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  1. Re: Thousands of ducks released to protect Thai rice fields from pests

    Yuck! These are germy creatures. Ducks and other waterfowl are loaded with all sorts of bacteria, especially salmonella on their wings, feet, & say nothing of what's in their...
  2. Re: CDC: Kids Catch Coronavirus And Give It To Their Parents

    This data focuses on "childcare facilities." As schools began opening over the past couple of weeks, the numbers are growing. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reported that almost 73,000...
  3. Thoughts on Colon Cancer & Chadwick Boseman

    Dr. Geo
    August 30, 2020

    I heard the news about Chadwick Boseman’s untimely and sad death at the young age of 43 from colon cancer.

    He’s known for acting in many excellent movies, including the...
  4. Eli Lilly's COVID-19 Antibody Helps Rid the Virus Sooner

    Matthew Herper
    Damian Garde
    September 16, 2020

    A drug being developed by Eli Lilly helped sick patients rid their systems of the virus that causes Covid-19 sooner and may have prevented them...
  5. The 17 Best Foods for High Blood Pressure

    Jillian Kubaln
    September 7, 2020

    Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is the most common preventable risk factor for heart disease.

    Over 1 billion people around the world have high blood...
  6. Re: Probiotics May Help Manage Childhood Obesity, Study Finds

    Based on the Australian study mentioned above, an Australian biotech company, working with Murdoch Childrens Institute, is proceeding with clinical trials to develop an FDA approved medication for...
  7. Re: AstraZeneca Resumes COVID Vaccine Trial

    AstraZeneca starts up trials again without any further explanation of the illness affecting the person who caused the halt. Their reason: "participant confidentiality." This does not instill...
  8. AstraZeneca Resumes COVID Vaccine Trial

    Pan Pylas
    September 12, 2020

    LONDON — Oxford University announced Saturday it was resuming a trial for a coronavirus vaccine it is developing with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, a move...
  9. Re: Probiotic Skin Therapy Improves Eczema In Children, NIH Study Suggests

    They don't know what causes eczema. They also don't know why some children with eczema go on to develop hay fever and/or asthma. Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is an umbrella term for many different...
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    Re: The Need To Grow

    The film makes crystal clear that fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, etc. are harmful to soil. Soil is a living organism. The more organic matter, microbial life, and minerals the soil carries,...
  11. Re: COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Participant Has Serious Neurological Symptoms

    Julieanne, I agree this is not unusual in trials. What makes this a little different is the huge public mistrust that already exist here in the U.S. around COVID vaccine development, due to the...
  12. Re: Probiotics May Help Manage Childhood Obesity, Study Finds

    The 3 Canadian researchers contending that the Australian study was flawed are competitors who are working on their own immunotherapies. I went directly to the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute...
  13. Re: Probiotics May Help Manage Childhood Obesity, Study Finds

    Here's the link to Australian study on how the probiotic Lactobaillus rhamnosus helps children with peanut allergies.
    Read more here: ...
  14. Re: COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Participant Has Serious Neurological Symptoms

    AstraZeneca says it's still trying to determine whether the woman's illness is linked to the vaccine. However, during the CEO's outreach to shareholders, he admitted that this was not the first time...
  15. Re: AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Study Put on Hold

    You're right....developers are aware that something could go wrong. However, the problem--as I see it--is now much bigger. The CEO of AstraZeneca failed to notify the public for at least a full 48...
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    Re: The Need To Grow

    Islander, you're in luck!! The actual film contains subtitles. Beneath the trailer, there's a "sign up" for FREE. Once you enter your first name and your email address, you'll be given access to...
  17. Re: Probiotics May Help Manage Childhood Obesity, Study Finds

    As researchers learn more about gut microbiome, I suspect we'll better understand the critical role of probiotics. I read a study several years ago that indicated the probiotic-- "Lactobacillus...
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    Re: The Need To Grow

    Excellent film!! Thanks for sharing. The future of nutritious agricultural food is ALL about soil regeneration and sustainability. The technological invention highlighted in this film is amazing,...
  19. Re: AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Study Put on Hold

    This is a real blow and likely to cause the other 8 phase 3 clinical trials to shut down---at least temporarily.
  20. Re: Nine Drugmakers Pledge To Thoroughly Vet Any Coronavirus Vaccine

    I wonder how many will shut down their phase 3 clinical trials now that AstraZeneca has halted their study. This is a real blow considering AstraZeneca working with Oxford University was considered...
  21. COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Participant Has Serious Neurological Symptoms

    Adam Feuerstein
    September 9, 2020

    The participant who triggered a global shutdown of AstraZeneca’s Phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trials was a woman in the United Kingdom who experienced neurological...
  22. AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Study Put on Hold

    Rebecca Robbins
    September 8, 2020

    A large, Phase 3 study testing a Covid-19 vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford at dozens of sites across the U.S. has been put on...
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    Re: The Tax Office

    Lol. I didn't see that coming. A little Jack Daniels & a Heineken sounds tempting. I read COVID has increased liquor sales!!
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    Re: Islander's Broccoflower-Cheese Bake

    Looks easy to prepare, and will help me get more cauliflower in my diet. Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Superhero Virus Hunter

    It really didn't take long to peruse the articles. I focused mainly on titles and charge paragraphs. Unfortunately, the majority of the 210 articles focused on pharmaceuticals, like...
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