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  1. Re: London HIV patient becomes world's second AIDS cure hope

    Just awesome, now the big task is to reduce to cost of the treatment.
  2. Re: Getting High and Well: It's The THC In Cannabis That Matters The Most

    What you think if we smoke weed in a limited amount, is it going to help me in keeping the good health.
  3. Re: New Research Finds This Food Transforms The Gut For Weight Loss

    Well said Mr. Wizard the marketing people knows how to sell the products and manipulate the people's mind.
  4. Re: 6 Proven Ways To Prevent Knee Pain As You Age

    I read it somewhere that drinking water quickly lead to some kind of problem in your knee when you get older, you won't feel when you are young.
  5. Re: 6 Proven Ways To Prevent Knee Pain As You Age

    Is it true that drinking water while standing causes the knee pain later.
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    Re: Varicose vein

    Thanks Mr. Wizard
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    Varicose vein

    Is sclerotherapy is best for the varicose vein treatment?
  8. Re: The nutrition of light - Dr. Mercola comes through big time

    Thanks man for sharing it.:o
  9. Re: Looming Global Crisis Means People's Diets Must Change: Experts

    I think we should completely stop eating red meat only focus on the plant based food
  10. Re: High Doses Of Vitamin D Are Reducing Artery Hardness In Just Four Months

    Good news ;)
  11. Re: From sex selection to surrogates, American IVF clinics provide services outlawed

    Many people killed their child in the womb when they came to know it's a baby girl and some people are going to get pregnant through vitro fertilization to make sure that the born baby must be a...
  12. Thread: Newspapers

    by jeroldvince

    Re: Newspapers

    Kids are just too smart now.
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    Happy New year

    Happy New Year, Hope this year bring you all the success that you deserve. Peace Lover
  14. Re: Modern Science Confirms Yoga's Many Health Benefits

    Yes it is boring, but the benefits are just too good. BABA RAMDEV, i think he is the one who as taken yoga to the different level.
  15. Re: Ben & Jerry's launches 'Pecan Resist' ice cream to fight Trump's 'regressive agen

    Content deleted: religion, politics and conspiracy theories are not permitted on this health site.
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    Re: Hello people

    yup, i played volleyball after a long time, i think that's why i am feeling pain on my shoulder.
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    Re: Hello people

    Yes i have been suffering from the shoulder pain from last 2 weeks.
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    Hello people

    Hello there , how's life going?
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