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  1. Re: Excessive Covid Boosters Could Lead To Problems With Immune Response

    Ray Charles could have seen this one coming.
  2. Re: New Wind Turbine Wall Could Harness Enough Energy To Power Your Home

    Yep, the siting of a wind turbine is all important. I live on an island with strong easterly prevailing trade winds which someone might think would be an ideal place for wind turbines, and yet the...
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    Re: New Fed Vax Database Threatens Privacy

    To gain entry into the US Virgin Islands from anywhere outside of here, one does need to display the proper QR code on their phone, in the "portal" site, to prove that one has tested negative for...
  4. Re: Dr. Oz announces Pennsylvania Senate run, says he’ll ‘help us heal’

  5. Thread: Blonde Joke

    by Maurya

    Re: Blonde Joke

  6. Re: How Your Age Affects Vitamin D Levels And What To Do About It

    I fail to understand why ingesting additional vitamin D even is controversial. As a supplement, it is dirt cheap, and the benefits have been well know for many years. As a person who lives in the...
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    Re: Amish Butter: Legit or Big Food Scam?

    Slightly off topic: As we have no dairy cows here on Saint Croix any longer, one wonders if butter could be made from goat's milk. We have plenty plenty goats here, and I eat fresh goat cheese, and...
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    Re: Top Five Natural Antiviral Agents

    All of these are great for resisting any sort of viral illness, and they can be eaten any time by anyone, ill or healthy.
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    Re: Natural Immunity Vs Vaccines

    I don't have a way to get this tested where I live, but I figure I might be OK as I am outdoors most of the day, live in the tropics, and drive a convertible with the top down unless it is raining.
  10. Re: UPDATE 2-Mexico denies permit for new GMO corn variety, first time ever

    Thanks for this bit of good news, Grulla!
  11. Re: By The End Of The Year We Won’t Need Vaccines. So Why Are You Getting Jabbed?

    L-lysine is readily available from just about any health food store or on line mail order establishment, and is dirt cheap, as well.
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    Re: Checking in again

    Please check your mail box, mailed 23 September.
  13. Re: The Best Time Of Day To Take Vitamin D, According To Expert

    As I live in the tropics, between the equator and the tropic of cancer, I do spend most of my time outdoors, with as little clothing as possible. Due to our longitudinal position within our time...
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    The Purges Have Begun

    SEPTEMBER 28, 2021

    How this began: The virus was here (the US) already for months from 2019 and life went on normally. Once the consciousness seeped in and the politicians...
  15. Re: The Best Time Of Day To Take Vitamin D, According To Expert

    Thanks for cutting to the chase, Islander.
  16. Re: Consumers Are Losing Trust In The Supplements Industry: We Need To Earn It Back

    We get what we pay for. If the product seems to good to be true at that price, it probably should be avoided. Researching for a reputable brand name always is important, so much more so when it...
  17. Re: Vitamin K2: Could The Power Vitamin Help To Reduce Alzheimer’s Disease Risk?

    For what its worth, I have been taking a vitamin K blend from Life Extension with a total of 3735 mcg.
  18. Re: Bayer Confirms End of Sale of Glyphosate-Based Herbicides for US Lawn & Garden Ma

    Good news! Let's hope this sticks.
  19. Re: Can Viral Shedding After Covid Vaccine Infect Others? That's A Big No

    Does this help? If not, I have more sources.
  20. Re: Can Viral Shedding After Covid Vaccine Infect Others? That's A Big No

    The vaxx people do not shed the actual virus, but the purpose of the mRNA is to migrate to the liver where the spike proteins are meant to replicate like crazy. These spike proteins do get shed to...
  21. Re: White House to Ask SMS Carriers to Monitor Vax 'Misinformation' in Private Text M

    Yes, this is most alarming. This illustrates the importance of writing in some sort of code.
  22. Re: 9 Natural Sleep Aids That May Help You Get Some Shut Eye

    I have no answer to this conundrum, Islander. Something similar takes place with me. I wish I knew.
  23. Re: Doctors Given Power to Vaccinate Young Children Without the Knowledge of Paren

    No, sorry Pattypans, but this unfortunate marriage of government with private pharmaceutical corporations is called fascism. Socialism is an entirely different phenomenon. Still horrible in any...
  24. Re: Buyer beware: Adulterated honey makes up one third of international trade

    Yes, here is yet another reason to keep our food buying as close to local as possible. I am fortunate to have many local beekeepers quite close to where I live. The coolest was when my friend (and...
  25. Re: No Link Between Milk And Increased Cholesterol - Study Of 2 million People

    re: Yogurt. This is a sample from one small island. I prefer full fat organic plain yogurt, as do several of my local friends. We have located ONE store which sometimes carries this, and have a...
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