
  6. Re: A Scientific Look At Botanical Plants And Supplements Against Coronavirus

    Whenever I read about the average number of prescription drugs that a person of a certain age is taking, I remind myself that somebody is taking my share, as well as their own, as I take none.
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    Re: What's The Best Time To Take Magnesium?

    While it is true that the best time of day is the one that you will remember to take it, the form of magnesium is important to consider. For example, Mg Taurate might be better taken in the morning,...
  8. Re: Dr Rowen: Flu Vaccine May Make You More Susceptible To Coronavirus

    I surely wish I could get through to some people around here, especially now that we have confirmed corona virus here, no functioning hospital, and no reasonable way to get a patient off island to a...
  9. Re: No, you probably can’t ‘boost’ your immune system to prevent coronavirus. Here’s
  10. Re: Curcumin Is The Spice Of Life When Delivered By Tiny Nanoparticles

    It might be of interest to note that in traditional Indian cooking, the herbs such as coriander, cumin, turmeric, etc. always are sauteed in ghee or in other fat prior to adding the vegetables and...
  11. Re: No, you probably can’t ‘boost’ your immune system to prevent coronavirus. Here’s

    Of course a person can enhance one's immune system. This is such idiocy that it barely deserves a refutation.
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    Re: 10 Best Vitamin Brands: A Dietician's Pick

    Mr Wizard, you are so correct in that we always must follow the money. Even when we think that we are doing the right thing for ourselves, someone always is trying to make a fast buck in some...
  13. Re: Will Maine Become the First to Overturn a Mandatory Vaccine Law by Popular Vote?

    Vote early and often!
  14. Cortisone injections for hip and knee pain are more dangerous than was thought

    Laura Donnelly
    15 OCTOBER 2019

    Cortisone injections for hip and knee pain lead to more complications than previously thought, research has found.
    The anti-inflammatory jabs are used by athletes...
  15. Re: Do Plant Based Diets Deprive The Brain Of An Essential Nutrient?

    Perfect, Mr Wizard! A good example of this error was in the studies done with d-alpha tocopherol on mice. Turns out that mice bodies indeed do use this version of vitamin E preferentially, but...
  16. Re: How High Protein Diets May Increase Heart Attack Risk

    Another good example of simplistic advice being poor advice. One's protein intake should depend upon many factors, including what source of protein, what type of weight training and other exercise...
  17. Re: Boosting Mitochondrial Biogenesis With Ginger

    Julieanne, I know the farmer who grows the ginger that I buy and use. He and his family grow most of the vegetables which I eat when in season, and I have a yard which consists of rocks and more...
  18. Re: Boosting Mitochondrial Biogenesis With Ginger

    Ginger root does seem to freeze well, as does turmeric root. At the time when our local growing season for those two is about to end, I usually stock up on quite a bit of both, and freeze them to be...
  19. Re: S Dakota 1st State to Propose Bill Outlawing Mandatory Vaccines for School Attend

    Tell that to Maine.
  20. Re: Coconut Oil Improves Brain Function In Alzheimer's Patients

    How cold was it today? Cold enough that my coconut oil went solid; I had to use a spoon to scoop some out for my dinner. Usually it just pours out of the container.
  21. Re: Glucosamine For Arthritiis - New Advice to Stop?

    The only thing that I might add is that glucosamine HCl is cheaper, but is almost completely ineffective. Check to see that the supplement that is being considered is glucosamine sulfate.
  22. Re: 4 Potential Side Effects Of Too Much Folic Acid

    Here is Doctor Wright's take on the synthetic folic acid issue. I remembered reading this from years ago, and was able to find it on line.
  23. Re: Exercise Has The Same Effect On The Brain As Coffee

    One of my main remaining small pleasures in life is my morning cup of coffee, black, made from organic coffee beans. First thing in the morning, right after taking the dog out. Everything else just...
  24. Re: Is a 'Fetal Heartbeat' Really a Heartbeat at 6 Weeks?

    Thank you Mr Wizard!
  25. Re: Ketogenic Diets Are Effective But May Be Harmful Over Time

    I would think that one week is barely enough time for a body to become fat adapted, but nonetheless agree that a ketogenic diet maintained for longer than a few weeks may be counterproductive. ...
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