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  1. Re: Trump may want to buy Greenland and the internet says ‘wait, what?’

    As ludicrous as the US purchase of Greenland might be, the concept is not completely unprecedented. Here in the US Virgin Islands we celebrate Transfer Day every year on 31 March. 102 years ago...
  2. Re: Global Ocean Circulation Appears To Be Collapsing Due To A Warming Planet
  3. Re: Justice For Palm Oil Workers Forced Into Modern Day slavery

    Did that!
  4. Re: Trains deliver water to drought-affected NSW coal mines to keep production going

    Here is a story which has nothing to do with trains hauling water to mines. In my area, which has almost no wells nor springs, all houses are built with piping which drains the rainwater falling on...
  5. Re: Climate change linked to rise in mercury levels in some fish

    From an interview with Dr Christopher Shade, my favorite mercury expert:

    Chris Kresser: Right. All right, well, let’s talk a little bit about seafood. This is where I think I’m going to get some...
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    Re: Is there sex after death?

  7. Re: Lime Juice Could Save 100's Of Lives A Year

    There used to be the most wonderful productive lime tree in my yard. Sadly it took a header down the hill during the hurricanes, and exists no more. We all sure did have some nice limes while it...
  8. Re: Tell The USDA To Do Its Job: Protect Consumers, Not The Biotech Industry

    Did that!
  9. Re: The Ignored Vitamin Cure For Macular Degeneration

    Bravo Zulu Islander!
  10. Re: Hold the Phone! Are you going to grow a horn from using your smartphone?

    Thank you, grulla. We have no land line phones in our area, but it does sound like an interesting concept.
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    Re: Debunking the meat/climate change myth

    Succinct and eloquent exposition of the true situation. Straw man indeed! Is this too nuanced and complicated for people to understand?
  12. Re: Hold the Phone! Are you going to grow a horn from using your smartphone?

    Most of my comms are by texting, just because the voice cell phone signal is so poor here. No landline phones in my neighborhood. Recently there was a news article about some huge sums that AT&T...
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    Re: Trouble accessing the site?

    I find that I can navigate the New Posts if I hit the < button, rather than going again to New Posts. If I go to New Posts to get from one article to the next, it throws me into a screen of...
  14. Re: Protein Shakes: Muscles Today, Health Problems Tomorrow

    Meat, fish, and dairy products definitely are the best sources of protein for humans. Sorry folks, but it is a myth that people in general eat more protein that is required. The protein shake...
  15. Re: Microplastics Have Invaded The Deep Ocean — And The Food Chain

    Here in the Virgin Islands, it no longer is legal for the markets to give plastic bags for the groceries. So everybody must bring their own bags in with them. Too many of the plastic bags ended up...
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    Re: 12 Reasons To Eat More Seaweed

    I have a few jars of pre-Fukushima seaweeds of various types which I guard jealously and parcel out to myself in small amounts. I view these as though they are precious as gold, or perhaps like 100...
  17. Re: Why Tuna Isn't The Fish You Should Be Eating

    For the best explanation of the different types of mercury, and how they are processed within the body, I would recommend the works of Dr Christopher Shade. I won't include links, as it is quite...
  18. Re: Most High Risk Patients Not Helped By Statins

    It really is worse than that. Rhabdomyolysis causes muscle pain and weakness because it is the actual destruction of muscle tissue.
  19. Re: Birth rate in U.S. falls to lowest level in 32 years, CDC says

    Alas, there's the rub: We cannot vote in the election for the US President, although there is a move afoot (probably doomed to failure) to change that circumstance. We carry a US passport and serve...
  20. Re: Birth rate in U.S. falls to lowest level in 32 years, CDC says

  21. Re: Sea Food Without The Sea: Will Lab-grown Fish Hook Consumers?

    Department of Redundancy Department: I eat only our local Senepol beef. The cattle eat only grass or whatever grows naturally. Nobody around here can afford to import corn, soybeans, or whatever...
  22. Re: FDA Adds Black Boxed Warning to Insomnia Drugs

    Thanks Islander. I'm looking forward to Syria becoming a middle aged, sedate dog. Wish we just could freeze them at that stage. Too young they get old.
  23. Re: The Foreskin: Why Is It Such A Secret In North America?

    Welcome back Grulla! Be well!
  24. Re: Sunscreen Ingredients Are Absorbed Into Your Blood. Here's What That Could Mean

    So glad you put this article up, Islander. With many years of transdermal medication being used for many different purposes, how can it be said that they didn't know that stuff gets absorbed through...
  25. Re: FDA Adds Black Boxed Warning to Insomnia Drugs

    Islander, does it help to have a dog who wants to be taken out every morning? Now that I have Syria, it does help to get me out of bed in the morning, but of course getting to sleep at night is...
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