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    Re: The Cannabis Cure For Cancer

    According to Dec. 12, 2018 New York Times, recreational use of marijuana became legal in Canada on July 1. Last week, Altria--the maker of Marlboro cigarettes--paid almost $2 Billion for half of a...
  2. Re: Tell Congress: Don't Weaken Organic Standards!

  3. Re: Why The World Is Becoming More Allergic To Food

    "Biosludge" is a nice, euphemistic term the gov't slapped on this hazardous, poisonous material. Many lawsuits have been won over the harm caused by using wastewater sewage sludge on farmland. A...
  4. Re: Outrage Intensifies Over Claims Of Gene-Edited Babies

    I agree 100%. And, honestly, I'm not sure anyone in the medical community would blow the whistle on any problems with these children. Most probably saw this as a huge medical breakthrough. Who's...
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    Re: The Cannabis Cure For Cancer

    Oh, the word is spreading quickly. Medical marijuana dispensaries are popping up all over the country--about 28,000 of them as of May,2017. The $8.5 billion medical marijuana (in 2017) represents...
  6. Re: Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against U

    Conclusion: "Vaccination...may distrub homeostasis in "susceptible" individuals and result in autoimmunity." When I read the list of who may be "susceptible," it sounds like no one....absolutely no...
  7. Re: Why The World Is Becoming More Allergic To Food

    You are wise to grow your own food. Another factor that I believe contributes to food allergies is crop fertilization. In 1993, the EPA approved the use of municipal sewage sludge for crop...
  8. Re: Standard Hormone Therapy Makes Prostate Cancer Life-Threatening

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting. I was not aware that androgen-targeted therapy (ATT) was routinely used on most common types of prostate cancer in its early stage. It was my understanding...
  9. Re: Why The World Is Becoming More Allergic To Food

    According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the incidence of peanut allergies in children have doubled in the last decade. Most peanuts contain residue of 8 different chemicals, with one...
  10. Re: Outrage Intensifies Over Claims Of Gene-Edited Babies

    The 2016 experiment was different from the mid-1990s procedure. The 2016 doc actually substituted healthy mitochondria for unhealthy ones. He did this in Mexico, as the FDA banned that procedure in...
  11. Re: Your Complete Guide to Polyols And Health

    People still drink Coke? Yuck. The 10 teaspoons of sugar in a can of Coke is what made Diet Coke a big hit (I believe it uses artificial sweeteners). I'm satisfied with a tall glass of unsweetened...
  12. Re: Your Complete Guide to Polyols And Health

    People have fallen for the advertising hype about how sugar makes you fat. Of course, if one over consumes anything it can cause weight gain. According to, one (1) teaspoon...
  13. Re: Outrage Intensifies Over Claims Of Gene-Edited Babies

    The shock and outrage by the medical community is spurious!! Dr. He told 2 colleagues at the University of California that he was doing this, and they said nothing. Further, this has been done...
  14. Re: Your Complete Guide to Polyols And Health

    Polyols are becoming more prevalent in pre-packaged food stuffs to reduce calories. But, these sugars ferment in the gut and cause lots of problems. One of these sugars, maltitol, even raises blood...
  15. Re: The First Baby Has Been Born After a Uterus Transplant From a Deceased Donor

    Wow! Such an amazing story on so many levels. Although the article wasn't crystal clear on this point, it seemed to intimate that the deceased donor was used because she matched the special...
  16. Re: The Secret To A Long and Healthy Life? Eat Less

    This article uses the terms "eating less" and "calorie restriction" interchangeably. These are not the same thing. One can eat less food and still gain weight if the foods are high in calories. ...
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    Re: Anti Supplement Push In EU

    This "anti-supplement push" will go nowhere. The genie is out of the bottle. People believe in food supplements, nutraceuticals, and overall homeopathic & alternative medicinal treatments. ...
  18. Re: Proven Herbal Treatment For Crohn's Disease

    I've worked with a relative over the past few years who has Crohn's. She has had great success with L-Glutamine and a combination of deglycyrrhizin licorice and aloe gel. I found a product that...
  19. Re: Does eating less actually make you store more fat?

    Exercise, especially prolonged, intense exercise, produces HGH. No need to supplement with it. Just exercise more. Also, exercise keeps the metabolism activated, especially aerobic exercise, like...
  20. Re: Israeli Scientist Wins EU Innovation Award For Breath Test Device That Detects Di

    Fantastic news!! This device will reduce profits made from biopsies & exploratory surgeries, since it can detect tumors and determine whether they are benign or malignant. But, great invention.
  21. Re: A Face Transplant Gave This 26-Year-Old a ‘Second Chance at Life’ ...

    Modern miracles!!
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    Re: Does Grapefruit Seed Extract Work?

    I read recently about a study that showed grape seed extract was very beneficial for the liver, which is the major cleansing organ in the body. The study compared a group of people taking 2,000 mg....
  23. Re: Medica Cannabis Superior To Opioids For Chronic Pain Study Finds

    In 2017, the U.S. medical cannabis market hit $8.5 Billion. This figure represents 90% of the $9.5 Billion spent worldwide on legal medical cannabis. By 2022, U.S. citizens are projected to spend...
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    Re: Pomegranates Help Stroke Recovery

    @Julieanne: Thanks for the link. That the sugar is attached to antioxidants, slowing down the absorption, makes the pomegranate a very unique fruit. I also read pomegranate is good for joints,...
  25. Re: Holy cow! Giant Holstein-Friesian ‘Knickers’ stands head and shoulders over herd

    Well, we can stop asking "Where's the beef." These are humongous animals!!!
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