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  1. Re: Raw Honey Could Help Reduce Blood Sugar And Cholesterol Levels, Study Finds

    Good advice! The first thing to review is the ingredients list, which should be honey, period. Honey and maple syrup are probably the two products suffering from massive adulteration that makes them...
  2. Re: Osteoporosis: Prunes May Help Preserve Bone Mass, Fight Inflammation

    Funny, I think of prunes as the major tool in your toolbox to avoid constipation, although of course prunes have many unrelated benefits as well. But building back from osteoporosis would be far more...
  3. Re: Baking Soda Burp Test To Check Stomach Acis levels is A Huge Scam

    I'm not the least bit interested in anything from TikTok.
  4. Re: Alaska gambles on turning boreal forest into farmland

    Boreal: relating to or characteristic of the climatic zone south of the Arctic, especially the cold temperate region dominated by taiga and forests of birch, poplar, and conifers."northern boreal...
  5. Re: Coors Light’s new nail polish changes color if your beer is cold enough to drink

    Grulla, if you're going to cut back on something in light of the coming holidays, why not cut carbs rather than fruit, which is so good for us? To successfully control my type two diabetes I keep my...
  6. Re: Green Tea And Resveratrol Reduce Alzheimer's Plaques

    Always helpful to know what to include on our menu as we age.
  7. Re: Eating Late Changes Your Fat Tissue And Decreases Calories Burned

    Well, maybe, maybe not. As I age, my appetite decreases and my meals tend to be smaller. Sometimes that means that as I get closer to bed time, I'm too hungry to sleep without a bedtime snack. It may...
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    7 Reasons to Love Rosemary

    GreenMedInfo Research Group
    Friday, October 7th 2022

    You may not realize it, but you probably have one of nature's most powerful substances in your kitchen right now. Say hello to your new...
  9. 4 Best Healthy Cooking Sprays Without Nasty Additives

    Krista M.
    No source, undated

    Perhaps one of the most convenient items in the kitchen is cooking spray. They coat skillets and baking pans, with a perfectly even, never-too-thick layer of...
  10. 4 Sugar Alternatives That Won't Poison You

    Sayer Ji, Founder
    Thursday, November 3rd 2022

    You may think that staying slim and eating healthfully means NO sweets, but guess what? There are natural and delicious sweeteners that won't wreck...
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    Re: UK Parliament Vaccine Debate

    Bad timing — I'll come back for this tomorrow.
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    Re: Top Five Habits for a Healthier Life

    Grulla, just FTR, I rarely visit the site these days since the topic is often deep down the rabbit hole and the page is dominated by some foreign chap now writing competent English. Can't recall his...
  13. Re: Broccoli Can Stimulate Brain Regeneration, New Research Suggests

    My son is way ahead of me. He was talking about the benefits of Sulforaphane several years ago! I do eat a huge lot of broccoli, but not the sprouts. I'll have to begin. My brain could definitely use...
  14. Broccoli Can Stimulate Brain Regeneration, New Research Suggests

    Sayer Ji, Founder
    Friday, October 28th 2022

    For decades it was believed that brain regeneration was not possible. But an accumulating body of research now reveals that common foods such as...
  15. You Could Be Cutting Your Toenails the Wrong Way

    Pang-Chieh Ho
    October 19, 2022

    Have you ever had an ingrown toenail? Seventy percent...
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    Top Five Habits for a Healthier Life

    I am sharing this article in its entirety because Dr. Mercola's articles now disappear after 48 hours. I'm hoping that posting it here will keep it safe from vanishing, because its five simple...
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    Re: No Propagation

  18. Re: New York City Banned Gas in New Buildings. Here’s What You Need to Know

    Maine powerlines are all above ground. If they were underground there'd be far less maintenance but unfortunately, Maine is sitting on the remains of a glacier and what's under the earth is solid...
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    Re: Don’t Make this Almond Mistake

    Well done, you!
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    Re: Don’t Make this Almond Mistake

    Have you ever considered cutting back from Henry VIII to maybe, I dunno, Elizabeth II? If it's variety you crave, then maybe you can just make each portion smaller? Or perhaps you could eliminate one...
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    Re: Don’t Make this Almond Mistake

    I'll give you ten more years, maybe less, before I ask you to say that again! So far I haven't had an overwhelming number of complaints, but just the rate of slowing down is enough to be...
  22. Re: Does Death of Congressman’s Wife Prove Supplements Are Unsafe?

    Yup, straight from my inbox.
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    Re: Don’t Make this Almond Mistake

    I don't use a lot of almonds to begin with. They are pricey, and a sprinkling of almonds in a serving is not going to create miracles in my nutrient profile. In this case, I'm not about to discard...
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    Re: Health Insurance Unemployed Citizens

    Things have certainly changed since 1982. There are perhaps a dozen or more different companies that offer something called a Medicare Advantage Plan. Everyone I know has one. There is no fee. I...
  25. Re: New York City Banned Gas in New Buildings. Here’s What You Need to Know

    Grulla, you still don't understand. I don't have $50 to spare, far less "possibly deciding on a full IC kitchen range." Clearly you have no idea what it's like to live from month to month. There are...
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