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  1. Yeasts In Kefir Drink Combats Disease Causing Bacteria

    James Kingsland
    April 15

    A substance made by yeast in the probiotic drink kefir inhibits pathogenic bacteria, including Vibrio cholerae and Salmonella enterica.
    The substance, called...
  2. Sleep Better And Reduce Stress With Breathing Exercises

    Tyler Nyquvest
    17 Apr, 2021

    Taping his mouth before sleeping helped Patrick McKeown get a good night’s rest. Now he is one of many breathwork experts promoting ways to breathe better

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    Re: Adjusting to lifelong medications

    Congratulations on all you have achieved! It sounds as though you are doing everything right, and that takes real willpower. Did you ever take any medication?
  4. Why You Shouldn't Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach, According To A Nutritionist

    Carolyn Kuang-chen Stanley
    July 5 2020

    Here’s how a typical morning for me used to go: Wake up, hit snooze several times, drag myself to the kitchen to make coffee, then wait for the sweet,...
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    Phones Work With Speakerphone Off, Wankers Told

    Mobile telephone devices come with a built-in speaker that you can hear when placed to your ear, it has been revealed.

  6. Who Will Deal With Your Online Presence When You Die? How To Create A 'Digital Will'

    Naaman Zhou
    April 11 2021

    Making a plan now can prevent identity theft, save records and stop friends getting painful pop-up reminders when you’re gone

    Two things are certain in life: death...
  7. Kerala Farmer Shares How To Grow Potatoes, Carrots And More With Dry Leaves

    Roshini Muthukumar
    March 8 2021

    C V Varghese from Wayanad has come up with a solution to grow produce using a vertical mesh tower method, which allows maximum produce in limited spaces. The...
  8. Cocoa May Protect Male's Hearts From The Effects Of Mental Stress

    James Kingsland
    April 7 2021

    Green tea, cocoa, and many fruits contain high levels of flavanols, which improve blood vessel function and lower blood pressure.
    In the first study of its...
  9. The 5 Gut Types: How to Know Yours, From A functional Medicine Specialist

    Lauryn Lax
    April 7 2021

    You know your astrological sign, Enneagram type, and maybe even your dosha—but what about your gut type?
    In my experience with nutritional therapy and health coaching,...
  10. Why You Shouldn't Mix Baking Soda And Vinegar For Cleaning

    Ashley Abramson
    April 5 2021

    Some of the most effective household cleaners aren’t meant to be mixed. You probably already know never to combine harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia (or...
  11. The Mood-Enhancing Nutrient To Add To Your Diet From A Nutritional Psychiatrist

    Abby Moore
    April 7 2021

    Depression can present itself in many forms. One day you may feel anxious; another day you may be completely unmotivated, lacking energy or focus....
  12. Re: Research Shows Digital Devices Are Destroying Our Eyes

    I'm hoping that taking lutein or astaxanthin will help. I seem to spend a fair bit of time on the computer.
  13. Re: Short Term Increase In Fibre Alters Gut Microbiome

    That has happened to me too on a few occasions. I don't understand it either!
  14. The Real Benefits Of Lemon Water According To Science

    GMI Reporter
    April 1 2021

    Most of us have seen the Top 10 lists of why we should be drinking lemon water. But do we really know the added vitality and cleansing effects on the body lemon water ...
  15. Re: Australian Scientists Achieve Breakthrough With Renewably Powered Carbon Capture

    The cement is a bonus - the environment is the biggest winner. Not only does it remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, it turns it into a useful product. This project has so many beneficial...
  16. The Media Is Overhyping Early Detection Tests And This May Harm The Healthy

    Mary O'Keefe & Ray Moynihan
    April 6 2021

    Do you remember hearing about the simple blood test that could tell if you had any of several different cancers? What about the Apple Watch that promised...
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    Re: What To Know About Toxic Positivity

    I have experienced this so-called 'positivity' on more than one occasion, and it left me feeling hurt and angry. These were not minor issues, but loss of a family member. Total lack of understanding,...
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    What To Know About Toxic Positivity

    Zawn Villines
    March 30 2021

    Toxic positivity is an obsession with positive thinking. It is the belief that people should put a positive spin on all experiences, even those that are profoundly...
  19. Re: Could Catnip Become The New Insect Repellent?

    Bandsaiud, in your house, OK. But outside? Only a tiny percentage of insects bite or sting, and there are far more beneficial insects than harmful ones. I think I remember you posting that you have...
  20. Short Term Increase In Fibre Alters Gut Microbiome

    Timothy Huzar
    April 3 2021

    Researchers have previously identified a link between fiber intake and positive health outcomes.
    Fiber promotes a healthy gut microbiome once bacteria...
  21. Australian Scientists Achieve Breakthrough With Renewably Powered Carbon Capture

    Blake Matich
    March 30 2021

    Australian scientists have achieved a new breakthrough in carbon capture and storage. Their novel electrochemical process can store carbon dioxide in water with the...
  22. Drinking Coffee Before Exercise May Help Burn More Fat

    Kimberley Drake
    March 28 2021

    Previous research has shown an association between caffeine consumption and increased exercise performance. However, limited data exist on whether caffeine...
  23. Quinoa Vs White Rice Vs Brown Rice: What Is Better For Weight Loss?

    Times of India
    March 31 2021

    Quinoa has gained immense popularity over the past few years. It has even become a top grain choice for weight watchers and health enthusiasts. But the increasing...
  24. Vitamin F: What It Is And Why We Need It

    Louisa Richards
    March 19 2021

    Vitamin F is not a traditional vitamin but a term for two essential fatty acids: alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid. People need to consume these essential...
  25. Re: More Protein Doesn't Mean More Strength In Resistance-Trained Middle-Aged Male Ad

    Thanks for the information Maurya, I didn't know that.
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