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  1. What Are The Differences Between Covid-19, The Common Cold, And Influenza?

    Jon Johnson
    January 22 2021

    COVID-19 shares some similarities with other respiratory conditions, such as the common cold and influenza. However, there are also crucial differences
  2. Does Aspirin Lower Colorectal Cancer Risk In Adults? It Depends On When They Start

    Massachusetts General Hospital
    January 21

    Regular aspirin use has clear benefits in reducing colorectal cancer incidence among middle-aged adults, but also comes with some risk, such as...
  3. The Most And Least Pesticide-Contaminated Produce

    Ocean Robbins
    January 1 2021

    The agricultural industry is addicted to pesticides, and the entire world is paying the price. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that global...
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    Zinc: The Missing Link?

    ANH International
    January 20 2021

    Zinc may be just the 24th most abundant element on our planet, but we're entirely codependent on it for our physiological function. Among its many roles,...
  5. Searching For Answers In The Brave New World Of Covid Vaccines

    ANH International
    January 20 2021

    With a widely-held intention by governments to vaccinate 7 billion people on the planet with experimental covid vaccines, consenting to vaccination – or not –...
  6. Re: 6 BodilyTissues That Can Be Regenerated Through Nutrition

    Curcumin is found in turmeric, not ginger - or do you mix the two?
  7. Probiotic Feed Additive Shows Potential To Lower Methane Emissions From Cows

    This article is Copyright protected; I am only allowed to show the summary. You can read the full article by clicking on the link

    Jane Byrne
  8. 6 BodilyTissues That Can Be Regenerated Through Nutrition

    Sayer Ji
    October 21 2019

    It may come as a surprise to some, especially those with conventional medical training, but the default state of the body is one of ceaseless regeneration. Without the...
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    Re: Supplement Doomsday Coming?

    Your post reminded me to check on their website. Nothing on this particular topic, but I found a new petition. Posted on petition website.
  10. World Begins To Wake Up About Natural Covid Therapies

    anh usa
    January 14 2021

    Natural medicine is getting official recognition outside of the US—when will our government wise up? Action Alert!

    For many months now we’ve been telling you about...
  11. Thread: Dad Joke

    by Julieanne

    Dad Joke

    What does garlic do when it gets hot?

    It takes its cloves off!
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    Does Vitamin E Diminish Scars?

    Hannah Ames
    January 12 2021

    While vitamin E may help moisturize the skin, research indicates that vitamin E oils and supplements have no notable effect on scars.

    Vitamin E has a wide range...
  13. Could Altering Meal Times Help prevent Type 2 Diabetes?

    University of Surrey
    January 15 2021

    An innovative new study is set to examine if changing our mealtimes to earlier or later in the day could reduce the risk of developing Type 2...
  14. Coffee Consumption Associated With Lower Risk Of Prostate Cancer

    Timothy Huzar
    January 14 2021

    Researchers have analyzed 16 studies involving over 1 million men and found an association between increased coffee consumption and decreased risk of prostate...
  15. The Power Of Mushrooms: The Nutrition, Benefits And Risks Of Edible Mushrooms

    Ocean Robbins
    December 11 2020

    Mushrooms have been eaten and used medicinally for thousands of years, all around the world. Ancient Egyptians considered mushrooms to be plants of immortality and...
  16. Scientists Discover Nutrient That Helps Prevent Bacterial Infection ts

    NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
    January 15 2021

    Taurine, which helps the body digest fats and oils, could offer treatment benefit

    Scientists studying the body's...
  17. MIND And Mediterranian Diets Associated With Later Onset Of Parkinson's Disease

    University of British Columbia
    January 13 2021

    A new study from UBC researchers suggests a strong correlation between following the MIND and Mediterranean diets and later onset of Parkinson's...
  18. Thread: Hi

    by Julieanne

    Re: Hi

    Welcome to HH James. I hope you find information that will help you here. Are you on medication, or trying to deal with diabetes naturally?
  19. Post Surgical Patch Releases Non-Opiod Pian Killer Directly To The Wound

    Duke University
    January 11 2021

    New polymer promises localized pain control for critical first four days A Duke-led team of scientists has developed a bio-compatible surgical patch that...
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    Common Cold Treatments

    Scroll down for home treatments if homeopathy doesn't interest you

    Homeopathy Plus
    January 12 2021

    Everyone hates a cold. Even the mild ones are unpleasant while more severe colds cause us to...
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    Could Ginger Ease Lupus Symptoms?

    Tony Matthews
    January 11 2021

    A recent study in rodents suggests that ginger might help treat people with lupus and those vulnerable to forming dangerous blood clots.

    Ginger is a popular food...
  22. Thread: Surgery

    by Julieanne


    Surgeon: "Okay, just relax, Michael. It's only a small surgery."

    Patient: "My name is not Michael."

    Surgeon: "I know, my name is Michael."
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    Superbugs: A New Way Around Them

    Fernando Gordillo-Altamirano Jeremy J. Barr
    January 12 2021

    Researchers have not discovered any new antibiotics in decades. But our new research, published today in...
  24. Research Points To Long Term Neurological Effects

    Erika Wats
    January 8 2021

    A recent paper examining existing evidence argues that SARS-CoV-2 infection might increase the risk of long-term neurological problems, including cognitive decline and...
  25. Meet The Bacteria That Might Help Diabetes

    M Vince
    January 7 2021

    The authors of a recent study believe that the medical application of specific gut bacteria might, in the future, help treat type 2 diabetes.

    More than 90% of the 34...
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