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  1. Can Dogs and Cats Get the New Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

    Jennifer Coates, DVM
    Updated on March 23, 2020

    There's no evidence that pets can spread COVID-19 or become sick from it.
    “Canine” and “Feline” coronavirus are NOT the same as COVID-19.
  2. Re: Simple, Effective, Natural Ways To Maintain A Healthy Respiratory System

    ... and also avoid some that are genetically modified such as the GMO Arctic apples, so yes, only buy organic apples, (as well as all other organic produce)....
  3. Re: Hospital-based Intravenous Vitamin C Treatment for Coronavirus and Related Illnes

    I keep 3 different forms of Vit C on hand. Last year I (fortunately) ordered half doz. 16 oz jars of Vit C sodium ascorbate (SA) powder from Vita, which BTW, I share with my lifelong autistic...
  4. Indian Railways to Convert 5000 Passenger Cars for Hospital Service

    April 2, 2020

    NEW DEHLI — Indian Railways is working to convert at least 5,000 passenger cars into temporary hospital space, Bloomberg news reports.
    The conversion process includes...
  5. SPAM-Neutral guide to various indoor filtration devices
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  7. Re: The New Coronavirus Was Not Man-Made, Study Shows

    Point well taken, however from watching the news, I have this uncomfortable feeling that if this COVID19 keeps up, it will give new international meaning to "isolation"
  8. Developers aid COVID-19 efforts with low-cost ventilator designs

    Giovanni Di Maria
    March 25, 2020

    Ventilators are designed to keep oxygen in the lungs and to remove carbon dioxide. They are an important tool for the treatment of severe COVID-19 cases because...
  9. Due to COVID19 Hungary’s Viktor Orbán wins vote to rule by decree


    The Hungarian parliament on Monday voted by a two-thirds majority to allow the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to rule by decree without a set time limit.
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    Re: Could Probiotics Treat Obesity?

    I can't say one way or another if probiotics would work for weight loss. But perhaps the author actually meant "prEbiotics", in which case that could possibly make much more sense??? ...
  11. Re: The New Coronavirus Was Not Man-Made, Study Shows

    I wouldn't dismiss the CENTRAL Chinese Gov's. willful involvement in population control (or other reasons) via pandemic, just yet. Remember, it was the CENTRAL Chinese government that instituted...
  12. 101-year-old Italian man, born amid Spanish flu pandemic, survives coronavirus illnes

    Ryan W. Miller
    March 27, 2020

    A 101-year-old Italian man has reportedly survived his battle with COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus spreading around the globe.
    An official from...
  13. A 102-year-old Italian woman recovers from coronavirus

    By Jessie Yeung, James Griffiths, Steve George, Amy Woodyatt, Mike Hayes and Meg Wagner, CNN
    Updated 8:04 a.m. ET, March 28, 2020

    A 102-year-old woman has recovered from coronavirus in the...
  14. Woman's Alleged Coronavirus 'Prank' Costs Pennsylvania Supermarket $35,000 In Food

    By Kevin Billings
    03/26/20 AT 3:15 PM

    A woman, described as a "chronic problem in the community," allegedly went to a Gerrity's Supermarket in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania, and began...
  15. Re: New York Hospitals Treating Coronavirus Patients With Vitamin C

    Apparently so, as 1500mg of Vit C IV directly into the vascular system is far more effective than 1500 mg Vit C oral supplementation, and avoiding bowel tolerance problems also. And that choice can...
  16. Re: Carnival offers its cruise ships as makeshift hospitals during coronavirus outbre

    I suppose the sudden big drop in crude oil/fuel prices will help keep those hospital shps "afloat"....
  17. Re: Pregnant Women Turn to Home Births to Escape Virus

    Home birthing is an oldtime tradition that many libertarian minded folks might want to opt for, in order to avoid many big guv. hospital regulations, costs, hassles, etc., and this corona virus...
  18. Pregnant Women Turn to Home Births to Escape Virus

    Emily Shugerman
    Mar. 16, 2020

    At the Puget Sound Birth Center, where Seattle families flock for help with home births or a room in their candle-lit, hospital-gown-free birth center, Micki Persons...
  19. Re: Carnival offers its cruise ships as makeshift hospitals during coronavirus outbre

    This is the "craziest" thing since leper colonies.
  20. Carnival offers its cruise ships as makeshift hospitals during coronavirus outbreak

    Hannah Sampson
    March 20, (2020)

    The world’s largest cruise operator on Thursday pitched its ships as temporary floating hospitals to authorities around the world who are struggling to respond to...
  21. Re: My Journey Through Tijuana for the Best Surgery $2,000 Can Buy

    Nice interesting and informative report, as I finally had a chance to completely read it. I had to chuckle a bit as to how the patient bargained to get the surgery price from $10K to $3.5K and then...
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    Re: My March 16, 2020 A1c

    I recall him simply stating on the Mercola forum, on more than one occasion and in so many words, that consuming carbs made him feel sluggish or off-beat in some way or another.
  23. Re: Sushi Parasite Has Increased 283x in Nearly 40 Years

    A lot of commercial fishing is done on factory trawlers where the fish are caught, processed, and either canned or frozen right on board, thereby possibly making the origin of the fish questionable....
  24. Re: Sushi Parasite Has Increased 283x in Nearly 40 Years

    My disabled SIL and I eat at a new Chinese buffet quite often, and they have a sushi bar. I (and SIL) would never touch the stuff with a 10' pole. From what I've read, sushi is quite problematic...
  25. Sushi Parasite Has Increased 283x in Nearly 40 Years

    Olivia Rosane
    Mar. 20, 2020

    The population of a marine parasite that sometimes worms its way into sushi has increased by 283 times in the last nearly 40 years, a University of Washington (UW)-led...
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