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  1. Re: How to Control Inflammation with Your Brain

    Have you tried adding lemongrass to your daily breakfast? I highly recommend lemongrass and turmeric tea. You should try this very beneficial ingredient. Lemongrass is good for aches, inflammation...
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    Re: Gut Bugs Turn Dark Chocolate 'Healthy'

    Brilliant idea! I love dark chocolate too. It's so sweet to have a bar of chocolate every morning to boost my energy. I just wanna share with you guys one of my favorite snack which is brazil nuts....
  3. Re: 15 Superfoods For a Slimmer Body: Their Health Advisories and Facts on Weight Los

    Can I add edamame into the list? As I know it is very beneficial not only to weight loss but also health. The reason is that edamame are rich in proteins and poor in fat. Besides, its high content of...
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    Re: The Moringa Tree...I'm published again

    Sorry, I can access to your link, may be it is out of date. However, moringa is very attractive to me. I read a lot about this plant. As I know it was applied for disease treatment by ancient Indian...
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    Re: Omega-3 Fatty Acids as Biomarkers

    Omega-3 fatty acids are a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are important for a number of funtions in the body. This nutrient can help us to prevent heart diseases. Omega-3 is found...
  6. Re: One Tree: Over 92 Nutrients and 46 Natural Antioxidants

    I can agree with you more. Moringa can bring about so many health benefits. It can fight agianst free radical damage. Moringa helps to control cholesterol level in blood so that the risk of heart...
  7. Re: Magnesium: “The Most Powerful Relaxation Mineral Available”

    Thank you for your info.
    Magnesium is one of the six essential macro-minerals that comprise 99% of the body’s mineral content. It is necessary to maintain a good health and especially good for...
  8. Re: 6 Bodily Tissues That Can Be Regenerated By Nutrition

    Vitamin C can have great influence on your immunity and other antioxidants. There is an endless source of vitamin C come from squash. You can smash squash then bake it as a delicious cake for snack....
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    Re: Why Nutrition Is So Confusing

    X-mas is coming to town, why don't you make yourself a delicious and healthy cake using squash? Don't worry about diabetes because squash will help you avoid diabetes. I have just found out those...
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    Re: diet in constipation

    You can try edamame and green bean. They are known to be beneficial for constipation treatment due to rich-fiber qualities. This is conclusion of some scientific research that you can see details at...
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    Re: 10 Protein Packed Plant Foods

    Green bean is a great ingredient for those vegan people because it not only rich in protein but also very healthy. It can help you prevent cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer, diabetes, etc. For...
  12. Re: Five Reasons a Healthy Fat Diet is GOOD for You

    Such a great article! Thank you for your sharing. I just want to add some more information for a healthy fat diet. My fav snack is brazil nuts, which is high in protein content but very rich in...
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    Re: Live Long Die Young

    Losing weight is a time-constraint process. You need to spend time with it. Besides doing exercise, you have to draw up your own diet plan too. But be wisely when it comes to diet.
    Here are some...
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    Re: All About Calcium

    Thanks for your info.
    Calcium is an indispensible nutrient for people's health. Among diversity of calcium benefits, its good effect on bone health is the most popular. Besides, calcium is...
  15. Re: To Lower Blood Pressure Don't Just Reduce Salt But Increase Potassium

    I agree. The presence of potassium in daily diet is important for controlling blood pressure. It is commonly acknowledged that low potassium levels are associated with an increase in high blood...
  16. Re: New Study Links Protein In Wheat To The Inflammation Of Chronic Health Conditions

    thanks for your info.
  17. Re: 7 Surprising Foods That Keep You Feeling Full For Hours

    Great! I also add to your list another vegetable: Squash ;)
    Squash is rich in fiber, especially dietary fiber. Eating squash can improve the feeling of being full, so that the amount of foods you...
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    Re: Soy Milk May Be Even Worse Than Cow's Milk

    And cow's milk would be safety if it contained no growth stimulants, preservatives and pesticides.
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    Re: Why Starvation Diets Are Unhealthy

    I can't agree with you more. If someone want to lose weight, she should have a healthy diet and do exercise regularly instead of letting the body be starve. Squash is perfect for weight loss. Fiber...
  20. Re: Eat Black Beans And Your Body Will Thank You

    What impresses us in black beans nutrition facts is that it provides a very high amount of kcal with 341 calories per 100 grams. Therefore, black beans are a good recommendation for those who want to...
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    Re: Soy Milk May Be Even Worse Than Cow's Milk

    I think that soy milk is better than cow's milk. I use soybeans and other soy products everyday.
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    Re: What Is Kosher Salt?

    Rather than cubic crystals, kosher salt has a flat plate-like shape. Kosher salt may also have a hollow pyramidal shape. The flat form of kosher salt is usually made when cubic crystals are forced...
  23. Re: Can you lose weight by eating a fruit that's loaded with sugar?

    I think it's not a good idea. If you want to lose weight, you can choose various fruits such as guava and dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is popular in tropical regions. It give our body little calories...
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    Re: Hair Analysis And Supplements

    As I know, there are one food that can both supplement zinc as well as improve your hair health. It is wheat germ. Wheat germ contains a valuable source of vitamins and minerals including zinc. The...
  25. Re: Cancer Risk/Tumor Growth Reduced by Low Carb High Protein Diet

    It is right. I think what we eat effects on us because it is the nutritious source nourishing our body. Thus as Islander said that there are no surprise that cancer is nutrion-related. There are also...
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