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  1. Re: Victory: Obama Signs Bill Banning Plastic Microbeads

    As an outsider, I am continually shocked at how President Obama has been treated by the American people. I am confident that he will prove to be great "doer" once his term of office is up.
  2. Re: Missing Microbes Provide Clues About Asthma Risk

    My grown up daughter is also asthmatic (from the age of about 4) but fortunately never severely enough to have been hospitalised. From what I know today, I put it down to vaccine shots even though...
  3. Re: 10 ways to maintain and even improve your bone health

    Hello Julieanne - I am still here. T means tablespoon and lower case t means teaspoon!

    All the best...
  4. The Dilemma of Vitamin K Shots & Your Newborn

    Jane Chitty
    September 23 2014

    In the UK, parents of new babies are routinely asked if they would like their baby to have supplementary vitamin K. They are told that this is needed to make blood...
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    Re: Top Ten Tips For Curbing Cellulite

    Probably not, Julieanne, because as far as I know you do not get cellulite on the face. Or am I incorrect?
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    Top Ten Tips For Curbing Cellulite

    Jane Chitty
    31 July 2014

    Suffering from cellulite is not a new condition. It has been a problem for so long that, for years, women have been searching for and using natural healing treatments to...
  7. Re: What is Green Exercise & Why it is so Important to our Wellbeing

    Thank you, Reesacat and of course that time (after your husband's death) you were "grounding" too!
  8. What is Green Exercise & Why it is so Important to our Wellbeing

    Jane Chitty
    9 May 2013

    This site is all about health on a budget and of course one of the easiest ways to improve your health inexpensively is through exercise. Even if we don’t all participate...
  9. Re: Is Turmeric the Natural Remedy for Arthritis & Inflammation?

    Just to let you all know that it is now 2 weeks since I made my turmeric paste and there is a definite improvement - particularly at night when I am much less aware of any stiffness. Went for a long...
  10. Re: Is Turmeric the Natural Remedy for Arthritis & Inflammation?

    Thank you Julieanne for the comments. All sorted!
  11. Re: Is Turmeric the Natural Remedy for Arthritis & Inflammation?

    Early days, Reesacat, as only started a week ago but watch this space for an update later!
  12. Re: Is Turmeric the Natural Remedy for Arthritis & Inflammation?

    Please could I ask you, Julieanne, to add that information about "adding black pepper makeing the turmeric/cucurmin more easily absorbed" as a comment to the blog post itself to help others? Many...
  13. Is Turmeric the Natural Remedy for Arthritis & Inflammation?

    Jane Chitty
    29 April 2013

    Everywhere I look on the internet these days, there is someone singing the praises of turmeric – it has become the most important natural remedy to go to. So, it is time...
  14. Re: 97 Percent of The Time, Chemotherapy Does Not Work

    I am putting this on my Facebook page because I SO believe it. Then wait for my doctor niece to start attacking again! If anyone starts moaning about my motives in being sceptical about cancer...
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    Sunning & Palming For Your Eye Health

    Jane Chitty
    27 March 2014

    I have come across a new and effective technique for your eye health and it is known as “sunning”. This method helps to accustom your eyes to light and goes hand in...
  16. The Story of a Bipolar Zombie & How She Eliminated Deadly Medications...

    Tara recently introduced herself here on Hawkes Health. Now with a bit of nudging from me, Tara has agreed to share some of her success secrets with you in the hope of helping others diagnosed with...
  17. Re: Why does the Vitamin D Council recommend 5,000 IU/day?

    If you go on to the Grassroots site, you can join their research and pay for a vitamin D test kit to be sent to you once a year. I have just had my third annual test result which I was disappointed...
  18. Re: Multivitamin researchers say "case is closed" after studies find no health benefi

    Yes I have noticed mainstream media reporting here in the UK in the last couple of days that "vitamins have no health benefits" etc. etc. I take absolutely no notice of course but sadly some might.
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    Re: A long journey back

    Not a long winded story at all but inspiring and thought provoking!

    Congratulations on making such strides from what might have seemed like an impossible low point in your life. Welcome to...
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    Thank you, Islander, for providing such an easy way to make a donation especially now that I am on PayPal (was not allowed when living in South Africa for some reason). Would you like me to make an...
  21. Should You Have Health Concerns About Tattoos?

    Jane Chitty
    16 September 2013

    Everywhere you go, tattoo shops are springing up and whenever you see bare skin (weather permitting) the chances are that a tattoo will be on display. I have written...
  22. Re: Hawkes' Heath now has its own Facebook page!

    Thanks, Islander!
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    Re: Can you name these famous faces?

    I loved the comment about the sales person (in the Zurich handbag store) suffering from dementia when she implied to Oprah Winfrey that the handbag she wanted to look at was out of her price range! ...
  24. Re: Hawkes' Heath now has its own Facebook page!

    I think it might be time to activate that facebook icon at the top of this page to link to the HH facebook direct?! Another way to get more "likes"...

    Good idea to keep in your purse in one of those credit card slots!
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