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  1. Re: Alert But Not Alarmed: New h1in1 Swine Flu Found In China

    Global wildlife surveillance could provide early warning for next pandemicRead more:
  2. Re: Warning Of Serious Brain Disorders In People With Mild Covid Symptoms

    Yet another reason that says this is not just a 'flu, as many keep insisting.
  3. Re: Researchers Create Air Filter That Can Kill The Coronavirus

    From the article: "By making the filter electrically heated, rather than heating it from an external source, the researchers said they minimized the amount of heat that escaped from the filter,...
  4. Re: Spreading Rock Dust On Fields Could Remove Vast Amounts Of CO2 From Air

    I have been using rock dust on plants for several years. As a home gardener, it can be expensive, so I only add it to potted plants - and I have to grow everything but fruit trees in pots, due to...
  5. How Good Bacteria Can Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

    Emily Caldwell
    July 8 2020

    Scientists have discovered that one of the good bacteria found in the human gut has a benefit that has remained unrecognized until now: The potential to reduce the...
  6. Researchers Create Air Filter That Can Kill The Coronavirus

    University of Houston
    July 7 2020

    Researchers from the University of Houston, in collaboration with others, have designed a "catch and kill" air filter that can trap the virus responsible for...
  7. Re: New Class Of Safer Analgesics Discovered

    Yes they are - I get confused with the different terms used in Britain, Oz and US. What I meant was a combination of ibuprofen and paracetamol. Sorry for the confusion!
  8. Sweden Has Become The Worlds Cautionary Tale

    Peter S Goodman
    July 7 2020

    Its decision to carry on in the face of the pandemic has yielded a surge of deaths without sparing its economy from damage — a red flag as the United States and...
  9. Spreading Rock Dust On Fields Could Remove Vast Amounts Of CO2 From Air

    D P Caringtpn
    July 9 2020

    Spreading rock dust on farmland could suck billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air every year, according to the first detailed global analysis of the...
  10. Warning Of Serious Brain Disorders In People With Mild Covid Symptoms

    Ian Sample
    July 8 2020

    Doctors may be missing signs of serious and potentially fatal brain disorders triggered by coronavirus, as they emerge in mildly affected or recovering patients,...
  11. Re: President Bolsonaro Of Brazil Tests Positive For The Virus

    You put it more politely than I would!
  12. Re: New Class Of Safer Analgesics Discovered

    Acetaminophen only works for relatively mild pain I find. It is apparently more effective when taken with paracetamol - one of each. Unfortunately, opioids are still needed for very strong pain, eg...
  13. New Class Of Safer Analgesics Discovered

    Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
    July 6 2020

    Researchers at LSU Health New Orleans Neuroscience Center of Excellence and colleagues have discovered a new class of pipeline...
  14. Nurses Who Battled Virus In NY Confront Friends Who Say It Is A Hoax

    July 7 2020

    After aiding coronavirus patients in New York City, nurses face relatives and friends who refuse to wear masks or don’t believe the virus is real.

    Nurses who traveled...
  15. President Bolsonaro Of Brazil Tests Positive For The Virus

    Ernesto Londoño, Manuela Andreoni and Letícia Casado
    July 7, 2020

    After months of denying the seriousness of the pandemic and brushing aside protective measures, Mr. Bolsonaro felt...
  16. Coronavirus - People Under 40 Sicker For Longer

    David Knowles
    June 30 2020

    For the first few months of the coronavirus pandemic, health and government officials assured the public that young people were at little or no risk of falling...
  17. Re: A Year In, 1st Patient To Get Gene Editing For Sickle Cell Disease Is Thriving

    Happy to fix it if necessary if Islander is not around. I made a few glaring mistakes myself when I first started posting. Some posts can be tricky, I don't know why. I spent at least fifteen...
  18. Newer Variant Of Covid-19-Causing Virus Dominates Global Infections

    DOE/Los Alamos National Laboratory
    July 2 2020

    Virus with D614G change in Spike out-competes original strain, but may not make patients sicker

    Research out today in the journal Cell shows...
  19. Replies

    Re: Men And Masks

    Don't take it personally grulla. You are probably not that type of male - the type that defends their 'rights' and to hell with anyone else's.
  20. Replies

    Men And Masks

    Prya Elan
    July 3 2020

    New studies show that men are worried masks are not masculine. Are masks becoming the ‘condoms of the face’?

    Last week, our social media feeds were flooded by the...
  21. Can Vitamin C Help Control High Blood Pressure?

    Varsha Vats
    July 6 2020

    High blood pressure or hypertension can be controlled effectively with right diet and lifestyle. It is a serious condition that requires timely treatment. One also needs...
  22. Re: Eat healthy yet still satisfy your craving

    Air fryers seem to be the latest big thing. I have seen lots advertised lately, with favourable comments and tips. Just don't have the bench space for another appliance, but they do sound tempting.
  23. Alert But Not Alarmed: New h1in1 Swine Flu Found In China

    Ian M Mckay
    July 2 2020

    Researchers have found a new strain of flu virus with “pandemic potential” in China that can jump from pigs to humans, triggering a suite of...
  24. Re: 'Outrageous': Global Anger @ Trump Admin Buying up COVID-19 Drug Supply

    I hesitated to post this a couple of days ago, as it verged on politics. I remember he also wanted to buy up all the vaccines if one was successful. Well, the US is welcome to them!
  25. Re: Staring At a Deep Red Light Can Significantly Improve Declining Eyesight

    Thanks grulla, I'll look into it further. As a price is mentioned, it looks like it is on the market, though maybe not here. I'd like to try it, as it doesn't seem too expensive.
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