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  1. Re: Coronavirus Patients In China To Be Treated With High Dose Vitamin C
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    Re: Do Collagen Supplements Work?

    Thanks. I looked into taking hyaluronic acid. I read it can be helpful, but there is some question about promoting growth of existing tumors.
  3. Certain antibiotics may cause aortic aneurysm, FDA warns

    Jen ChristensenDecember 21, 2018

    (CNN)The US Food and Drug Administration warned on Thursday that the benefits of fluoroquinolone antibiotics do not outweigh the risks -- which include aortic...
  4. Re: American Diabetes Association Low Carb Recommendations

    Wow Mr Wizard, that is seriously high.
    Islander, I instantly thought of you when I saw this.
  5. Re: American Diabetes Association Low Carb Recommendations

    How many times has alt med led the way by decades for mainstream med?
  6. American Diabetes Association Low Carb Recommendations

    Joy Kiddie, MSc, RD
    December 19, 2018

    This post contains a one page downloadable printout that you can bring to your doctor or other healthcare professional which summarizes the American...
  7. Re: WHO Using Bad Science To Inflate Measles Death Rate

    This sounds completely plausible. The CDC estimates adult flu deaths and includes pneumonia deaths, as well as deaths of people if they had the flu within two weeks prior to demise, to inflate their...
  8. Once you lack folate, the damage canít be fixed

    Cecilie Krabbe-Copenhagen
    December 14th, 2018

    Folate deficiency creates more problems in connection with cell division and DNA replication than previously thought, a study shows. ...
  9. Re: Here's Why a Diverse Diet May Not Be the Healthiest Choice

    Note that the review of studies, from my scanning covers variety and not quality. I took special note that part of the funding came from the Gates foundation. Also, it's posted in Time...
  10. Re: 3 Reasons Paleo Is Dead And Ketogenic Diet Is The Future Of Weight Loss Fads In 2

    Maurya, Glad things are beginning to improve. I'm so sorry that it has taken far too long though.

    Because of my celiac, my diet tends to be paleo/keto by default. I would make claims about it...
  11. Re: Tell Monsanto To Stop Its Dangerous Attacks On The IARC

  12. Re: Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield On His MMR Study.

    Thanks, there is also a movie that recently came out that covers his story of what happened to him called Pathological Optimist. The interview gives more straight forward information however.
  13. Re: Cans of 'Death Wish' coffee recalled over possible toxin

    Did they get the name right or is it self fulfilling prophecy?
  14. Re: Hot on Harvey’s Heels, Hurricane Irma Is Gathering Speed

    You are in my thoughts Maurya. Maria now cat 5.
  15. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and World Mercury Project Issue Report Regarding New Evidence

    September 18, 2017
    Contact: Lyn Redwood, 202-810-1826

    Kennedy hopes new evidence and a fresh look at criminal misconduct will result in law enforcement action, rigorous...
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    Re: Acetaminophen Makes You Less Capable Of Empathy

    I've seen this before also Islander, probably a different article based on the same study. The conclusion is completely logical. It makes me wonder what similar affects anti depressant medications...
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    Re: Your Grandparents Experiences Can Affect Genes

    So the next generations of kids are going to be exponentially sicker.
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    Re: Why Men Are So Happy

    Sporno-sexual. That's a new one for me.
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    Re: Why Men Are So Happy

    I love this list. It's really cute, and rather accurate.
  20. Re: Little Known Facts About The Polio Virus & Vaccine

    Yes, no matter how much science and evidence you present they won't budge.
  21. Re: Scientists Have Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down for 14 Generations

    Thanks Maurya, the link won't open for me. I'm very interested in this.
  22. Re: Obama-appointed Surgeon General ousted and replaced by a nurse

    I'm curious how things will be different with a nurse in this position. Nurses have a different focus from doctors. I'm also curious if this is a first. Haven't had time to check yet.
  23. Obama-appointed Surgeon General ousted and replaced by a nurse

    Jill Cueni-Cohen
    April 22, 2017

    Obama-appointed U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy resigned on Friday after the Trump administration asked him to step down. He was replaced by a nurse, Rear...
  24. Re: Coca-Cola's Secret Influence On Medical And Science Journalists.

    Thanks Julieanne. This looks really great.
    Islander, I totally agree with reading up on Dark Money.
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    Re: Vaccine Mechanisms in Autism

    Thanks Maurya, I want to look at his more closely when I have more time.
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