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  1. Sweden's Covid-19 Death Toll Becomes Highest In The World

    Emma R
    May 22

    Sweden had 6.08 deaths per million inhabitants per day between May 13 and May 20. This is the highest in the world, above the UK, Belgium and the US, which have 5.57, 4.28 and...
  2. Are Thermal Cameras A Magic Bullet for Fever Detection? There's Not Enough Evidence

    Christopher Pike
    May 27 2020

    During the frenzy of the past few months to secure resources for the fight against COVID-19, the demand for technologies...
  3. McDonalds Fans Drive 400km For Fastfood Feast After 8 Weeks In Lockdown

    Rebekah Scanlan
    May 29 2020

    Two Brits have caused outrage after revealing they travelled more than 400km to get a Macca’s fix.
    A handful of McDonald’s restaurants in the UK have recently...
  4. France Bans Malaria Drug For Coronavirus Treatments

    May 27 2020

    France on Wednesday revoked the authorization allowing hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19 patients, a day after halting the use of the malaria drug in clinical...
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    Re: Aloe Vera For Sunburn: Does It Work?

    "Avoid using aloe vera on severe burns." I once spilled boiling water on my feet, which were bare. Treated with Aloe vera every 15 minutes, and the skin wasn't even pink next day. I wouldn't be...
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    Aloe Vera For Sunburn: Does It Work?

    Alex Bell
    May 26 2020

    Using aloe vera for sunburn is a natural treatment option that is suitable for a range of skin types.

    Aloe vera is an evergreen perennial plant species that has thick...
  7. Re: 6 Incredible Teas That Lower Inflammation

    Good article - thanks Islander. I wonder if any of these are helpful in dealing with a cold? Is the common cold a type of inflammation? I am on my sixth day with a cold, and have been taking a load...
  8. Re: Thinking Of Buying A Bike? Get Ready For A Long Wait

    But think of the environment! Less cars on the road, less pollution. I'm fairly sure it's illegal here in Oz to not wear a helmet. Public transport is an issue, don't know how we can overcome the...
  9. New Review Discusses Findings On Coronavirus Immunity

    James Ives
    May22 2020

    A new review discusses the findings from over 40 studies on coronavirus immunity and what they could mean for the Covid-19 pandemic.
    Written by top UK virologists, the...
  10. A Combo Of Fasting Plus VitaminC Is Effective For Hard-To-Treat Cancers

    University of Southern California
    May 12 2020

    Scientists from USC and the IFOM Cancer Institute in Milan have found that a fasting-mimicking diet could be more effective at...
  11. Thinking Of Buying A Bike? Get Ready For A Long Wait

    Christina Goldbaum
    May 18 2020

    Some bicycle shops in Brooklyn are selling twice as many bikes as usual and drawing blocklong lines of customers. A chain of shops in Phoenix is selling three...
  12. Vitamin D Determines Severity Of Covid-19 - Government Advice Needs To Change

    Trinity College Dublin
    May 12 2020

    Researchers from Trinity College Dublin are calling on the government in Ireland to change recommendations for vitamin D supplements.
  13. Covid-19 Survivors Could Suffer Health Effects For Years

    May 13 2020

    More than one million people around the world have been deemed recovered from the coronavirus, but beating the initial sickness may be just the first of many battles...
  14. Durable, Washable Textile Coating Can Repel Viruses

    University of Pittsburgh
    May 13 2020

    Masks, gowns, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) are essential for protecting healthcare workers. However, the textiles and materials used in...
  15. Re: How To Say No If Vaccines Become Mandatory

    Headline fixed!
  16. Re: 'A Misbegotten, Warped Freedom Obsession Is Killing Us': Video of Trumpian Anti-M

    Saw some of these scenes on the news last night. Australia never had compulsory mask wearing, and I have only seen about 1/2 a dozen people wearing them in the last couple of months. Yet we seem to...
  17. Re: Why we might not get a coronavirus vaccine

    I'm neither pro nor anti-vaxx - it depends on the circumstances. I had the smallpox vaccine when I was a small child, and I'm glad that particular disease has been eliminated. I also had a newly...
  18. Dairy Rich Diet Linked To Lower Risks Of Diabetes And High Blood Pressure

    May 18 2020

    Eating at least two daily servings of dairy is linked to lower risks of diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as the cluster of factors that heighten cardiovascular disease...
  19. Thread: McDonalds

    by Julieanne


    In the interests of the health of its customers, McDonald’s has announced it will close all of its stores permanently
    Read more: ...
  20. Chidren Are Falling Ill with Baffling Ailment Related To Covid-19

    Joseph Goldstein & Pam Belluck
    May 5 2020

    No children are known to have died so far, but several have ended up in intensive care with mysterious symptoms that include enlarged coronary ...
  21. How To Say No If Vaccines Become Mandatory

    Richard Enos
    April 29 2020

    For those of us who believe vaccines to be unsafe and not properly tested, news coming out that plans are underway to mandate vaccination for COVID-19 is troubling.
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    Re: Potential Treatment For Chronic Pain

    Thank you. Can you recommend a supplement to improve poor memory? :o
  23. Re: Corona Virus - Working From Home - Rethink City Planning

    The cloud may turn out to have a silver lining after all! There are a lot of articles - and petitions - that stress the need for a better, greener future. Let's not talk about going back to normal:...
  24. Five Eyes Network Contradicts Theory Covid-19 Leaked From Lab

    Dan Sabbagh
    5 May 2020

    No current evidence to suggest coronavirus leaked from Wuhan research lab, agencies say

    There is no current evidence to suggest that coronavirus leaked from a Chinese...
  25. FDA Orders Companies To Submit Antibody Test Data

    Sheila Kaplan
    May 4 2020

    The agency had come under fire from members of Congress and other groups for allowing dozens of wildly inaccurate tests to proliferate

    The Food and Drug...
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