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  1. Re: Fishless Fish? Impossible Foods Is Developing Fake Seafood For Vegetarians

    Update: U.S. restaurants can't keep up with consumer demand for "meatless burgers." The company, Impossible Foods, is working employees 12 hours a day to keep up with demand. White Castle, which...
  2. Re: How to Make Sense of Your Cholesterol Levels Infographic

    Thanks for sharing. His infograph indicates that 25% of the total cholesterol in your body comes from the food you eat. This seems rather high. Most of the recent data I've seen indicates that...
  3. Re: Rye The Healthiest Gluten That Protects Against Diabetes

    It does sound counterintuitive. However, rye can be insulin friendly, making it a "better" choice for diabetics who choose to eat grains. Rye starch granules are formed in a way that significantly...
  4. Re: The first Jewish president of the United States.

    Sounds like Ma knows......the bloom is off the rose. Lol.
  5. Re: Insect 'apocalypse' in U.S. driven by 50x increase in toxic pesticides

    Neonicotinoids, or Neonics, were marketed in 1994. Bayer-Monsanto makes 2 of the 3 most toxic neonics, and Syngenta-Chem China makes the third one. Why did it take 25 years before the U.S. took...
  6. Re: Scientist Quits USDA, Says Trump Admin Buries Study Linking Climate and Nutrition

    It is quite the dilemma. Don't know why the Administration tried to bury info. on the declining nutrient value of rice. USDA's own data has shown the amounts of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron,...
  7. Re: Monash University Study Finds Way To Disarm Dangerous Bacteria

    Julieanne, you and Islander consistently provide positive nutrition and health news. We appreciate your daily efforts!! This article is especially positive to me because the study found not only a...
  8. Re: It's raining plastic: microscopic fibers fall from the sky in Rocky Mountains

    Scientists have yet to understand the health effects of breathing in or consuming microplastic fibers, as this article noted. I've read other research that concludes microplastic in large fish, like...
  9. Re: Climate change linked to rise in mercury levels in some fish

    Maurya, thanks for the additional info. This quote at the very end from Dr. Christopher Shade says it all: "....., and if they were eating low-selenium fish, they tended to have more problems than...
  10. Re: UK Goverment Panel Sticks To Ancient Outdated Low Fat Guidelines

    People invest billions of dollars each year in "weight loss" programs, like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Noom, and the Mayo Clinic Diet. The one constant variable in all these and other weight loss...
  11. Re: Why Parents Are Turning to a Controversial Treatment for Food Allergies

    Every allergist in the U.S. is not jumping onto this because there's more money in prescribing an EpiPen than prescribing probiotics. Probiotics may cure you. An EpiPen just gets you from one...
  12. Re: Vaccine Exemption Removal Bills ARE the War on Women

    No, they won't. Actually, it's a genius move on their part, catching a new mom at a particularly opportune time. A new mom will probably never be more receptive to vaccines than right after the...
  13. Re: Vaccine Exemption Removal Bills ARE the War on Women

    The Canadian province of Quebec has spent millions of dollars hiring "vaccine counselors." The job of a vaccine counselor is to have a friendly, gentle discussion with new mothers, who may be...
  14. Re: High Radiation CT Scans For Pregnant Women Quadruple In 20 Years

    If imaging is necessary, a pregnant woman should request an MRI, as they don't emit ionizing radiation like CT scans. If a CT scan is a must, risks to the baby are highest during early pregnancy,...
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    Re: Good News, Bad News

    Really funny!! Curious minds want to know: Why only 2 pics for $5,000? The PI should have taken tons of pics for $5K??
  16. Re: Why Parents Are Turning to a Controversial Treatment for Food Allergies

    We live in fear that my granddaughter will eat or come in contact with something that will trigger her very serious peanut allergy. The OIT method has existed for a while, but it's hard to find a...
  17. Re: UK Goverment Panel Sticks To Ancient Outdated Low Fat Guidelines

    There is so much money generated from fat-free, low-fat products. The powers-that-be will never reverse course!
  18. Re: Lions Mane Mushroom - Unparalled Benefits Your Brain And Nervous System

    I continue to read great things about mushrooms. I have a strong aversion to them. They are such ugly creatures, which persist in growing in my lawn.
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    Re: Feverfew Compound Killing Leukaemia

    This is great news!! According to the researchers, a major positive factor is the feverfew compound (parthenolide) attacks only leukemia cells and has no significant toxicity to normal cells. In...
  20. Re: Vitamin D Supplements Help Diabetics Control Sugar Levels

    Based on my second read, half of the 96 participants in this double-blind, placebo study received 5,000 IUs daily and showed improvement. But, they were all "newly" diagnosed T2D or pre-diabetic. ...
  21. Re: In A 1st, Doctors In U.S. Use CRISPR Tool To Treat Patient With Genetic Disorder

    Excellent point!! The peoples most affected by sickle cell live or are descendants from areas where malaria is most common, like Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and Southern Asia (India).
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    Re: Russian Workers

    Lol. Perfect case of: "damned if you do, damned if you don't."
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    Re: Simone Biles

    She's a real inspiration to me. She's a 6 Time National Champion who was raised in a number of foster homes after both her mother and father both succumbed to drug addictions. At some point, the...
  24. Re: Vitamin D Supplements Help Diabetics Control Sugar Levels

    Too bad this article--and several others I read--did not mention the type of vit. D. Upon further research, I found that the study used 5,000 IUs of D3 daily. After 6 months, participants showed...
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    Re: Simone Biles

    Lol. Yes, in another life I use to move like that. Lol. Interestingly, during an interview, she stated that wild salmon was the most consistent staple in her diet. I should have eaten more...
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