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  1. As Another Alzheimer's Treatment Fails, Experts Are Divided On Where To Next

    Olivia Willis
    February 26 1010

    Before I have a chance to ask dementia researcher Amy Brodtmann about the failure of yet another Alzheimer's treatment, she wants to make one thing clear....
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    6 Supplements For Healthy Joints

    Jon Johnson
    February 27 2020

    Many people take supplements to support joint health. Some take them to relieve current joint pain, while others take them to prevent pain from developing.

  3. Study: No Evidence The HPV Vaccine Prevents Cervical Cancer

    Full title: Study: No Evidence The HPV Vaccine Prevents Cervical Cancer - 54% Increase In British 25-29 Year Olds

    Children’s Health Defense Team
    February 29 2020

    Human papillomavirus (HPV)...
  4. Health Expert Predicts We Will All Catch Coronovirus

    Paul Osborne
    February 28 2020

    A Queensland health expert has warned that all Australians will eventually contract coronavirus.
    However, University of Queensland professor Ian Mackay called for...
  5. Re: More Vitamin C Studies Approved In China To Fight Coronovirus: Therapy Censored I

    The water in my house leaves blue stains in the bath under the tap, so I never worry about getting enough copper.
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    The Best OTC Anti-Inflammatories

    Jenna Fletcher
    February 26 2020

    Many anti-inflammatory medications are available over the counter, typically in the pain relief section of the pharmacy. Anti-inflammatories help relieve pain...
  7. Researchers Uncover Hidden Antibiotic Potential Of Cannabis

    McMaster University
    February 26 2020

    McMaster University researchers have identified an antibacterial compound made by cannabis plants that may serve as a lead for new drug development.
  8. Re: 10 Best Vitamin Brands: A Dietician's Pick

    Patty, it only contains a small amount of calcium - 200mg. It is balanced by the other ingredients, but many doctors are still not aware of the need for these. Some are now wary of calcium since they...
  9. Re: Do Plant Based Diets Deprive The Brain Of An Essential Nutrient?

    It's really not important, I just thought I hadn't read it properly. No need to delete, as you made an important point that we need to be reminded of. A lot of the articles I read are mouse studies,...
  10. Philippines And Singapore Testing Coconut Oil As Possible Treatment For Ccoronovirus

    CNN Philippines Staff
    February 27 2020

    Coconut oil, whose health benefits have been proven in the past, will be tested for use as a potential treatment for the novel coronavirus ...
  11. Health Records Company Pushed Opiods To Doctors In Secret Deal With Drugmaker

    Emma Court
    January 30 2020

    To doctors opening patients’ electronic records across the U.S., the alert would have looked innocuous enough.
    A pop-up would appear, asking about a patient’s level...
  12. Re: Do Plant Based Diets Deprive The Brain Of An Essential Nutrient?

    Mr Wiz, I reread the article and could find no reference to mice studies. Where is it?
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    Re: Food Allergy and Intolerance

    When I first joined HH in 2011 I spent hours going through the archives, and I may have responded to some old posts. I guess that is what Bill also did, with his useful answer.
  14. Re: A question of public health or freedom of religion —Amish community faces evi

    A petition might help. As I don't live in the US I'm not sure who to - Move On, sumofus, anh?
  15. Re: Lyme Disease Treatment: 2 Herbal Compounds May Beat Antibiotics

    Please let us know if she has any benefit from these plants. Japanese knotweed is used in another product, but I can't remember what it is.
  16. Lyme Disease Treatment: 2 Herbal Compounds May Beat Antibiotics

    Maria Cohut
    February 23 2020

    Lyme disease — transmitted via tick bite — affects thousands of people in the United States and around the world. Currently, doctors use antibiotics to treat it,...
  17. Re: Will Maine Become the First to Overturn a Mandatory Vaccine Law by Popular Vote?

    I hope the vote against it is successful!
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    Re: Kefir Or Yogurt: Which Is Better?

    Yogurt certainly tastes a lot nicer than milk kefir. I make water kefir, which is loaded with probiotics, far more than either.
  19. 10 Best Vitamin Brands: A Dietician's Pick

    Rachael Link
    February 24 2020

    While it’s no secret that certain supplements can improve your health, not all vitamins and minerals are created equal.
    In fact, some brands are pumped full of...
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    Why Is Nutrition So Hard To Study?

    Tim Newman
    February 24 2020

    Is dairy good or bad for health? Is cholesterol evil? Does red meat kill or cure? Is the ketogenic diet a godsend or a health hazard? Can the vegan, vegetarian,...
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    Re: Milk: Is It As Healthful As We Think?

    Re bee deaths: I knew about this some time ago, as I had read an article about Australian bee keepers taking their bees to pollinate almond orchards every year - so many didn't return home.
  22. More Vitamin C Studies Approved In China To Fight Coronovirus: Therapy Censored In US

    Brian Shihavy
    February 25 2020

    On January 27, 2020 we published a press release from Orthomolecular Medicine News Service regarding Vitamin C and its use in treating the Coronavirus. See:...
  23. Re: Boosting Mitochondrial Biogenesis With Ginger

    I freeze ginger too. I mostly use it in cooking, and occasionally ginger tea. I blend it up and keep in ice cube trays - just the right amount for what I need.

    Maurya, have you ever tried growing...
  24. I Tried 6 Popular Anti-Snoring Devices. Here’s How They Did.

    Rachel Cericola
    February 19 2020

    Plenty of devices promise to stop snoring. We found only a few that actually seem to work.

    A year ago, I was diagnosed with nasal polyps and regularly snored...
  25. Activities For Brain Health: It's The Variety That Counts

    Tim Newman
    February 22 2020

    Individuals who participate in a variety of activities are likely to have better cognitive abilities than those who do not, according to a recent study. Although the...
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