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  1. CDC Weighs Advising Everyone To Wear a Mask

    Read more: ...
  2. Fracking May Interfere With Male Sex Hormone Receptor

    The Endocrine Society
    March 31 2020

    A chemical used in hydraulic fracturing, commonly called fracking, has the potential to interfere with reproductive hormones in men, according...
  3. Influenza Vaccine And Respiratory Virus Interference

    Full title: Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017-2018 influenza season.

    Wolf GG
    January 10 2020

  4. Lessons From The Spanish Flu: Early Restrictions Lowered Disease, Mortality Rates

    Loyola University Health System
    March 30 2020

    Large events are cancelled, restaurants and non-essential businesses are closed, and in many states, residents have been asked to...
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    Covid-19: Eyes Still On India

    March 30 2020

    Four weeks ago, we wrote New Coronavirus: All Eyes on India following the Indian government’s recommendation to use a homeopathic remedy as a preventative for COVID-19...
  6. Acetylcholine Supplements: Benefits, Side Effects And Types

    Ryan Raman
    March 31 2020

    In recent years, nootropics, also called smart drugs, have gained popularity among people looking to improve their mental performance.
    Acetylcholine is a...
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    Coronavirus Myths Explored

    Tim Newman
    March 30 2020

    As the coronavirus continues to make the news, a host of untruths has surrounded the topic. In this special feature, we address some of these myths and conspiracies.
  8. Re: Forgotten Tale Of Phage Therapy Revealed

    Russia used phage therapies until a few years ago, they could buy them OTC. There seems to be endless money for developing a vaccine - why not a specific phage? Or maybe it can't be patented?
  9. Re: Blood Pressure Drugs Make Covid-19 Virus Lethal

    Maurya, here in Oz people can contact their doctor by phone and other methods (Skype, Zoom?) . No restrictions on visits, but you are greeted by a nurse outside, asked a number of questions and...
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    Re: Could Probiotics Treat Obesity?

    Good article, thanks grulla.
  11. Re: Blood Pressure Drugs Make Covid-19 Virus Lethal

    I've had bursitis twice, and know how incredibly painful it can be. It must be especially difficult for you, with your very active lifestyle. Unfortunately I have no helpful suggestions, as one...
  12. Re: The New Coronavirus Was Not Man-Made, Study Shows

    Missing Link In Coronavirus Jump From Bats To Humans Could Be Pangolins, Not Snakes
  13. Blood Pressure Drugs Make Covid-19 Virus Lethal

    Bryan Hubbard
    March 25 2020

    Blood pressure medication is one factor that's making the COVID-19 virus lethal. The drugs increase the chances of viral pneumonia and fatal respiratory failure,...
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    Could Probiotics Treat Obesity?

    Eleanor Bird
    March 24 2020

    Changes to the microbial community in the gut could contribute to weight loss, suggests a study of gastric bypass patients.Obesity is a problem of epidemic proportions...
  15. Forgotten Tale Of Phage Therapy Revealed

    University of Jyväskylä - Jyväskylän yliopisto
    March 27 2020

  16. Possible Link Between Vitamin B12 And Dementia In Parkinson's Disease

    Marisa Wexler
    March 27 2020

    People who have higher levels of vitamin B12 in their blood when they’re diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease may be less likely to develop dementia, a study suggests.
  17. Re: Achieving Simple Weight Loss with Oregano Oil

    I found the only time I used it that I couldn't take the strong taste - wish I had bought capsules. I did empty out a vitamin cap and it easily held two drops. I got rid of a cold in two days. I...
  18. Gut Bacteria May Boost Cancer Therapy By Colonizing Tumors

    James Kingsland
    March 20 2020

    A study in mice suggests that by infiltrating tumors and ramping up the body’s immune response, a type of gut bacteria could be a valuable ally in cancer...
  19. Re: Achieving Simple Weight Loss with Oregano Oil

    Sounds very like a recipe I had (now lost) for 'Kickagerm' juice. I guess it's possible to mix all the ingredients at home? Or attempt something near to it.
  20. Re: The New Coronavirus Was Not Man-Made, Study Shows

    Mercola these days is full of conspiracy theorists. One in particular says it is was all planned and compares the outbreak to 9/11, implying that was also false. I sent this link and replied " If...
  21. Re: Achieving Simple Weight Loss with Oregano Oil

    I hope that mixture is in a capsule Mr Wiz - it sounds extremely hot!
  22. Re: New York Hospitals Treating Coronavirus Patients With Vitamin C

    Is '1,500 milligrams of intravenous vitamin C' a massive dose? Many of us take more than this daily. Is intravenous vitamin C different to oral Vitamin C? I thought much higher doses were used in...
  23. Re: Achieving Simple Weight Loss with Oregano Oil

    Is it wise to take it every day? I guess I regard it like an antibiotic - only used when strictly necessary. Your thoughts please, as I'm not too clear on this.
  24. Re: Vitamin D Boosts Chances Of Walking After Hip Fracture

    I knew you would respond to that Islander! I totally agree. So many reccs for vitamins and minerals are at a basic survival rate, not improved health.
  25. The New Coronavirus Was Not Man-Made, Study Shows

    Ana Sandoiu
    March 20 2020

    New research finds that SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19, is the result of the natural process of evolution rather than a product of laboratory...
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