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    Re: Walnuts Lower High Blood Pressure

    Julieanne you recently raised an excellent question that will forever stick with me. "Who pays for these studies?" In this case, researchers at Penn State University conducted the study that...
  2. Re: American Food Techniques "Sell by" and "Best Used By" Labels on Food Packaging

    Increasingly, my food supplements have a "manufactured date," instead of the use by or expiration date. It's assumed that the consumer should know the shelf life of a product, and be able to...
  3. Re: You Can't Starve' Cancer, But You May Help Treat It with Food

    Broccoli "sprouts" are better than plain old broccoli. The sprouts contain 10 to 100 times more sulforaphane than broccoli florets and the spears. Sulforaphane is antioxidant, antimcrobial,...
  4. Re: Are Veggie Chips or Straws Healthier Than Potato Chips?

    Yep, I have friends & family who fall for the old "veggie chips" thing, thinking they're eating healthier. Most veggie chips are still fried in hydrogenated oil, which is most unhealthy. Oh, and so...
  5. Re: Birth rate in U.S. falls to lowest level in 32 years, CDC says

    Wow. 18 yrs. as a college instructor....I had no idea. Is there anything you haven't done. Your eclectic experiences are truly admirable. Now I better understand the genesis of your smarts &...
  6. Re: Protein Shakes: Muscles Today, Health Problems Tomorrow

    Most serious body builders know protein shakes are bad news. Unfortunately, the typical, uninformed gym goer who's looking to bulk up quickly depends on these unhealthy shakes. The serious body...
  7. Re: Sea Food Without The Sea: Will Lab-grown Fish Hook Consumers?

    Before venturing into the seafood industry, they may want to get the "cancer causing" glyphosate herbicide out of the Impossible Burger. Test show the Impossible Burger had 11 times more glyphosate...
  8. Re: Birth rate in U.S. falls to lowest level in 32 years, CDC says

    Population dips will impact educational institutions, too. For ex., during the U.S. Great Recession of 2006 -2007 when housing foreclosures hit an all-time high and General Motors almost went under,...
  9. Re: Birth rate in U.S. falls to lowest level in 32 years, CDC says

    One of the major studies that followed over 5 million children from various countries noted that older couples where the father was at least 10 yrs. older than the mother were at even greater risk of...
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    Re: Best Workouts for losing weight

    I would include "fast-paced walking" to the list. I've found daily walking at a brisk pace sheds pounds. More importantly, walking reduces both visceral and subcutaneous fat, while preserving...
  11. Re: Birth rate in U.S. falls to lowest level in 32 years, CDC says

    The world's population stands at about 7.7 Billion people, estimated to reach 10 Billion people by 2050. So, we'll probably be OK with a few less people. However, the population dip in certain...
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    Re: Rabbi Handler viewpoint on measles

    It sure is. Can't quite figure out why the measles cases are being targeted. They could "legitmately" claim a mumps "crisis" and still increase profits, given the same vaccine--MMR--targets both...
  13. Re: TV Ads for Drugs Must Now Include Drive Down Pharmaceutical Costs

    So, this move will likely increase "transparency," but drive down drug costs....not so much! Perhaps if the industry reduced its TV ad budget from $5 Billion a year to $2 or $3 Billion, then they...
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    Re: Rabbi Handler viewpoint on measles

    According to CDC data, 839 measles cases reported as of May 10. Where's the epidemic? CDC also reports 15,000 to 50,000 cases of whooping cough each year for the past 10 yrs., and up to 20 babies...
  15. Re: California defies Trump to ban pesticide linked to childhood brain damage

    For fear of treading into the forbidden territory of politics, suffice it to say this situation is further testament to "elections have consequences." Since the feds won't ban it, states should...
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    Re: The Truth About Vaccines

    This short video covers a lot of territory, and if completely factual, should give all us pause about vaccines. The one retort I always use when someone tells me that vaccines are safe & effective...
  17. Re: The Foreskin: Why Is It Such A Secret In North America?

    Welcome back. A clove or two of raw garlic each day for the next few days should help kill most anything you may have picked up in the hospital setting. Good luck my friend.
  18. Re: Elderberries Could Help Minimise Flu Symptoms

    There is no easy way to determine who pays for nutritional studies. In fact, the food & beverage industries intentionally make it difficult for us to determine that they're behind many of these...
  19. Re: FDA Adds Black Boxed Warning to Insomnia Drugs

    Not sure a "black box" warning on insomnia drugs will make much difference. It certainly has not for prescription opioid medications. When people are truly suffering, they want and need relief. It...
  20. Re: Arsenic Found In 11 Bottled Water Brands, Consumer Report Says

    "Inorganic" arsenic is in the soil & water. "Organic" arsenic is mainly found in fish and shellfish, and is regarded almost harmless. Certain foods, like rice and cruciferous veggies, are highest...
  21. Re: Judge rules New York county can’t ban unvaccinated children from schools, parks

    You raise an excellent question, Pattypans. I didn't find any research that suggested a "resting regimen" would prevent a post-pubertal man from experiencing orchitis. However, a resting regimen...
  22. Re: A Quick Walk a Day Keeps Arthritis at Bay

    You're lucky you were able to resolve it by avoiding beer/yeast. Most men have to cut back on red meat, most forms of seafood, HFCS, and almost anything that causes uric acid levels to increase. ...
  23. Re: Study Shows Fracking Is Depleting US Drinking Water Sources at a Catastrophic Rat

    Sorry for the confusion. So, toilet water--or what I call waste water--is treated via RO. Then, this RO-treated water is then mixed back in with other surface water (usually a resevoir), or...
  24. Re: Resting Heart Rate Above 75? It Could Be An indicator Of Early Death

    Lol. Unfortunately, both.
  25. Re: The Foreskin: Why Is It Such A Secret In North America?

    As this extremely long, well-written diatribe points out, "male" circumcision is steeped in complex religious, social, medical, and cultural controversy. Bottom line: male circumcision--and even...
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