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  1. Re: Processed Meats Could Trigger Mania And Hyperactivity

    Unfortunately Julieanne, in the modern world processed generally means treated with chemicals, vs old world processing such as smoking, drying or salting to preserve meats and fish, who woulda thunk...
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    Re: Does Exposure to Germs Prevent Cancer?

    e. Nagging moms! (and or dads)

    Many people don't realize that there's a push-pull-resist impulse that greatly influences who you become and what you do. I witnessed this with my sister's kids: ...
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    Re: Saunas, The Hot Cure All

    Speaking of heat, this year is the hottest summer I can ever recall in New England, and also the most humid, it's so oppressive that we had to actually turn on the AC instead of opening windows. ...
  4. Re: Great News! Court Requires EPA To Ban Dangerous Chemical It Said It Wouldn't

    TSCA is just a feel good fake entity IMHO. Not to even pretend to take you down Mr Wiz, I greatly respect you and all you say. American Chemistry Council should be abolished they are anti-American...
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    Re: The Last Frontier

    There is always more than you kmew undisputable pardnn
    my spelleng
  6. Re: $5 M Lawsuit Claims Rachael Ray's Dog Food Contains Potentially Harmful Ingredien

    Good old info regarding expiration, and no I don't mean dieing. In my childhood in Portugal, branded dog food was unheard of, dogs just ate whatever they could muster or catch, much as the coyotes...
  7. Thread: Crickets

    by Ora Moose

    Re: Crickets

    Islander, surely Canadian shrimp from just across the bay are equally safe and tasty are they available commercially, or even on the internets, or did the Canadians also shut down? Talk about...
  8. Thread: Crickets

    by Ora Moose

    Re: Crickets

    Sorry to "bug anyone out" but just think how shellfish like lobster, clams etc were the bottom of the barrel before they became gourmet

    Shrimp, anyone?
  9. Thread: Crickets

    by Ora Moose


    August 6, 2018

    Would you consider replacing your favourite meat dish with insects, either for the taste, or for the health benefits? A U.S. researcher studying their...
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    The Last Frontier

    David Abel
    August 04, 2018

    It’s ‘the last frontier on Earth that’s truly not well understood,’ and scientists are about to explore it

    FALMOUTH — In the briny deep, far from shore, the vast...
  11. Re: $5 M Lawsuit Claims Rachael Ray's Dog Food Contains Potentially Harmful Ingredien

    Now here's a topic I feel like I'm a semi-expert, having had dozens of dogs (not all at the same time;)) and also owning/running a dog food store the last five years (now shuttered, didn't make any...
  12. Curcumin stops cancer cell growth, NEW scientific discovery

    Lori Alton
    August 9, 2018

    Turmeric, a kitchen spice that hails from India and Southeast Asia, has long been treasured by natural healers for its ability to fight inflammation, regulate blood...
  13. Re: An Aspirin a Day... Doubles Heart Attack Risk?

    Also, I would suggest you do not give your kids (or adults) Advil or other NSAID for minor inconvenient pain, based on this:

    by Sophia Antipolis, 15 March 2017 European Society of Cardiology
  14. Re: Schoolchildren Suffering Memory Problems From Using Their Cell Phones

    I have a lot of personal experience working with EMF, radiation, XRays, imaging systems and various other things including biotech, viruses, body suits etc.

    Call me cynical but all you can do in...
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    Re: Making Herbal Medicine

    I'm going to check this out and will let you know my opinion, but from what I've seen in the past from Marjorie et all, I doubt it will disappoint
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    Re: Probiotics for Depression?

    Gut definitely does, perhaps even brainier smarter
  17. Re: Government Aims To Dictate Your Vitamin Dosages

    You should have stopped at "I am very well educated" and let them wonder... people's comments on here clearly define their educational level or lack thereof and their philosophy to boot, or reboot. ...
  18. Re: Crispr Can Speed Up Nature—and Change How We Grow Food

    BTW, a couple or two decades ago one of my customers was a small company in Mystic CT, right down the road from Mystic Aquarium, that eventually became part of Monsanto and used my company's...
  19. Re: Lyme Disease Ticks Attracted To People With Type A Blood

    Islander, the same is true here in Mass. Could be a result of the drought, although this past week has been a deluge of humid, hot rainy weather. Regardless, I haven't seen many ticks either on us...
  20. Crispr Can Speed Up Nature—and Change How We Grow Food

    Stephen S. Hall

    It took thousands of years for humans to breed a pea-sized fruit into a beautiful beefsteak tomato. Now, with gene editing, scientists can change everything.

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    Re: Down the rabbit hole ("fake news")

    Additional resource links if you'd like to research it more:

    And also:

    Tall Tales
    April 20, 2013
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    Down the rabbit hole ("fake news")

    Laura Marjorie Miller
    Summer 2018

    UMass experts cast a clear eye on fake news and our disorienting media landscape.

    A man storms into a pizza parlor carrying a gun. He is convinced that...
  23. Re: New developments in the peripatetic life of Islander

    Toyota and other oriental car makers are not the rust buckets I remember from the 60s and 70s, these days they are a lot safer. My son crashed our old Mercury Sable, and if saw what the car looks...
  24. Re: New developments in the peripatetic life of Islander

    Absolutely agree, and we would probably never have known what happened to Hawkes Health. My son went off the road and hit a tree a few months ago because he hadn't slept all night with one of his...
  25. Re: Rewrite Your Genetic Code With Green Tea And Red Wine

    Green tea, red wine, golden beer, I could go for that and already always have what's disease? Live and learn, enjoy while it lasts is the name of the game. Inherited is a crap shoot you have no...
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