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  1. Almond Consumption Could Keep Extra Kilos At Bay

    Reviwed by Emily Henderson
    November 21 2022

    Weight loss is never an easy nut to crack, but a handful of almonds could keep extra kilos at bay according to new research from the University of...
  2. Raw Honey Could Help Reduce Blood Sugar And Cholesterol Levels, Study Finds

    Robby Berman
    November 28 2022

    A new study finds that honey, unlike other sweeteners, may actually be good for cardiometabolic health.
    The benefits of honey were revealed in studies of...
  3. Osteoporosis: Prunes May Help Preserve Bone Mass, Fight Inflammation

    George Citroner
    October 20 2022

    10 million Americans age 50 and older have osteoporosis, but women are 4 times more likely to develop the condition.
    A new study shows that postmenopausal...
  4. Baking Soda Burp Test To Check Stomach Acis levels is A Huge Scam

    Maki Yazawa
    November 8 2022

    If you're like us and you love nothing more than scrolling around on gut health TikTok, you've definitely seen the infamous "baking soda burp test" video that claims...
  5. Re: Alaska gambles on turning boreal forest into farmland

    Those rarely seen lights are known in the southern hemisphere as Aurora Australis, so I guess the word is austral.
  6. Replies

    First Day As A Cop

    Cop: Suspect is dancing naked through downtown

    Dispatch: Copy that

    Cop: I'll try, but I'm not much of a dancer
  7. Daily Dose Of Aspirin Raises Risks Of falls Among Elderly People

    Christa Lesté-Lasserre
    November 7 2022

    In a trial of more than 16,000 people over 70, those who took a low-dose of aspirin every day were just under 10 per cent more likely to have a fall that...
  8. Green Tea And Resveratrol Reduce Alzheimer's Plaques

    Tufts University
    November 13 2022

    Two common compounds, green tea catechins and resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, reduce the formation of Alzheimer’s-associated amyloid plaques in...
  9. Re: Eating Late Changes Your Fat Tissue And Decreases Calories Burned

    Ditto. Can't get to sleep with an empty tummy, but never put on weight.
  10. Eating Late Changes Your Fat Tissue And Decreases Calories Burned

    Brigham and Women's Hospital
    October 26 2022

    New research provides experimental evidence that late eating reduces energy expenditure, increases hunger, and changes fat tissue, all of which may...
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    UK Parliament Vaccine Debate

    Dr John Campbell
    November 9 2022

    Only available on video - important to watch. He is tippy-toeing around YouTube rules when he says "I can't comment because I don't remember". His personal...
  12. Exercising Later In The Day May Reduce Insulin Resistance, Control Blood Sugar

    Erika Watts
    November 2 2022

    Researchers in Europe analyzed data to see if breaks in sedentary activity can impact insulin resistance.

    The researchers included middle-aged participants...
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    Sugar Substitutes Suprise

    Derek Lowe
    November 3 2022

    Non-sugar sweeteners have a long and rather tangled history, both chemically and nutritionally. There are several chemical classes: sulfimides/sulfamates (saccharin,...
  14. Morning Blue Light Treatment Improves Sleep In Patients With PTSD

    No author cited
    November 2 2022

    People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) experienced better sleep, a reduction in the severity of PTSD symptoms and more effective treatments after...
  15. Lowering Blood Pressure Cuts The Risk Of Dementia

    John Elder
    October 27
    How soon should we start protecting our brains from developing dementia? And when does it become too late to even try?
    High blood pressure is hard on the brain. It causes...
  16. Re: Broccoli Can Stimulate Brain Regeneration, New Research Suggests

    Gotta start growing broccoli sprouts again!
  17. Ivermectin Doesn't Improve Recovery Much, Clinical Trial Finds

    Spencer Kimball
    October 24 2022

    A team of scientists affiliated with Duke University found that ivermectin does not meaningfully improve the recovery of people with mild to moderate...
  18. Re: You Could Be Cutting Your Toenails the Wrong Way

    That's something I did know, but it does leave sharp corners. I
    don't taper the nail, just file the corners.
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    Re: Top Five Habits for a Healthier Life

    I don't know, I have only come across references to seed oils, EMFs and intermittent fasting on Mercola and similar forums. If you relied on MSM for information you probably wouldn't be aware of them.
  20. Global Warming Puts Arabica Coffee At Risk

    New Daily
    October 14 2022

    Coffee may be a major casualty of a hotter planet.
    Even if currently declared commitments to reduce emissions are met, our new research suggests coffee production will...
  21. Exposure To Environmental Toxins May Be Root Of Rise In Neurological Problems

    Nina Lakhani October 23 2022

    Doctors warn exposure to omnipresent yet poorly understood chemicals such as microplastics could play a role in dementia

    The mystery behind the astronomical rise in...
  22. FODMAP Diet: Why Oyster Mushrooms Are No 1 In Fighting IBS

    Undated but current
    No author cited

    We have a bunch of customers following the FODMAP diet. They are trying to eliminate foods that do not agree with them. This stranged name diet (and the...
  23. Re: New York City Banned Gas in New Buildings. Here’s What You Need to Know

    A friend of mine bought a $50 one and uses it for making jam. I think he said it was easier to control than gas or electric. He was very satisfied with it.
  24. Simple Nasal Wash Can Prevent Hospitalization And Death From COVID-19

    Emily Henderson
    September 30 2022

    Simple nasal washes with mild saline water can prevent hospitalization and deaths from COVID-19, if applied twice daily following a positive diagnosis,...
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    What Gender Is The Computer?

    A language teacher was explaining to her class that in French, nouns unlike their English counterparts, are grammatically designated as masculine or feminine.

    '"House" in French, is feminine -...
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